Does energy drinks cause kidney stones? Relation between kidney stone and energy drinks

Mayo clinics have already declared that there can be various causes behind kidney stones. Basically, it forms when urine contains crystal in a bulk amount consisting of uric acid – calcium – oxalate, etc. when all these components increase in the amount in urine fluid, then it makes urine thinner and remaining components form stone.

Oppositely you may have a lack of substances in urine that avoid crystals and stop their groups from sticking together. Undoubtedly sticky group of crystals may form a bigger/shorter stone.  

The majority of stones are made of calcium oxalate due to metabolic conditions. However, high sugar levels, high blood pressure, and raised cholesterol levels are fundamental causes of developing another type of kidney stone by calcium phosphate.

Can Energy Drinks Cause Kidney Stones?

Keep in mind that energy drinks are not likely good for your health. In recent years, there is a significant increment in kidney stone cases by energy drinks.

These drinks are made of a high amount of caffeine + sugar. The mixture of both these substances badly affects the human kidneys.

Moreover, energy drinks are taking an essential role in constipation, which can make you a diabetic or cardiac patient at all. Some types of behavioral disorders and seizures are also directly linked with kidney stones by energy drinks.

If you want to know how energy drinks may contribute to the development of kidney stones at any age, then read the below paragraph with complete attention.

Calcium oxalate is the component that creates stone in kidneys, whether the majority of energy drinks contain a mineral-rich in calcium oxalate. Rather than these drinks, some other foods are also a high amount of calcium oxalates such as tea, coffee, spinach soda chocolates, and even nuts.

Consuming any type of above food in a high amount may create stones in your kidneys (big or small.)

This is why doctors recommend drinking water more as much as you can because water makes urine dilute. Thinner urine pushes oxalates or any type of crystals to pass out from your body.  

If a person drinks less water, it means he/she invites kidney stones to create.

Dehydration by energy drinks 

Dehydration is another contributor in the formation of kidney stones. Kidney stones can be a type of uric acid stones also that basically made from dehydration.

Uric acid stones can be formed due to the high portentous food especially predisposed genic issues. Gout is another cause that can make you dehydrated.

For energy drinks, I must that the high amount of caffeine is not good for your health. Studies have shown that energy drinks are taking a lot of part in human health and dehydration. Some people get frequent need in the bathroom means a lot of urine and dehydration.

In dehydration, if a person drinks more energy drinks, then he is likely to increase the more risk of kidney stones.

No problem if you are addicted to energy drinks or other foods that form kidney stones; still, you should keep in your limits.

Energy drinks for children and teenagers 

According to a food survey, energy drinks are 50% consumed by children and adults. Despite it, 30 to 50% of teens and kids have kidney stones that drink energy drinks.

What do you think? Energy drink and kidney stone in developing bodies is not a scary combination?

In past times kidney stones were only supposed to form in adults, but now energy drinks are affecting the younger population. Consumption of energy drinks and the high sugar diet and consumption both are mainly to blame for the upsurge in kidney stones in youth.

Certainly, the doctor advises that not to consume soda and high sugar level foods to all adults-teens and children, including energy drinks.

In short, if you have teens in your family or having kids, then avoid bringing energy drinks frequently. Occasional Use of these drinks would be okay; otherwise, anyone may start to feel the pain of this stone.

Prolonged Use of energy drinks

Ultimately long-term or short-term usages of energy drinks both are not good for your health. Make sure the short term affects your health for the longer-term, whether long term usage of energy drinks welcome kidney stone formation.

The high amount of sugar due to energy drinks may cause tooth decay, and also it will lead the weight gain. Fatty body means too much health concerned issues, for instance, high blood sugar (diabetes- high blood pressure, etc.)

Did you know that? Caffeine in these drinks delays intestinal calcium bone, and a consumer may face a lot of problems in strong bone development.

