1 Month Old Baby Milestones

1 Month Old Baby Milestones- Sleep, Feeding & Baby Development

The first few weeks with your newborn baby can be exciting yet challenging. You are not yet fully aware of the developments your baby is going through. I n these times, you must understand that babies show milestones at a tremendous rate during this period. In this article, we will talk about the milestones that […]

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How to transition from breastmilk

How to transition from breastmilk to formula | Step by step guide!

Transiting babies from breast milk to formula is inevitable at a some time. Are you a single mom who has to earn to make a living? Or, unfortunately, developed a breast disease? We pray that may never happen with any woman, but it can happen sadly. There are many other situations like above in which […]

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Why do babies sleep with their butts in the air? | Reasons and Precautions

It is crazy but baby sleep frog position, some myths surround the baby. Old tales tell us that, baby sleeping in this position is asking for other siblings. It may sound funny but some people still believe in it. It is also said that baby wants to stretch or imitate the position while inside mom’s […]

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When i cough my stomach hurts what does that mean?

When i cough my stomach hurts what does that mean? | Causes | Treatment

Some stabbing pain in stomach when coughing can be general. Normally it’s nothing more than a slight cramp or we can say stomach ache. An area of concern is that when there is a  sharp pain in lower right abdomen when coughing ;it might be dangerous.   As Health should be our topmost or utmost priority. […]

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Is it normal not to feel pregnant? | Severity and possibility

Often pregnant ladies feel few or more pregnancy symptoms while some might realize that they are not single anymore. Ladies with no pregnancy symptoms often worry that is their baby all right or it is going to be a miscarriage? Well if you are one of these expecting mothers then don’t worry on this page […]

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Jobs of a stay at home mom- How to cope with the pros and cons?

Cooking, laundry, house-keeping, budget maintenance, tuition is just a few of the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom. Moreover, this schedule is not for a particular day only as there are no holidays. Jobs of a stay at home is a helping guide for mums. Not all stay-at-home moms were in their homes before becoming a […]

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