5 weeks pregnant | symptoms – baby development – miscarriage chances and tips

Congratulations! Finally, you have conceived. Surely you will be a good mom in the future. Your menstrual periods are stopped and a new thing is about beginning develop in your body. This is such an interesting experience when you conceive for the very first time.

The total pregnancy period will remain for the next 35 weeks approximately and your body will experience a variety of physical and hormonal changes. After every 4 weeks, you will consult your health provider.

Well, here you have completed only 40 days (5 weeks of pregnancy). Still, there are many things are waiting for you to have happened. This is not an accurate time to announce your pregnancy in family, friends, and relatives and others but only your partner.

Let the heartbeat come then you are allowed to announce this to all of them. Day by day you will learn new things with different ideas. Even though your urine strip test (that you have made in your bathroom) is positive+ but still there are a variety of symptoms that confirm pregnancy further. Let’s know!

5 weeks of pregnancy symptoms:

The symptoms that often women feel at 5 weeks are highly unpredictable and unique. We have surveyed a lot of women altogether with the same weeks having different symptoms; in which few were totally normal means without symptoms.

Well, nausea is common at all pregnancy time but for the very first time your body is active and you may not feel morning sickness. Jerky level of hormone (HCG) human chorionic gonadotropin with progesterone could be caused by a lot of pregnancy symptoms throughout this week.

The below symptoms are considerable for 5 weeks of pregnant woman.

  1. Morning sickness
  2. Breast pain
  3. Food cravings and aversions
  4. Constipation
  5. Frequent bathroom need
  6. dizziness
  7. Spotting and vaginal discharging
  8. Exhaustion
  9. Cramps in abdomen
  10. Swing in moods
Morning sickness:

Morning sickness is not meant feeling sick right after leaving bed but vomiting and Nausea can happen any time in a day. This condition usually starts to happen at the starting of the 6th week but often can have this condition earlier.

Need small bites throughout the day will help you reduce this sickness. When you are feeling a lot of morning sickness and unable to down any food or water, then call your doctor. The high amount of Nausea and vomit can be signs of hyperemesis gravidarum (high leveled morning sickness.) Surely the doctor will treat you better.

Breast pain and change:

Breasts are normally connected with the uterus and this is why breast pain or change is common in pregnancy. In the initial weeks hormonal level changes frequently that result in sore, swollen, tender or bouncy breasts.

Don’t worry if you are having a significant change in your breasts or having some pain. These are normal symptoms of breasts that you can experience in the starting weeks of conceiving.

Food cravings and hatreds:

Hormonal change badly affects your hunger. Avoiding food or liquids is normal in starting of pregnancy. Often ladies carve foods and even don’t eat these. This one is the normal situation in pregnancy that can remain up to 16 to 20 weeks approximately.


Usually when we eat less then we excrete less. The less amount of food reduces its speed in the digestive system and moves slowly. The reduced speed of your food is better for your baby; naturally when your food remains in your stomach then a lot of nutrients are absorbed in the blood.

All these nutrients naturally reach to the baby and help the fetus in growth. All this delayed digestive process is cause for constipation. In this condition you should eat more fiber and consuming a lot of liquids will help to boot out constipation.

Frequent bathroom need:

By expanding uterus the urine bladder presses and you cannot hold urine for a long time. All you need a bathroom every half an hour for passing urine. In a lot of urges, you can go to the bathroom this week.

In order to avoid bladder infection try to avoid travel because in traveling you cannot fulfill this urgent requirement. In lots of water waster it would be good to drink healthy liquids; this way you can easily maintain the hydration level of the body.


Dizziness is also one of the early pregnancy symptoms that you may experience in 5th week of pregnancy. After conceiving the woman’s blood pressure remains lower than usual days and it may cause several body changes.

Fainting and dizziness are two main unusual conditions that may occur due to lower BP. Try to sit down after feeling dizziness while standing and stop driving if you are not feeling active.

Spotting and vaginal discharging:

Spotting or a small amount of bleeding is usual in 5th week. It happens normally when your menstrual date is around. This type of spot is known as implantation bleeding. No problem if your baby is healthy but still you may have this type of spotting throughout the first trimester.

After spotting vaginal bleeding is also a normal condition in pregnancy that you can experience. It looks like thin, whitish milky and mild in smell. In the case of having redish, green or yellow discharge with a strong smell can be responsible for vaginal itchiness.

These types of discharging normally occur due to vaginal infections so, consulting with your gynecologist a must.

Exhaustion or fatigue:

By increasing progesterone level your sleep level also increased. You can feel yourself sleepy all over the day. This type of situation is called fatigue/exhaustion in pregnancy. This is absolutely normal in the initial weeks of pregnancy.

There is no more tension about fatigue if you experiencing it in your last weeks. Try to complete your sleep and make yourself relaxed also carry a healthy diet plan. Your tiredness should not be responsible for food carelessness.

Abdominal cramps:

Make sure you have conceived another human in your belly and that is why your body is having a lot of hormonal and physiological changes. In these changes abdominal cramps are normal in the starting weeks; having mild bloating or cramping in the abdomen is normal.

