Cramps but no period not pregnant | what should I do?

Often females get cramping and pelvic pain in some particular days of the month. Unfortunately, monthly periods are not always blamable for this condition. There can be few other reasons for this strange cramping, such as constipation, pregnancy, cysts, and sometimes cancer.

All the above reasons may feel you that your monthly periods are about to start now. For doctors, it is not easy to diagnose anyone of the assured reason. Besides cramping breast soaring, tiredness, crankiness, and carving crabs are also a few types of unusual conditions that may occur.

Cramps are common while menstruation; few ladies feel heavy cramps while some may experience tolerant able cramps. Somehow often, females experience light cramps with pelvic heaviness before period days.

Well, no worries what the actual reason for cramping is? After doing lots of research and getting ideas from gynecologists. Finally, I have reached some associated causes of cramping.

If you want to get some fundamental detail on this problem, then surely you are about to have a lot of informative info in this article.

Why do I have cramps but no period fundamental causes?

  1. Ovulation:

Ovulation is the most common cause of these certain cramps. It manually occurs before 10 to 14 days monthly periods (mid of menstrual cycle) when female egg releases by follicle tube to the ovary.

It may cause mild cramping for a few minutes to a few hours. These cramps can be sharp or light. In ovulation, one side of the abdomen is considerable for this feeling.

  1. Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a substantial situation for cramping. In the early months of pregnancy, a woman may feel minor cramps the same as regular monthly. This is all happens due to the implantation of fertilized eggs in the utero.

Pregnancy cramps are also termed as implantation pain also. The monthly period’s date of every month is the exact time to experience these.

In pregnancy, there is no other solid reason for cramping rather than implanting. Spotting is formal in these days, which neither or nor worry able.  

  1. Ectopic pregnancy:

This is an unusual type of pregnancy when a fertilized egg attaches to the wrong side of the womb (Uterus) then resulting cramps. Fallopian tubes are more familiar with this epic implantation.

The broken or ectopic pregnancy may lead to severe cramping in often times. Lower abdomen area to the back is the exact location where these sharp cramps can be easily happen.

In ectopic pregnancy, nausea, breasts, pain, and tiredness are other symptoms to feel.

  1. Cyst in ovaries:

The cyst is made up of a tissue sac and filled up with fluid. In the woman abdomen, the ovary is the common site to develop. Ovarian cysts are blamable for cramping but a small cyst does not.

When a significant cyst breaks out in the ovary, then it may cause sudden and sharp cramps. The lower abdomen area is the most common place to feel these cramps.

Rather than all this when a normal-sized cyst enlarges then dull cramps may occur sometimes. A woman can feel heaviness and dullness in the lower abdominal area to the lower back.

  1. Endometriosis:

Endometriosis is the common condition when similar tissues of the inside ovary grow at the outer sides of the ovary. These cramps can be very sharp and painful for females.

There is no particular time for Endometriosis cramping; the entire month is considerable for these. These crams can be caused by some other unusual health conditions in a woman, including infertility, heavy bowel movements, and sexual pain.

  1. Ovarian cancer:

This is a rare cause of cramping that makes a woman uncomfortable, especially at her abdomen or pelvic area. In ovarian cancer, there is no more chance of other symptoms to accept cramps.

In the extreme sized cancer, heaviness in abdomen, back pain, pelvic pressure can be expected. Frequent need for urination and swelling of the lower abdomen are also considered for this cause.

  1. Thyroid disorders:

The thyroid is just a tiny butterfly-shaped gland that can be developed in the neck and can effective majority of body functions. Metabolism and the menstrual cycle are two of its targeting systems.

According to Dr. shepherd, when thyroid gets out of thump, then woman body cycles can be affected badly. The results might be surprising. You may have continued periods, or your period’s can be even stopped.

Cramping and spotting are two fundamental situations caused by thyroid. It usually happens when the uterus lining stops shedding and you stopped ovulating.

  1. Anxiety and depressions:

Well, for me, depression or stress is the most common cause of missing periods and sometimes cramps. Due to stress, the cortisol level of a woman increases that badly affects hormonal balance (especially those hormones that maintain ovary and uterine lining.)

Examination stress, sudden incidents, sudden deaths, divorce, financial issues are full-time reasons for woman stress. These are some life-changing situations of a woman that badly consequent to the monthly periods.

When the periods come irregularly, then cramping is common at all. Often women do not even realize that they are having this type of change in their body due the anxiety.

  1. Gynecological issues:

Gyne infections are some of the well worth of causes of cramping. Vaginal fungus, sexually transmitted infections such as (gonorrhea and chlamydia) are responsible for pelvic diseases.

