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Some stabbing pain in stomach when coughing can be general. Normally it’s nothing more than a slight cramp or we can say stomach ache. An area of concern is that when there is a  sharp pain in lower right abdomen when coughing ;it might be dangerous.  

As Health should be our topmost or utmost priority. It is the center of our life. Patients suffering from this severe pain, are happened to ask questions from their consulting doctors.

The question which have been mostly asked are When i cough my stomach hurts what does that mean? Or why does my upper stomach hurt when i cough. And always complaining about Stomach muscles hurt when i cough, so let’s find out how that can be overcome.

Causes upper stomach hurt while coughing

Before going to remedies, it is important to talk about the causes. The cause of cough leading to upper stomach pain can be Pneumonia.it can cause chest pain when the patient breathes or coughs. Pain can be on either side of the upper abdomen.

Other symptoms of this stabbing pain in the stomach when coughing can be of shortness breathing, indigestion, or gas. Continuous pain can be due to other problems related digestive tract or body wall, vessels, kidneys, heart, or even lungs.

Other reasons can be heartburn, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and hernia. The patient should call medical care if the pain does not resolve within one or two days.

Causes of sharp pain in the lower right abdomen when coughing

When I cough I feel a sharp pain in my stomach, these statements have been said by tons of patients, who are facing this pain. This sharp pain can lead us to death bed.  Our abdomen contains many organs, which are the liver, appendix, intestine, and pancreas.

Any problem with this can built a gateway of pain. . All abdominal pain is not a thing to worry about. Serious pain is usually sharp, that may have droplets of blood in all of the excretions.

That makes it difficult for patients to breathe and chest pain is a must. In severe cases, the patient can be a blackout. Ignoring lower abdominal pain when coughing can’t be a wise choice. It can have many causes, consultation of health care is a must.

Few ailments related to lower abdominal pain can be bladder inflammation, Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, and other forms of cancer. Dry cough and stomach pain can be due to a disease called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

What does that mean when a pregnant women cough and her stomach hurts?

In pregnancy, when the uterus grows, the ligaments which are attached it to the side of the abdomen are stretched. Consult doctors call this as round ligament pain. If that women sneeze and cough, that will ultimately put more pressure on the ligament that will eventually cause stabbing pain.

The treatment includes that is first to do the practice of getting up slowly when the women are sitting or lying down. If women think that a sneeze or cough is coming, so she should bend or flex the hips, Daily stretching is also an effective method for reducing pain 

Ease in Stomach pain from coughing remedy (home remedy)

Today’s generation, mostly neglects what their grandmother and mother tell them to do. The times when they tell them to eat soaked almonds daily or to have a large glass of milk for bones and the time when they forced and fed us ghee, saying that it would make us healthy.

I must say they were right. Things we must prevent or the measure we should take for relieving stomach pain from coughing are listed below:

  • Have a short meal in comparison with large, it can digest easily.
  • The meal should contain food that is easy to digest means avoid solid food
  • Your diet should have proper intake of fluid, Take as much as you could tolerate or have the capacity.

From home remedy the list is endless to reduce cough and ultimately stomach ace. Some of them are discussed below

1.         Honey tea:

            The scientist research shoes that honey helps in providing remarkable relief from coughing .honey can be used as a remedy for treating cough. To treat a cough patient mix two spoons (teaspoon) of honey in warm water or herbal tea; it’s up to the patient how he might like to have. Give this mixture to the patient once or twice a day. Children under 1 year should not be given honey, so do not give honey to children which are under 1 year of age. 

2.         Ginger:

            The ginger is effective in relieving dry or asthmatic cough, nausea, and pain due to its anti-inflammatory proeffectiveOne research has shown that it inflammatory property helps in relaxing membranes of the airways, which ultimately reduces cough. More research is necessary as; the researchers have studied the effects of ginger on human and animal cells.

The patient should be served with ginger tea. The tea mixture is made by adding 20–40 grams (g) of fresh ginger slices in a cup of hot water. Adding honey or lemon juice will help to taste better and further provide to improve the taste and further helps in relieving cough. Be concern and aware that it can cause stomach upset and heartburn.

3.         Fluids:

            Our body needs to be hydrated. It is vital for cough patients. Drinking water (room temperature) can help in relieving cough, runny nose, and sneezing. Hot beverages include:

  • Clear broths
  • Herbal teas
  • Decaffeinated black tea
  • warm water

4.         Steam:

            Steam is of significant importance if the patient is suffering from wet cough. A wet cough is the type of cough that produces mucus or phlegm. The steaming can be done with having a hot shower or bath. The bathroom should be filled with steam, staying in there for a few minutes until symptoms fall back to a normal level. After that drink a glass of water to cool down and avoid dehydration.

                       Another alternative is to fill a large bowl with hot water and start adding herbs or essential oils. Be in a sloping position over the bowl and place a towel over the head. This will help in trapping the steam. Inhalation of vapours should be for five minutes. If the steams make your skin hot,put a stop until skin becomes normal.

5.         Marshmallow root:

                        These roots are the herbs. The history is attached to these roots, as a treatment vector for cough and sore throats patients. These roots are available as a dried herb or a bagged tea.  For making this, add hot water to the dried herb or baggers tea. Paient can drink it, when it is hot or allow it to cool first. It should be noted that the more marshmallow roots are in the water, the more mucilage will be in the drink. Side effects can be stomach upset.

6.         Salt-water gargle:

The most effective and simple remedy is a salt-water gargle.it reduces phlegm and mucus in the back of the throat which helps to stop the need for cough. It can be done by stirring half a teaspoon of salt in a warm cup of water and make it dissolve. Allow it to cool before using. Before spitting it out, let the mixture be at the back of the throat for a few minutes. Gargle several times each day until it helps in providing relief in cough. Don’t give saltwater to children to gargle it; as they may not be able to gargle .salt water can be dangerous, if swallowed

7.         Bromelain:

            It is an enzyme which comes from pineapple. It is more in the core of the fruit. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory properties just like ginger. It may also have mucolytic properties that means it can break down mucus and ultimately removes it from the body. Patients drink pineapple juice daily to reduce mucus and suppress cough, but that won’t be enough Bromelain supplements are available and may be more effective at relieving cough. Consulting a doctor is just before purchasing.

                                                Some persons may be allergic to bromelain, as this herb can cause side effects. It can also interact with medicines People who take blood thinners or specific antibiotics as medication, are not advised to take bromelain.


            As “health is wealth” this quotation can be implemented in everyone’s life; if they take their intake seriously. Every person’s diet should be consist of adequate fibers and proteins .they can also consult a doctor for their diet plan.

 Natural remedies can help patients with the problem of their stomach hurts whensoever they cough. If the problem is not solved within two days, the consultation of a doctor is a must. As it is mentioned above of cancer risk, so ignoring it might be risky.





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