Can I leave my newborn alone while I shower | Things every mother should know!

Are you a single mom or one of those parents who struggle to deal with their newborns? I bet you won’t regret your ten mints of the read “Can I leave my newborn alone while I shower?”. So let’s come to the point that this article is a step to guide parents about leaving their babies alone.

There are some specific ways and methods you should apply while leaving your newborn alone. Look, sometimes leaving a baby alone in his crib and going for a shower can be tricky. As you may know, most of the babies are quite sensitive and get irritated when left alone. As a result, they might start crying like hell!

Reply to a mother who asks: “Can I leave my newborn alone while I shower?” You can choose other options like when the baby is taking a nap or playing in his crib, so you can quickly take a shower in the meantime. However, you can take him along with you while going for a shower.

There will need a baby seat in which he will be safe from injuries in the bathroom. Make sure to place the baby seat in a safer area. Choose the place where you can see your little one from the bathtub or shower curtains.

Keep things like toilet brush and cords out of your child’s reach. Try to maintain a distance, so a hot splash of bathtub water doesn’t touch your innocent’s body.

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Can you leave a baby alone in a room?

We’d like to clearly tell you that, no! You should never leave a baby alone in a room. Many things can go wrong. Perhaps, it’s okay if you left him for just a minute or two. Though, let’s aware you about some things if you still going to leave your baby alone in a room:

  • Don’t leave a baby with pets.
  • You should not leave your baby with other little children alone.
  • Put your baby in his rib before going for a shower.
  • Don’t put a blanket near to baby as he might wrap it on his face.
  • Check for the temperature of the room.

Leaving a newborn for the first time

We always want to help our readers, most possibly. On a lighter note, we came across new mothers asking: “when can I leave my newborn.” A newborn just wants to sleep all day. Continuous feeding is necessary for them; hence the mother can’t leave them alone in the first weeks of birth.

Ideally, after some weeks, you can consider leaving your baby alone. Perhaps this process also requires some safety precautions like having your partner looking after the baby. A trustworthy maid or babysitter can be another good option too.

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What to do with baby when showering?

There’s no doubt that “Parenting” is one of the most challenging tasks in our life. We know about your parenting experience of doing all the necessary things for your baby that you might have done. You must have learned feeding your little one with love, holding him with care, looking after him day-night, and many more.

So, now you want to take your little buddy for the cleansing. A co-shower with a baby is not a piece of cake. You need to follow an excellent guide to clean yourself and your baby safely.

Before discussing the shower idea, you need to know what age is ideal for a baby to shower. You should wait for at least two weeks, as the umbilical stump has to fall off. Be aware of the water level in the bathtub; babies can only be submerged in the water.

You can use a sponge or washcloth for the cleaning process. Another point to be noted that don’t take a shower daily with your little one; it can be dangerous for the baby. You should wait until your baby starts eating solids; till then, twice a week shower routine is suggested.

So, don’t forget to follow the above guide when you leave newborn alone while shower.

Can I leave my newborn alone while I shower?

So you’re planning to take a shower, but your baby is awake? Don’t worry, and keep going, you’ll be acknowledged well. First of all, your partner’s presence to look after the baby while you take a shower is the best idea. However, a trusted maid at your house can also play the role; it depends on you.

  1. Slippery floor

In case if your partner is absent and none is there to take care of your baby, just follow our guide: As you know, the bathroom floor is always slippery, which poses a threat to you and the baby of falling off.

  • Water pressure

Water coming from a shower sometimes can be a problem, in case of high pressure; baby can fall due to force. You would want to injure your little angle!

  • Chemical shower products

Keep away chemical products made for adults, like shower gel, shampoo, soap, etc. These things can put harm to your baby’s eyes and fragile skin.

Can I leave my newborn alone while I shower (TIPS)

  • Floor grip mat

We use shampoo and other material that make the floor relatively friction-free to avoid this:

You should install a grip mat on the shower floor. With the mat installed, you would have the right balance in the shower, and falls would be prevented.

  • Bath gloves

Same as above, a material used while bathing makes everything slippery. In this case, holding a baby with bare hands sometimes can be dangerous as there a chance of fall off. You can use bath gloves to give your little love, cleansing and soothing full bodies wash.

  • Pump bottles & dispensers

As showering with baby needs a continuous hold with hands, your both hands can’t be free at the same time. Keeping this in mind, pump bottles and dispensers would be the best option to apply.

It would be best if you never forgot that never fill these dispensers with shampoo products made for only adults. These products can cause allergic reactions to the baby’s sensitive skin. You should only use baby-specific products.

Lukewarm water is the water temperature most people like while having a shower. It becomes a bit different when showering with a baby. Avoid spraying water directly on the baby’s face. Be aware of steaming your shower, your baby’s lungs are not strong enough to inhale required oxygen in such conditions.

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How long can you leave an infant alone?

The above question was asked by a mother on a British website named “Mumsnet.” This question made a stir on the website. She told me that her son takes a nap almost on the same routine. The woman wanted to know if it’d be safe that she leave her son for 5 minutes to buy groceries nearby.

Other new mothers also ask, “Can I leave my newborn alone.”  

More than 850 parents commented on the website regarding the question. Most of them said they would never leave alone their little one in any condition. To further enhance your real-time understanding, let me quote a parent’s comment.

The woman said she always wanted to park her car near the house when a slot was empty. However, it doesn’t look worthy of leaving the baby for some minutes to park the car.

Another parent disclosed shocking impressions. He said, “Imagine if you went to the grocery for minutes but get knocked down by a car. You’re taken to hospital; in this all, no one knows about your baby who is all alone at home. This scenario is horrifying as hell, let it be imagined, though!

We’re hopeful you’re now fully aware that leaving baby alone while sleeping can be dangerous to what extent!

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Use of baby monitor

Leaving a baby alone with monitor has many questions revolving around it, like: “Does baby monitor emit radiations” or “Is it safe to leave baby alone with a monitor.”

Everybody knows that things that benefit us sometimes have a disadvantage too. Baby monitors are likely to such a thing. Before addressing the topic, I guess you have also come across the trending debate on these monitors.

Nowadays, you can easily find parents bashing on these monitors, though some parents appreciate such technology. These parents don’t hesitate when using a baby monitor when leaving newborn alone.

Over the past three years, there have been conflicts based on studies over the radiation impact on human health. “World Health Organization – WHO” plays an essential role in the study, but there are no proven side effects of the baby monitor yet. So, it’s relatively safe to use it!


Leaving a newborn alone while shower should only be done with the proper safety measures mentioned above. In the end, I’d say that you can take a shower with your baby with proper safety precautions. Grip pad, bathing gloves, and visible seated location are some precautions you can adopt. You should not leave a baby alone in a room for a long time. You have to seat your baby on the baby seat or in his crib.


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