Signs of pregnancy before missed period | An informative guide for ladies

Pregnancy Symptoms You Can Get before a Missed Period

It seems you are quite excited after marriage and want to conceive as soon as possible. If you can’t wait for more to have a positive pregnancy test, then don’t worry! This entire article will let you genuine “signs of pregnancy before missed period.”

Have you ditched your birth control and starts doing the planning of the next conceive, then it will be good for both of you partners. Pregnancy is such an amazing experience for a woman, but this time period of 40 weeks would be dangerous sometimes.

Don’t worry! you can make yourself wonder in the entire period; if you follow safety measures. According to medical science, some pregnancy confirming signs are found that every woman must know.

Very early signs of pregnancy 1 week:

Until you make a positive pregnancy test at your home, if you want to know, am I pregnant early signs?

I must say there is no other confirming way to know your pregnancy accepting these bellow signs. All given signs are absolutely genuine that may ensure yours conceive BINGO!


Fatigue is an early sign of pregnancy that the majority of women experience in their early months of pregnancy. It ensures baby developing and high levels of change in hormones.

Fatigue can remain for the first four months of pregnancy in which the pregnant woman feels sluggish and sleepy. Make sure too much sleep could happen due to fewer sleeping hours of a woman, whether also in case of PMS-ing.


After a few days of conception, nausea, or morning sickness can be started simply. This is the most common and early symptom of pregnancy. It happens due to the haste of pregnancy hormones; thus, the very first days of conception are expecting for this feeling.

As per the doctors, every woman cannot experience nausea but the majority. Also, this is another sign of PMS, and food poisoning or stomach bugs are also some causes of nausea.

Change in breasts:

Breasts are the most loving and the very first part of a woman’s body that gets changes in the pregnancy. When sperm meets egg, and when the conception occurs, then the breasts get a message in different ways.

Tingled, sore, painful, tender, are a few common changes of breasts that the bulk of women feel in pregnancy. These feelings can be stronger in the conception days.

It is said that the PMS and coming days of periods are also expecting time period for the breast changes.

Dark nipples:

Breast change can be occurring due to a PMS issue, but the dark nipples can confirm pregnancy in a fine way. An expecting woman may notice that the brown skin circle around the nipple is becoming dark.

This circle may increase its diameter in the days of conception. Further, a tiny spot (goose-bump) arises, and you may feel these by hand. These tiny bumps can be loving and assure that you are about to checking in pregnancy.

It is also determined that dark nipples mat take 1 to 2 weeks approximately to show up. Not they show for every woman in the early days but the majority.

Increasing in smell:

This is the most powerful symptom of pregnancy that can be started in the second week of the pregnancy. The majority of women report that their smell sense is increasing day by and day, and they can smell even better.

This symptom can make a woman irritate, but oftentimes it will work great when something tasty cooks in your kitchen. Once again, this could be another sign of PMS though you should wait for more two weeks to confirm your pregnancy.

Frequent need for urine:

Frequent need for the bathroom is such an incredible symptom of pregnancy.  Often women experience in the 1st month the pregnancy and this need increases day by day. After two weeks of conception, you feel that everything is all right, and before a few days of the period, you may need the bathroom frequently.

It all happens due to the internal change of your body when your kidneys work hard to pass out extra water from your blood to place your baby in the right position.

This need can be greater in the next months because the uterus increases and pushes the bladder. This way, the progesterone level of a pregnant woman increases and causes the frequent need of pee in the entire trimesters.

Rising body temperature or BBT(elevated basal body temperature):

In pregnancy, increasing body temperature is common at all. The hot body is not common for all though you may regularly check this out. It increases in the time of ovulation when the progesterone level rises.

This temperature comes up on the normal level once you have period. On the other hand, when you conceive, then this body temperature will be elevated until the date of delivery.

The rising temperature is good when you normally experience before your period. Usually 18 days are enough to keep the record of your temperature after ovulation.

Cervical saliva:

Cervical saliva is a positive symptom of pregnancy. You may check it after two weeks before the pregnancy test. Look if your mucus becomes creamy and thick means you are pregnant finally.