It happens due to newly egg implanting that scratches the uterus. Sometimes cough, sneeze, can increase these cramps or you may get bothered after changing position while sleeping.

Mild abdominal cramps are normal there is no more need to call your health provider but if you feel any intensiveness in these cramps then you should consult with him/her.

Mood swings:

Pregnancy is an amazing experience in which women feel a lot of emotional changes. She may feel stress some time or can feel happy. Her mood can swing within an hour, it happens due to initial hormonal change.

Delight, sadness, anxiety, fear, and exhaustion are few common moods that you can experience throughout the pregnancy. Observe if you are being sad for many days and not having much happiness in your mood then consult your doctor.

Baby’s development in 5 weeks of pregnancy:

The male sperm is finally fertilized with female eggs and you have conceived successfully. The fetus is growing rapidly with different types of cells. Major organs are begun to develop like blood cells, kidney cells, brain cells, nerve cells, heart, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract.

In the fifth weeks of pregnancy, the fetus embryo is consisting of three layers

  1. Ectoderm
  2. Mesoderm
  3. Endoderm

In the ectoderm, the brain, spinal cord, nerves are about to forming by neural tube. The backbone is also forming in this week. It will be a further source of skin, hair, nails, sweat glands and tooth enamels developing in upcoming weeks.

Mesoderm is actually carrying the fetus’s heart and circulatory system in the week. Later this layer will form muscles, bones, cartilages and subcutaneous tissues. At this time the baby’s heart is silent and divided into two different tubes later it will beep soon in the scan.

The entire internal organs cells are forming in endoderm such as lungs, intestines, urinary system, thyroid, liver, and pancreas. These cells will rapidly increase their speed by the next few upcoming weeks.

Nevertheless, this week, these three layers are forming embryonic placenta and an umbilical cord with all these cells. Placenta and umbilical cords are giving oxygen and other nourishments to the fetus through the fetus’s survival.

Make sure the tiniest baby is susceptible to the effects of a lot of components. This is why it is necessary for a mother to avoid all types of medications, illegal drugs, drinking, and smoking. The baby size is about the sesame seed and seems a tadpole, not a human baby.

Miscarriage chances in 5 weeks pregnant woman:

I hope you have planned your pregnancy and you are quite happy after conceived a little baby in your body. This tiniest baby will form well and will arrive after 35 weeks but beware! Each of the pregnancy weeks is sensitive so, you should take care of all of the unusual things.

5th week is the first week when the majority of women test their pregnancy. This week your baby is just a blood clot and the mother is at the having highest risk of miscarriage.

5th-week miscarriage will seem like late-period you will not feel anything all. According to the doctors, the age factor is most important for miscarriage, while in the 5th week the miscarriage chances are 20% and this is enough.

Prevention of miscarriage in 5th week of pregnancy:

Not all but the majority miscarriages occur due to genetic abnormalities. Other over-controlled health issues also result in miscarriages. Well, these two reasons can be sorted by a health provider that is why we will suggest you consult with them.

Beyond all this still, you can prevent yourself from a miscarriage by this week. Having healthy food and taking some rest. Not only in the initial weeks but healthy and fresh foods should be your prior all the pregnancy period.

Having parental visits on time to time is also a good way to prevent yourself from miscarriages. Chromosomal issues are nearer causes of defected pregnancy for those to discuss it with your doctor. It would be good to have a genetic test before conceiving; blood samples will be taken both male and female and later they will be sent to the lab.

If is there any kind of evidence of genetic disorder then the doctor will treat you for the few months before conceive. A lot of couples try this test after one or two miscarriages but it should be taken before conceiving.

Lifting heavy loads, sweeping and sitting frequent time is not good this week. Regular travel is also not good in the pregnancy this way a fetus can slop in tubes and your viable pregnancy can be non-viable.

Tips for 5 weeks of pregnancy:
  1. If you are still making a plan for your first parental checkup to a doctor then, it’s not good. It should be done as early as soon as possible. Discuss with your partner and let him know how parental care checkups are important. The doctor will suggest you better all do’s that may keep you and your baby healthy throughout the pregnancy.
  2. Having parental vitamins containing a lot of folic acids is good at all. The folic acid will help in baby growth and decreases birth defects. Omega – 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA are also helpful in pregnancy that you should start this week. These medications will help in the forming of baby brain and eyes. Later these will increase mother feed and make it more beneficial for the baby.
  3. 5th week is best for making a healthy diet plan. Keep follow it till and after baby birth. In this diet plan, a lot of fruits, veggies, whole grains, beans, proteins, and dairy products should be added.
  4. Consume well-cooked proteins and do not take high mercury seafood. Unpasteurized dairy products could be responsible for the infected fetus.
  5. Avoid all types of health injurious things completely; smoking, drinking, and taking illegal drugs are not good for both mother and baby health.
  6. Avoid coffee as much as you can because it can harm the developing baby. Few types of prescriptions and overdosage of any medicine are not safe in pregnancy. I must say choose a well-experienced doctor and consult it till the maternity.




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