These types of issues are un-tolerable for women. They may feel like periods cramping up to the entire month (within periods & without periods.)

Some gynecologists say, “UTIs can also cause period-similar pelvic pain.”

  1. Surplus exercising:

The workout is good for the human body. It keeps the body healthy and maintains all body mechanisms. Unfortunately, the extreme workout can be hard for your body. The mess-up of the menstrual cycle and sharp cramping are few cons of heavy exercising.

Physical stress influences hormonal levels so, your monthly periods may disturb, and you feel cramps. These fluctuations are often hard to bear, whether though it would be better to adopt normal exercise.

Period pains but no period could I be pregnant?

According to some doctors, cramping is one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. It happens due missing periods and may remain up to 6 to 12 starting days of conceiving. 

When the embryo gets implanted in the uterus then cramping, and spotting will be formal at all. 

Further, within cramps, if you are feeling nausea, tender breasts, fatigue, headaches, frequent urination, food craving, mood swings, and dark nipples means congratulations, you are expecting.  

Cramps but no period not pregnant, how to treat?

Cramps but no period not pregnant

Before treatment, it is important to diagnose first. Without diagnosing a health issue cannot be treated well. Anyways, you may concern your doctor and may discuss all the symptoms that you are feeling within cramping.

Cramping may lead to different health issues such as cysts, thyroids, ectopic pregnancy, and many more. These are not negotiable health issues though you must treat them well.

If your health provider confirms that there is everything is okay then there are few effective methodologies for cramps treating.

  • Morally babyhealthcaree never recommends any medications, but in this case, aspirin and ibuprofen can help you to manage this discomfit situation. According to personal hypotheses and by taking other’s reviews, these medicines are working efficiently than paracetamol for cramping. Fewer women take paracetamol and having fewer results. In the other case, follow your doctor’s prescriptions, whatever he/she prescribes. Some stronger painkillers can be suggested by doctors when these medicines don’t work.
  • Heating is one the best way to reduce any of your body aches, including cramping. You may take a plastic bottle and add some hot water to it. Place this hot water bottle on a certain area after wrapping in a tea towel; this way your skin will be safe from any kind of burn.
  • A warm shower or hot bath is another effective way to reduce cramps. This is the tested trick for period pain; make sure your bath time should be 20 to 30 minutes approximately.
  • Sometimes our lifestyles are responsible for our pains. You may try to change some house or room setting to overcome on your swinging mood. I hope this strategy will work on your sudden cramping.
  • Try to get some relaxation in period days and avoid doing hard jobs. Few hours of relaxation may help you to get cramp reduction. Prolong sittings and sleepless nights may increase cramping.
  • Smoking kills. Too much smoking may increase cramping someway. In periods it is good to quit smoking. According to medical terms, a woman in periods may get heavy periods and sharp cramps due to smoking. It would be better for all chain smoker ladies to abandon smoking in these days. The smoking experiment, you may try to yourself evenly; this is the way you will not only improve painful periods, but also your overall health.
  • Above I have mentioned that too much exercise may upsurge period pain, but when it comes to treating cramping, particular exercising may reduce cramping. Swimming, walking, cycling can be helpful in period pain. Some suggested yoga steps are also shown as efficient for sudden cramps.

Fact: As every woman have their own hormonal system, physical structure, and mental strength. However, above-suggested treatments may work deferentially for different women, but you may try all of these at least once. Surely anyone of these or all of these will surely work for you.

differentially for different women, but you may try all of these at least once. Surely anyone of these or all of these will surely work for you.

Missed period and cramping in lower abdomen though when to see a doctor?

Cramps but no period not pregnant

Strong cramps not tolerable for a woman, especially when you are in periods or not? These sudden and sharping cramps are not good at all, especially when you missed period. 

In this case, consulting a doctor is the right choice to take. A gynecologist can diagnose well and prescribe you better treatment to follow. Do not get late if a girl experiences strong cramps at an early age.

Diagnosing and treatment for early PIDs are very important to avoid any infection. Often PID can damage the woman’s reproductive system, and your pain may last longer. 

Often girls are managing IBS symptoms through their frequent changes in diet and lifestyle. Ladies with IBD problem needs to prolong treatment to manage their nutritional deficiencies and other complications. 

If you know you have a deficiency of lactose then try to avoid dairy products and assure the growing symptoms.  In the case of poor digestion in period means it is time to get attention to your health. Consult your doctor as soon as possible. 


Simply as a woman monthly period is a part of your life. You cannot ignore these and their related issues. Period pain is most common in girls known to cramp. This cramping can be experienced many times, such as pregnancy.

There is not a particular cause for regular or sudden cramps. Well, you may treat this unusual condition of yours if you follow over-quoted treatments.

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