Every woman is familiar with bloating; thus, this is the last symptom of PMS. According to medical science, bloating is included in the very first symptoms of pregnancy also.

The increment in bloating occurs due to a change of progesterone level. It mainly slows down digestion due to trapped gas within the intestine.

How reliable are these pregnancy symptoms?

I already told you that pregnancy could be different for everyone and it is quite confusing with PMS. That’s why it is not possible to tell that (you are pregnant or not,) but the occurrence of some particular symptoms may realize the truth.

After a missing period, the best way for pregnancy confirmation is only the pregnancy test or to consult the doctor. The pregnancy strip test is most reliable and fair, but rarely may it give you false results.

There are many reasons that make this test result wrong, such as ectopic or chemical pregnancy, taking certain medicines, weakness, and many others. You should follow a positive pregnancy and see your doctor.

Often doctors suggest BHCG tests to confirm the pregnancy and then proceed further.

Difference between PMS and pregnancy symptoms:

PMS symptoms are similar to the pregnancy symptoms, for instance, fatigue, nausea, tendering breasts, and bloating.

This is why it is not easy to confirm your pregnancy within these symptoms, but if you are pregnant, then you may experience another sign that confirms your pregnancy and which is “implantation bleeding.”

Implantation bleeding is type spotting that color light red and may come after 10 to 14 days of conception. Usually, it takes one week befor monthly flow in case of miscarriage. If your pregnancy is going to be normal, then bleeding will stop automatically within two to three days.

When a woman feels all other symptoms of pregnancy within the implantation bleeding, then she is allowed to assure her conception.

Other causes responsible for pregnancy symptoms:

In the starting days of pregnancy, all symptoms are mild usually, though it will be easy to make a mistake between normal aches and pregnancy signs. Why do I feel pregnant before my period is the ultimate question that I want to answer as a responsible cause for pregnancy symptoms?

Hormonal change:

Hormonal change happens when a monthly period about the approach and a woman feels heavy similar to pregnancy; such as swelling, tendering breasts, cramps, etc.

Chemical or ectopic pregnancy:

Ectopic pregnancy and chemical pregnancy are two different names of one type of pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy can be involved in early pregnancy loss.

Usually, health providers analyze ectopic pregnancy when urine and blood both tests come positive, but the scan does not show. In a few cases, women cannot realize that they have an ectopic pregnancy


fatigue can be caused by flu, cold, and fever. Also, vomiting, nausea, other body aches can occur in different sicknesses. Food poising and disturbed digestion is also the main reason for nausea and food carving.

Depression about getting pregnant:

If I say depression is the main cause of any health issue, then it would not be wrong. Trying to get pregnant and avoiding pregnancy can make you violent and increase depression.

Fewer women realize intense mood swings before period arrival. Extreme anxiety can change hormonal levels through which you may experience pregnancy symptoms.

Causes of the missed period:

Each time we cannot blame conception for a missed period. Medically there are many other causes that can be responsible for the missing period. The delay period is common for a few women, but they can be disturbing for those who are always having their month flow on time.

Delay periods:

When a woman ovulated some days than the normal cycle, then her period can be delayed simply. Delay ovulation has many other reasons.

Hormonal unbalancing:

Unbalancing of anything in our body can be irritating and can change numerous conditions. Hormonal imbalance is the main cause of delayed ovulation or even overturns and result in missed periods.

Early pregnancy loss:

An early pregnancy loss or ectopic pregnancy can be the cause of a positive test, and later it becomes negative. According to the doctors, an ectopic pregnancy is a serious case of a late period.

Week women:

Those women who take very few calories, and getting malnourished cannot ovulate every month means no more periods. Often doctors refer underweight ladies to amenorrhea.

bottom lines:

Experiencing all of these symptoms may indicate your pregnancy, but still, I would like to suggest you to wait two more weeks to check your pregnancy tests. Every woman has their own menstrual cycle though their experiencing period can be changed anyways.



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