How to get baby to sleep without bottle | Mom vs. bottle let’s see who wins?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics babies should stop utilizing the feeder (bottle) when they are 1 year old, however ought to totally be off the bottle by year and a half old enough.

Moving from the bottle to a cup is a transitional experience for kids and a sign that your kid is turning out to be progressively independent.

Notwithstanding breaking the kid’s connection to the bottle, there are several health contemplations to stopping the bottle. It is why despite your kid’s calmness with the bottle still you should stop bottle feeding.

How do you get her to fall asleep without a bottle?

Yeah! This is a good idea to try to break the routine of falling asleep along with a bottle. Mothers won’t their infant to become dependent on having a feeder to fall asleep. This habit may irritate and interrupt mother sleep too.

Moreover, a baby with tight sleep may hold some milk in the mouth that may lead to tooth decay easily. It is why experts say you should follow the advice that (AAP) American academy of pediatrics gives.

If you are willing to know the answer to “How to get baby to sleep without the bottle,” then this article would be most beneficial for you. However, without being late, let us dive into this.

1.   Reduce the amount of milk

Start this journey by reducing some amount of milk in your baby’s bottle. Normally 1 or 1 and half year age is recommended for starting this procedure, and you already know that your toddler needs lots of amount of milk often.

Even some toddler doesn’t finish their dinners and completely relay on the bottle. No worries if your toddler is highly addicted to the bottle at first, reduce the amount of milk, and then let her satisfy with less amount of milk in the bottle.

Once you realize that your baby is now all set with a little amount of bottle then you may proceed further. Keep in head that by starting this journey, you should reduce the amount of bottle feeding in the day time also.

If your baby on bottle-feeding at day and she takes it for 3 times then reduce this quantity slowly. Apply this reducing strategy for a week and go ahead. After one week stop bottle feeding your baby and introduce some finger foods.

2.   Wake baby when putting her down to sleep

May you have realized that often sleepy newborns and infants cry when you put down alone? Have you ever thought about why they all do that? Well, there is a strong reason behind this cry. Normally babies want to sleep at a safer place, and that can be nothing regardless of your arms.

They cannot get the right idea about their cribs and may feel that sleeping alone can scare them. It is clear those babies who protested by their parents are more likely winners to pass their genes ahead. Human babies are not born to sleep alone, but you make your baby familiar with crib under a certain age.

Babies normally wake up by letting down into the crib and nothing will keep them calm in this panic. In the cry, mothers get some help from the bottle, and this is why their babies get addicted to this thing.

If your baby is also addicted to the bottle and you want to get rid out of this, then secondly do not lift your baby by putting her down to the crib. Especially when he finishes the bottle and cry again. Stop giving further milk and face the situation if she wakes up completely.

Within a few disturbing, sleeps your baby will be weaned completely.

3.   Try some alternatives to bottle

Often kids need something to suck that helps them to sleep well/again. Normally babies need to breastfeed to fall asleep, and it is most irritated for mothers.

Normally women cannot touch their career destinations after having babies because their babies interrupt sleep. After all, you cannot focus on work in the morning with a sleepless mind.

Anyways, night weaning is the most effective idea that we have already shared on

For sucking purpose, you may see an alternative to the bottle feed like a pacifier. Give pacifier when she wakes up first and again a while. Certainly, all babies do not accept pacifiers so, it will take some time.

Rather than a pacifier, giving some ounces of milk in plastic cups would be a fine idea at night time.

Those who get success in the pacifier are actually succeeded in stopping the bottle. Before getting your baby’s sleep, please feed her well with some solid food.

4.   Let your baby sleep once

This is the most important step for all. Often mothers take a bottle’s help in order to sleep their baby. When it comes to shopping, then you should wait a while until your baby sleep on her/his chair. Please remember in a tight sleep the baby will not need any bottle but just a soft bed.

When your baby will sleep, then put in your arms gently and then in the crib. The crib should be soft clean and wider that require comfort to your baby to sleep long.

Once she sleeps, then it is your duty to do light off and keep the room temperature normal. Often mothers do their homework by sleeping their babies and cannot complete their night sleep.

If you don’t want to face any type of this situation, then I must say sleep when your baby sleeps. Sleep to sleep technique is the only way that can make your routine well and can give you complete relaxation.

5.   Stop giving bottle

This is our last but not least, a step to complete this training. Imagine if you have got success in all the above four steps, then surely you will get victory in this step also.

Stopping a bottle not will be a sudden action, but it may take a weak to ten days. When you rely completely on the above steps, then now it will be time to reduce the number of bottles. If the baby wakes up frequently, then insist her to sleep again anyhow.

Keenly tap your hand gently on baby’s back or chest to make her sleep.

If she wakes up 10 times then give her bottle for the five times only with a little amount of milk. Slowly reduce this quantity in only 1 time and then stop feeding bottles.

That’s all about “how to get baby to sleep without a bottle.” I am very sure within only 2 months your baby will be able to sleep without a bottle.

What to do if my baby won’t sleep without a bottle?

Generally, newborn babies have sporadically sleeping and feeding schedules throughout the day. Within a few weeks/months, they get a significant change in both schedules. It is absolutely true that those baby sleep well who feed well before going to bed.

I have seen a lot of parents who feed their babies when they cry at midnight. This mid-time feeding can be a bottle or meal whatever. For me, if a mother is not able to wean her baby off the bedtime feeding routine will never get victory in this training.

Instead of a meal, a milk bottle will keep a baby sleep. She actually knows that the bottle is the only thing that can make me sleep again. In some cases, fathers make bottles without interrupting mother’s sleep, which is actually not good for the baby’s health until a certain age.

For bottle weaning, you may try the explained training in this “How to get baby to sleep without a bottle.”

In addition, keep your baby’s tummy full at day time especially before bedtime. Change your baby’s diaper if she needs and never on the room light. The dark atmosphere will actually tell her that it is not time to cry or awake.

When can you stop giving your baby bottles and move to cups?

After a one-year-old a baby moves to crawl or walk means she will need more nourishment to grow. In a lack of nourishment, the baby may see some health concern issues. 

In the most dominant foods, dairy products are on the peak especially when it comes to the milk. The baby will get strong bones by consuming milk. It is why some parents won’t wean their baby bottle.

Anyways don’t worry! Plastic cups are a good idea to introduce a toddler. I would like to suggest that stopping bottle training is an accurate time to introduce cups. 

Whatever your baby has in the bottle milk or juice; the same taste will encourage her same taste in the cups. Try to buy different colored cups in order to make him more fascinating. 

Please keep in mind that in the staring a baby can refuse the cups so, let him play with these cups first and later proceed. 

Bottom lines:

Yeah! You are going to teach something priceless. It will insist her to sleep again in the crib without her/his bottle that she is having for many months. This training can be long and short but surely this time you have to be calm.

I know as a parent how hard this is going to be! Anyways, believe me by patience and following the explained procedure in “How to get baby to sleep without the bottle” this is going to be so easy.

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