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So you’ve been sleeping on a comfortable air mattress for some days? Suddenly your mind asks that these inflatable beds come with less price and more comfort, but why people don’t keep them for the long-term?

“Benefits of air mattress” includes: air mattress is easy to move, and it’s the best option for guests, camping, and sleepovers. You’ll enlighten yourself with the answers to the above questions, just keep with us through this read. We’ll try our best to address the question “Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?” as well.

Here we begin…! What’s wrong with sleeping daily on an air-mattress? Air-mattress sold online or at a regular market, they are designed to be as comfortable as possible. However, it is not recommended to use these beds permanently. Each and every-time you use it, you’re getting close to experiencing “Dangers of sleeping on an air mattress” and certain things like:

Temperature Regulation Problems. Temperature plays a vital role in your better sleeping experience. These air mattresses are often made of synthetic material like Plastic or Latex. These beds are nothing but kind of bodies filled with air the material inside can’t breathe.

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Hence temperature will likely be increased due to your body heat. Unlike other beds that regulate temperature, these beds will get warmer in summers and colder in winters. lets some other idea regarding air matters.

Air mattresses are less body supporting than conventional beds, they are a little bit too soft for us. People have shared complaints about their back pain when they sleep on an air mattress. You may even experience Spine alignment problems and posture dismantling.

If you’re still considering using an inflatable bed for the long term even after knowing back pain problems it causes. You should know that maintaining these mattresses is quite tough. You’ll have to keep checking for holes or other damages, from where any kind of insects can settle in your mattress which would harm you most.

The most expensive and highest quality inflatable mattress will not give you the comfort that a regular and quality bed gives. These mattresses are more based on air to provide comfort, which will be decreased over time. It’s like a car that gives the best experience early but decreases comfort over time. You may even face “Sleep Deprivation”. 

When you sleep with your partner, you surely will face problems, because these beds are made for a single person. Air mattress has a lot of motion transfer, and every time either of you moves another one gonna feel it easily. Two persons wait gonna make the mattress firm, which can be another disadvantage of an air mattress.

The material used in an air mattress is often latex or plastic. Unlike cotton used in traditional beds, these materials cause allergic reactions in many people.

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Things to make your air mattress experience comfortable

Even after acknowledging yourself with this information, you keep adhered to the idea of sleeping regularly on an air mattress. Apply the following tips for sleeping on an air mattress.

  • Adding a Bed Line:

So you are adapting this mattress for permanent then you should add your lines to make it look more real. Buy some luxurious pillows and bed sheets for a further enjoyable environment.

  • Mattress topper products:

If you really want to avoid back pain and want quite a comforting sleep, then go for a topper made of memory foam. This kind of foam will increase the bed life spam and may provide good comfort.

  • Making a Headboard:

The headboard on a mattress helps in increasing comfortable conditions, and it 

can help when placing the mattress against a wall.

  • Using a Mattress Stand:

Placing a mattress on the ground in winters will cause temperature problems for you. As its material doesn’t breathe and stays cool in winters, which will be a lot cooler when placed on the ground. You’ll have to buy a stand to avoid this situation. Or you can use a mat or a rug, and this will overall improve your sleep, and these tricks also help to reduce noise in the mattress.

Can an air mattress burst?

Along with a FAQ like “Can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?” we’ll address this bursting question too. Air mattresses are filled with air inside in their manufactured element. Besides bursting, you must have thought that why does your mattress deflate? There is always room for air to move inside the mattress, and this movement prevents a mattress from bursting.

If you bought a low-quality product, you can face bursting. For instance, your mattress is filled tight with air and the room for air movement is almost zero. This method is used to make air bed stiff and non-deflectable. However, this becomes the reason for the bursting of the air mattress when more pressure is put on the mattress.

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How to keep air mattress from deflating?

There is no permanent solution to keep the air inside locked because these are designed to lose air to prevent a burst. Try to not squeeze your bed, which can be a reason for more air loss. A mattress should be used for a single person, which will have lower pressure than sleeping of a couple on it.

Avoid sitting because sitting means putting more pressure on a small area. Thus the air will try to find room for running, which goes out of the body if space is not found inside.

What to check when buying an Air Mattress?

First, you should decide whether you’re gonna use it for the long term or for only for some days. If you’re planning to use it for the long term, then an extra effort will be needed while buying a mattress.

The following are things to keep in minds:

  • The material used in manufacturing: 

Go for a mattress which is made by a renowned company. A locally made mattress can be quite discomforting when used for a long time, their firmness gets loosed overtime. Make sure the mattress you’re buying has enough cushioning.

  • Customer Service:

Go for the brand which provides customer service, because, in case of any damage, they can repair it for you.

  • Durability:

All kinds of mattresses lose their firmness and which can cause easier damage to the mattress. Search for a branded mattress for top quality made and long durability.

  • Size: 

The size of the mattress doesn’t matter if you’re single, but when a couple uses it, then a large-sized mattress is recommended. There are a lot of different size air mattresses out there.

  • Warranty:

Don’t worry for a little bit higher price, and go for a warranty provider seller. When your mattress gets damaged so you can return through this warranty service.

Does Air Mattress cause Back Pain?

As said earlier, an air mattress can cause back problems. Due to their low firmness and less posture forming capability, they often can damage your posture and cause back-bone alignment problems.

There come many options by which you can choose firmness. Some people even find extra firm material which gives them experience like sleeping on the floor. They want that to keep good spine alignment.

The affect of a mattress on your spine depends on you, the type of firmness you want in an air mattress. The firmness mentioned above is quite suitable for the spine but its toughness is less liked by more people.

Maintaining an air mattress

You have to be extremely caring in terms of saving your bed from deflating and prevent the happening of spinal pain. Try to avoid using your air mattress each day, make some shifts to your normal bed if you have. Daily use will cause general scars and tear marks. Make sure to place your air bed away from any sharp object which eventually can harm it.

Don’t put overweight on it, as the pressure can significantly make it worse. Daily check-ups for holes and other damages is suggested, and learn to properly patch those holes as well. Changing sheets on a regular basis will surely be effective as it would not let hard objects left on the bed surface. Applying a topper is generally a good option.

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Sleeping on air mattress long term

First of all, it is depended upon your personal choice, after then comes the facts. Some people like “Traditional Beds”, and others prefer air mattresses. However, people going with air beds won’t like these beds permanently either. Quite a little section of people want to spend their nights regularly on these soft beds.

Some benefits of air beds include ease in changing position which is best for tourism. These are lightly weighted, and softer so babies love to sleep on these beds. Air beds are the best option when you have guests to visit you. They’re like a spare bed which can be helpful when space for sleep runs out. And we hope that the question “can you sleep on an air mattress permanently?” is well addressed by now.

“SoundAsleep”, “King Koil Air Mattress”, “Englander Microfiber Air Mattress”, and “Lazery Sleep” are one of the best air mattresses found in the market.

Final thoughts

Air mattresses are more often used for the short term, as they don’t stay firm for the long term. The pros of air beds include its lightweight which offers easier portability. They help in congested situations. Two people face difficulty in sleeping on it, and extra pressure cause deflating of the mattress. Overall it can be used for long term with certain tips and with proper management, you can enjoy it permanently.

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