16 weeks pregnant ultrasound | complete guide


Pregnancy is just a GOD gifted journey that often women experience. In this journey, a pregnant woman reaches multiple stages and observes different feelings. There could be some complications in pregnancy, but gynecologists have almost overcome these issues.

Ultrasound or scanning in pregnancy is the most important factor that recommended by doctors. In the ultrasound, it is easy to measure a fetus while getting an appropriate idea about baby growth. After a heartbeat, the majority of doctors prescribe ultrasound in the 16 weeks of pregnancy.

In this scan, a doctor will clarify more about viable or non-viable pregnancy and many more health conditions of a baby.

16 weeks pregnant belly:

16 weeks of pregnancy is such a glory stage where you get significant changes in your body, especially in your belly and breasts area.

Your belly increases slightly at the lower side (pubic bone to the top of the uterus) and shapes like your bump. The belly measurement in 16 weeks is not an appropriate way to make the right idea about baby growth.

Even a doctor cannot intellectualize the right amount of amniotic fluid levels in your belly; thus, they often recommend an ultrasound.

16 weeks pregnant ultrasound:

16 weeks or 4-month pregnancy is a quite exciting time when you entered in your 2nd pregnancy trimester. In which scanning is most important, and the sonographer can scan the face, Brain, spine, limbs, kidneys, heart, and other external parts of the fetus.

Doppler ultrasound sonographers can get an idea about significant fetus abnormalities, including spinal. The doctor measures baby growth and placenta position within the womb. Also, the baby’s movements will be noted in this scan.

LMP (last menstrual periods) and EDD (ending delivery date) will be confirmed in this 16 weeks. Heartbeat record of fetus and growth normality will be seen in the 2nd-trimester scan. Often sonographers can easily confirm gender also and captures baby’s images easily.

Time of scan in 16 weeks of pregnancy:

Professional sonographers take about 30 to 45 minutes for a 16-week pregnant woman. Before the scan, the patient will be asked for lots of water or other fluids to drink. Also, the doctor will order to keep away from solids just before one hour of the scan.

The patient is not allowed to use a toilet from half an hour before scan; let your scan complete then you may easily go to the bathroom. Before the examination, keeps your mind relax and get ready for a cold jelly on your belly.

The scanning will take 15 minutes maximally. In this scan, you can see your baby’s appearance also the movement that he/she does in your belly.

Development of 16-week old fetus:

16 weeks of pregnancy is basically is the starting of 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Where the sonographer will examine bellow developments of your baby. If all given growth criteria will be complete means, it is all right!

Good news! Your completed 16 weeks of pregnancy safely, and your little one guest is developing his/her taste buds. Indeed no one creates a human from human-like a fast way. The body size of your baby is about 4.6 inches and weighs 3.53 ounces; means just like a Hacky sack.

Within 16 weeks, an infant starts preparing taste buds; the smallest pores on the tongue are about developed. From the next weeks, the baby will able to swallow and taste amniotic fluid. This is just kind of practical by nature for his future feeds.

Tiny toenails are about to rise on baby’s feet, and they will be fully grown after 34 weeks approximately.

Umbilical cord or navel string is fully established in 16 weeks. In placental mammals Umbilical cord nervous channel through fetus and placenta. Generally, this channel is based on one vein and two arteries; mainly, it plays a vital role in keeping a baby healthy and grow in the womb.

According to ultrasound science, 16 weeks old fetus gets developing tiny bones around the ear. It means from the next, and your baby will able to hear you slightly.

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