How to stop breastfeeding a 1 year old? | Complete Guide

Stooping breastfeed is not easy as you think. It takes a lot of effort, time, and also attention. This process can be quite easy and short if you choose the right age and strategies for this purpose. In this article, I have shared some of the most useful methodologies for you if you are looking for a sensible solution for “How to stop breastfeeding a 1 year old.”

Weaning baby is exclusively dependent on you!

Nursing mothers often have a question that when to wean? As per on American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations 6 months is the ultimate age to continue breastfeeding after that a baby can survive without it. After half a year old a baby is able to have some semi-solid food so you may wean or can reduce the amount of breast milk.

For proper wean 12 months, age is quite good but you can also continue this for two to three years also. Before weaning properly makes sure it is all an individual decision that should made under a basic reason.

Let’s suppose if you are a working woman then obviously you cannot continue nursing for a long time or you have any health issue then we must suggest you wean your baby at the age of one year. Indeed it is not easy to wean a toddler as compared to a baby.

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How to stop breastfeeding a 1 year old?

After reading the bellow points you’ll be fully satisfied and will get ultimate guidance for waning.

1.   Conceptualize your baby’s readiness

First of all, try to make yourself alert that either is your baby ready to take and digest solids or not? He/she should be able to keep his head in an upright position without anyone’s help, she should sit with support and showing interest in having something solids or your feed is luckily fulfilling the little tummy. These are some most essential things that should be taken under your consideration before moving ahead.

2.   Making schedule

In upbringing, every training should go through under a specific schedule including wean. Notify or pinpoint the day from you are going to follow all strategies then get an idea are these methodologies are working properly or not. For great success,

I would suggest you to continue your training for the 1 month maximally. These days can be obstacles for a little champ but soon he/she will wean completely. Make sure if in the month all your plans are not going to be successful then leave it all and try next time.

3.   Gaming time

Have you made your mind for the next thirty days? If yes, then go ahead. Playing games with different toys and in different ways can make your baby engaged all the time.

By game, you can divert your baby’s mind to another position and 12 months is a teething age so, his enjoyment really matters for wean. Often lazy mothers do not get early success in wean as compare to spiritual moms because they know how to make their babies enjoying.

4.   Follow a plan

Keep in mind that you cannot wean in once without making your baby irritated but it will take your time though. In starting you have to set hourly gape and then wean at day for 1 week and then change this routine into night wean smoothly.

Some mothers divide wean sessions week-wise; probably they follow wean plan for a weak then two and so on. Your gape will decrease the baby’s interest and he/she will like to have a meal. The gradually full tummy will not make him insist to come to you.

5.   Be calm

Keep in mind that babies do not breastfeed for having nutrition only but they need comfort and emotional support from their mother. By having close contact physically they feel protective even mothers would also love to be closed with babies. Weaning doesn’t mean that you cannot soothe your baby anymore but you may try different ways also.

You should spend quality time with your baby and make her/his tummy full. An appetite baby will not play enough and a tired baby will take proper rest so, it will be good to make your baby tired differently.

6.   Refuse

Some babies are sharp and good at weaning; they are quite controlled by their mothers. If your baby is such kind of this little boy then make him realize and refuse that it is not good at all.

You have to be quite strict for this purpose and refuse that it is not good at all. I know it is not a quick weaning strategy but it will make your baby know that breastfeed is not good enough.

7.   Try something sour

Some mothers apply different sourly things on the breast and so the baby wont to have breast in the mouth. Personally, I have tried vinegar and it helped me a lot. Day by day my boy was not showing his interest when I applied vinegar on my breast. Rather than vinegar, a pinch of salt is also useful for weaning.


Weaning is a procedure that you are going to face if you have a newborn baby. It should be perfectly followed under some strategies. If you are a new mother then all the above strategies will help you a lot but before the following anything keeps in mind that you have to take start from the daytime and later move to the night weaning.

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