How can I make my lazy child active

How can I make my lazy child active | The best parenting guide!


A number of parents have been complaining about their kids being lazy, and we’re pretty sure you’re one of them. indeed if you wants to know something about “How can i make my lazy child active” then we are here to brief you.

Actually there are certain reasons for kids’ laziness, video games and other in-home entertainments are considered the main causes behind the children’s low active nature. Physical activities are necessary to stay healthy, for both kids and adults.

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How to make your child physically strong?

Making a lazy child physically strong can be quite a tough task. As you know, the main cause of kids’ laziness is in-home entertainment. Aerobic activities are the best way to make your child physically strong.

Our heart and lungs perform extra work than they do in normal or lazy circumstances. Do note that a physically strong kid has a very efficient oxygen supply to body cells.

Perceived laziness is a kind of laziness in which your kid doesn’t know about activities he can join to be active. Tell your little heart about the available physical game he can play.

You can ask him if he wants to join sports classes of his choice. But if parents can’t afford to pay fees, they may find local programs in your community in which your kid can and wants to participate. 

1 hour of aerobic exercises would be great for kids, and these exercises include:


Swimming has a very positive impact on a child’s physical health, according to some official fitness organizations like “24 Hour Fitness”, swimming improves stamina, strength, flexibility, posture, and balance. Obesity can be prevented by regular swimming along with other physical activities, as you know obesity becomes the reason for certain diseases related to it.

On the other hand, drowning is one of the main causes of people’s death aged 4-24. Safety is another benefit of swimming for kids.


The body of a kid is highly affected by the food he intakes, and this happens at a great pace at the early growing age of a child. Running with a good and balanced diet makes bones very strong. Bad fat also gets burned, and your kid stays leaner which is great of the postures.

Skating, riding bikes, and dancing

Skating and riding bikes are fun for kids, and these have lots of health benefits. Since it requires physical activity, calories get burned; contributing wellbeing of your kid, and preventing many diseases related to laziness. Dancing has the same effect those of the running, swimming, and riding a bike, as it keeps you little buddy physically strong.

Convince your child to have an interest in muscle building. In their growth phase, strong muscles are necessary along with good bones. Some exercises like push-ups, chin-ups, and pull-ups have shown promising results, although gymnastics and climbing are also good for your kid. However, for stronger bones jumping rope, basketball, volleyball, and skipping should be played.  These were some of the ways to encourage the physical activity of your child.

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Some extra ways to encourage your lazy child

Parents who are frustrated with their kids showing laziness should apply some of these ways:

  1. Working on physical activity: Avoid extra use of motor vehicles if possible, like you can walk to a general store to buy home utilities. Or you can leave your kid to school by walking instead of driving, though this will also contribute to elevating physical activities. However, these tips can be applied if the general store and school are on a distance that can be covered by walking.
  2. Play sports of your kid’s interest: You can convince your child to play any game of their interest that they watch on T.V or other electronic gadgets. For instance, if your little one loves baseball and spends time watching it and getting lazy. You can simply ask him to play it for real in your home. There are other games and entertainments which can be converted to physical activities like, tennis, bowling video games, dancing games, etc.
  3. Make them look after a pet: Children love pets, bring a dog, or a cat to your home for your kid. You should ask your kid about the pet he or she wants. The idea of a pet is great of the kind. Kids will have to take responsibility for the pet, like making sure of the diet, hanging out.  Pets like dogs also love to chase balls, so technically these all physical activities require a person to be available with the pet which shall be your kid. If your kid likes fishes, then cleaning out of the fish tank can be a good physical activity for your child too.

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How to handle a lazy child?

American mothers have frequently complained that my child is lazy and unmotivated. Since we’re collecting and sharing methods to make a lazy child active. There can be other reasons rather than only physical ones. Have a calm conversation with your kid, ask him for any reason like embracement, or being bullied that is making him lazy. Tell your little buddy about the importance of being active in practical life.

Take him to a doctor, have him checked to know that physically he’s strong enough. Sometimes, kids personally dislike a particular sport and are not interested to participate. Or they fear that other students/kids will bully him if he doesn’t play well, hence kids become lazy.

“Regular exercise routine” is one of the best tips to make your lazy child active. You should make this a daily routine, do perform it, and have other family members too, including your lazy child. In this way, your kid will be habitual of routine exercises. For instance, your kid knows that on a certain day our complete family will go for a walk, and he won’t want to stay alone at home, so he will not deny.

Make yourself active before making your child. They say “actions speak louder than words”, so when a child sees his parent’s activity, they try to copy it. You have to decrease your resting time like watching T.V for hours, have in mind that don’t overdo anything which makes you lazy and so your child.

If this isn’t enough to address our topic “how can I make my lazy child active”, you can follow us further down below.    

You have to take care of your kid’s personal choice. Don’t force him to do an activity they don’t like. There are hundreds of games and activities that promote physical well-being. I’m pretty sure your kid will have an interest in a single activity from these hundreds, so stay chill.

Try to generate interest in a particular sport or game in your kid by telling stories about it. For examplefootball has the largest fan following in the world, you can ask him to play football.

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Lazy child syndrome

Lazy child syndrome is not an official syndrome find in the medical field or books. Its highlighted symptoms include: “strong sense of entitlement”, and “weak sense of self-worth”. Parents have an active role in this, they expect very little from their children. These types of kids mostly have a very low interest in social activities, and they just don’t care about the world.

They have fun in low energetic activities. They just want other things to keep them happy, and putting their own effort to be happy is an exception for them. This syndrome is mostly found in rich families’ kids, as they are given lots of things to have fun effortlessly. These kids think that their parents are there to make this world heaven for them, and they don’t need to do anything.

Here are some advised methods to apply for betterment of lazy child syndrome: 

  • Set goals and ask your kid that you have to achieve this in order to live a lavish life.
  • Don’t ignore their laziness, make them do physical activities.
  • Stop getting him whatever he asks for.
  • Aware him about the working of the real and practical world.
  • You have to be a bit strict when dealing with such specific children.

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How to motivate a lazy to study?

Parents are always worried about the better future of their kids, and lazy children is a big problem and cause of low grades in school. We’re going to share some tips you can follow to resolve this issue as well.

  1. Tell your kid the reasons and necessity of education. Naturally, humans become sad when they fail at something. Keeping this context you can ask your kid that, what he’ll feel if he fails in school tests. His answer would be something like, “I’ll be a sad mom!”Then again ask about acing the test, they surely gonna be happy with the result, and eventually, your kid will understand the situation mostly.
  2. while he studies would be a great idea to keep him motivated with quotes and help in studying.
  3. Rewarding your kid could be the best idea to motivate your kid to study more. Everyone performs work to achieve something, let it be money, fame, or power. However, kids beside these would want toys or other rewards that make them happy. We suggest considering this method.

Tip for parents: Last but not least, be kind to you while applying the above ways to motivate a lazy child to study.

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Final words for make my lazy child active:

I would say that “lazy child” is not a very difficult problem to solve. There can be several reasons for the laziness, whether physical weakness, low interest, or less self-confidence. Setting a routine of daily exercise and participating in your community program will help to handle a lazy child. You can assist and make a reward system to motivate your, child, to study. We’re hopeful that we’ve given a good answer to parents asking “how can I make my lazy child active”. 


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