When i cough my stomach hurts what does that mean?

When i cough my stomach hurts what does that mean? | Causes | Treatment

Some stabbing pain in stomach when coughing can be general. Normally it’s nothing more than a slight cramp or we can say stomach ache. An area of concern is that when there is a  sharp pain in lower right abdomen when coughing ;it might be dangerous.   As Health should be our topmost or utmost priority. […]

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Jobs of a stay at home mom- How to cope with the pros and cons?

Cooking, laundry, house-keeping, budget maintenance, tuition is just a few of the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom. Moreover, this schedule is not for a particular day only as there are no holidays. Jobs of a stay at home is a helping guide for mums. Not all stay-at-home moms were in their homes before becoming a […]

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strong girl names

Strong girl names | Hundreds of girl names with strong meaning 2020

Names are the only way that gives glory in our personalities. If you are accepting a baby girl then surely “strong girl names” will help you choose right name for your angel. Adeera Strong, noble, powerful Adira Strong, noble, powerful Alima Strong; cultured Amalda Eagle or strong Antonia A variant form of Antoinette. Aphrodite Foam […]

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girl names that start with a

Girl names that start with a | More than 1000 girls names with different origins

Congratulations! GOD has blessed you with a baby girl. As a parent, it is your duty to choose and place the right name for her. After all, “A” reflects personality. No worry if you are expecting a baby girl or your baby girl has arrived whatever! A is the strongest latter that comes with strong […]

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can fish eat bread?

Can fish eat bread? (it’s all about aquarium fishes)

Placing a fish aquarium at indoor would be a great idea to decorate. It may take some time to place but taking proper maintenance of a fish aquarium is not easy for all. We have especially collected all essential info about fish diet in the “can fish eat bread” page. Congratulations! Finally, you have brought […]

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