Why do babies sleep with their butts in the air? | Reasons and Precautions

It is crazy but baby sleep frog position, some myths surround the baby. Old tales tell us that, baby sleeping in this position is asking for other siblings.

It may sound funny but some people still believe in it. It is also said that baby wants to stretch or imitate the position while inside mom’s belly. Other parents just regard it as a regular occurrence.

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Reasons behind baby sleep frog position

After research I have found some of the most related and basic reasons for which babies sleep with their butts in the air.

Comfort zone

Sometimes some adults like to curl up like a ball to have a convenient and comfortable nap. Just like that babies also have this nature to find themselves a comfort zone.

This position might not be seen comfortable for the watcher, but that little bug’s bunny finds it comfortable.  When a baby starts sitting by themselves, they love to fall asleep where they are present. Baby sleeping on front with bum in air does not need any extra efforts. They just fall clumsily forward than curling up is an obvious thing for them; where they land and take nap.

Position in the womb

The baby would have been positioned in the same way in the mother womb. As womb is the most comfortable and pleasant place, the baby has ever known. Baby sleeping in that position so that they can help themselves to get that comfort; that was present in the mother’s womb.

Means by sleeping in this manner, they can replicate some of the comforts that they got in mother’s womb.  However, some parents have also complained that their babies don’t sleep peacefully in this position. Babies are unique in most of the things, so as their comfort zone will vary too.

Babies that loves cuddling might loves this position

If the baby loves to be cuddled by their parents, might love this position as compared to others. The baby that prefers to be held by parents or cuddled, they might seek this position by themselves.

Feelings might have some role in it. That feeling might have been like something pressed up against their stomach and legs. This helps baby to mimics or copies the feeling of being pressed against the parent’s chest.

Freedom of movement

When baby starts moving on their own so they like to have freedom. Baby likes the feeling of having the ability to move. Baby needs fewer efforts to sit or crawl after completing a nap as they are already in their position on their knees.

As compared to when a baby is laid on their back, firstly hey need to roll over then they sit or crawl; it needs a quite bit much effort.

Is it safe if babies sleep with their butts in the air?

Babies sleep in this position with butts in air is relatively safe. Although the American academy of pediatrics (AAP) suggests that babies should be put to sleep on their backs to avoid or sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

When the baby is ready to roll over and crawl, so they are good to sleep in this position. Baby having the strength, power and also motor skills to roll over and put their legs underneath to curl into this position. This shows that baby will also have the motor skill to roll back when they need to.

Why do babies sleep with their arms up?

If a newborn baby has felt or shown sudden shock or alarm; due to loud noise, sudden movement. Like baby feels that he is falling, so they respond in a particular way.

They might do this by extending arms and legs, arching their backs and then curling everything again. It depends on the baby whether he will cry or not. This is an involuntary feeling response that is called moro reflex. A newborn baby does this in the response of getting startled. This is done by newborn babies and after couples of months, they stop doing this.

What should a parent do?

 Parents should keep their baby close them .when laying them down, they should gently release their baby. After their baby back is touching the mattress. This will help them to prevent experiencing a falling sensation that produces the startle reflex.

Another way can be parents should swaddle their babies. This will help them to feel secure and safe. This is a technique that mimics the close, comfortable and cozy quarters of the mother’s womb. Swaddling baby will also help the baby to sleep longer.

Why do babies sleep with their legs up?

Parents may have noticed that their baby pulls up his legs. Babies do this often when he is relaxing or when the parent is in the middle of changing the diaper of his champ. The most common causes can be that he is trying to mimic the fetal position, playing around or passing gas.

Pulling legs sometimes can work as a signal that, the baby is having a problem in the abdominal region.

When the baby is trying to pass gas by changing positions or pulling up his legs; the baby may be suffering from medical condition namely called intussusception. It is a condition in which, a part of small intestine pulls up into itself in the same way as the telescope.

The results of intussusception can cause blockage of food. Even cut off blood supply to the small intestine. That results in major difficulties that could be potentially fatal.

What should a parent do?

Parents should gently rub their baby’s stomach in a clockwise direction, which will encourage them to pass gas. Alternately, a parent can also place the baby face down across their knees and gently move their legs up and down to massage his stomach. On the other hand, parents should start holding their babies upright and burp him immediately after feeding; that will help to alleviate problems with gas.

If none of these methods work than calling a doctor important as soon as possible. Consultation with a doctor is important if the baby is crying on and off. Other symptoms such as bloody stools, vomiting, and fever.

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Final thoughts

No matter what so ever parents do to put their baby in the best position, their babies will put themselves in a position in which they want to sleep; declining parents wish.

All sleeping babies are cute, adorable and precious. Babies curled up to sleep on their knees and their little butt in the air is charming. Rest assures that this position is both normal and safer.

Just admire that these cute bunnies curl up whenever they want parents should enjoy this appealing time. After all this, they are going to wake up soon; so get ready to get back to sitting up  or we can say crawling. As the parents moment of peace will be over.

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