Other Health Effects by energy drinks

“Journal of the American Pharmacists Association,” explains that caffeine with other components just like guarana, ginseng, and taurine can simply cause headaches, insomnia and they increase the heart rate.

The majority of drinks are made of an extraordinary quantity of caffeine that increases the blood pressure suddenly. Further, some cases are reported for seizures linked to energy drinks in some countries, but it is not clinically proven any concern between energy drinks and seizures.

Most companies make energy drinks with processed sugar because refined carbohydrate provides quick energy.

Oppositely it disturbs the entire body mechanism from shorter to longer. Normally these drinks are responsible for unusual food cravings, fatigue, and irritation. Simply I would like to say that energy drinks are not made with any nutrition, so the long usage may give disaster results.

How are kidney stones diagnosed?

The doctors often diagnose kidney stones by the medical history of a patient. They examine him/her by physical ways like pain or lack of urine and then suggest some tests.

In order to know the size and shape of kidney stones, the ultrasounds and CT scans are some tests that give accurate ideas further for a stone.

Actually, knowing the size, shape, and point of stones are basically important before treatment.

An X-ray called “kidney ureter bladder” KUB is such a type of highly advanced x-ray that clarifies the type and the position of the stone.

Nevertheless, the KUB x-ray is obtained by the surgeon to determine the stone (whether it will be passing out through urine or needs any surgery.)

Some suitable shock waves are also considerable for kidney stones once they diagnosed medically. Make sure the KUB x-ray will be used to see the stone before and after treatment.

Nevertheless, a CT scan is the early prefer test for diagnosing stone. It will show the right amount of stone like one two three or more than this number your kidney has stones. If your kidney is paining, then the CT scan test will assure that is there any stone or not?

In some cases, doctors suggest IVP intravenous pyelogram for the patient. This is an especial type of x-ray of the urinary system that will be done after injecting a dye.

How are kidney stones treated? 

Once your kidney is diagnosed, then the doctor will finalize the treatment for it. In the medical field, there are several types of treatments that kidney stones need.

Before treating the stone, the doctor will take all your genetic history and other health-related issues. Some scanning, blood, and urine tests will be conducted within the treatment.

Overall stone measurement and position are really meant for the treatment. If the stone is smaller or on the side of your kidney, the doctor will treat this stone by some medicine otherwise, surgical treatments are always best for kidney stones removal.

The cause of stone is also taking the most important role in the treatment. He/she will analyze the cause of your stone that what reason welcomed the stone in your kidney. The stone analysis will be depending on some blood tests, uric acid phosphorus, and calcium tests.

Keep in mind that in the treatment, urine will be frequently collected for the calcium and uric acid tests. It is why the patient should be calm during this treatment.

Lastly, I must say! The surgery and the shocking wave treatment are absolutely based on patient age and health.

What foods are high/low in oxalate?

As I already told you that oxalates are highly responsible for forming kidney stones. A person with kidney stone history now allowed taking high oxalate foods. Taking a lower amount of oxalate foods will reduce the risk of welcoming another stone soon.

Consuming fewer amounts of oxalate foods is not only important for avoiding kidney stones, but it is absolutely essential for the piece of your health.

 According to the expert foods that contain a high amount of oxalates can be; nut butter, almonds, nuts, beets, beet greens spinach, caffeine, rhubarbs, etc. 


A healthy diet and hydration are the main areas to address to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Desperately everyone has a different face but the same internal structure. Despite the same type of kidneys, it is not important to have the same size and shape of kidney stones. 

According to doctors, energy drinks are the main source of forming kidney stones. No matter how old you are, whether you have a good immune system or not? 

Some kidney stones are bigger in size and silent by pain; rather, a few stones can be smallest but pointed in shapes. Pointed or sharp stones are painful that needs surgery or shocking waves.

If anyone asks you about the relationship between energy drinks and kidney stones, then you may suggest, “Does energy drinks cause kidney stones” this article.

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