Pregnancy trimesters | detailed information

Human pregnancy is all over divided into three particular time phases known as Trimesters. Each of its phases has different developmental milestones. A normal pregnancy is averagely considered as 40 weeks; extremely you can increase this for two more weeks means 42.

All these 40/42 weeks are dividing into three pregnancy trimesters 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. each of these trimesters is containing 12 weeks approximately means 3months. In each trimester a pregnant woman experiences different types of physiological and hormonal changes.

  • First trimester (week 1–week 12)
  • Second trimester (week 13–week 28)
  • Third trimester (week 29–week 40) 42 weeks optional

Anyways! If you are a new mother then surely this written article will help you out. Here we have shared a lot of information about pregnancy trimesters in order to make your guide. Surely by reading this page, you will be aware of your baby growth and the effects that your body gets.

This way you will be able to prepare yourself for pregnancy changes and the possible risks. Anyways without making you bored let us go through this page by our 1st trimester.

The first trimester of pregnancy:

This is the starting of pregnancy when female eggs being fertilized by male sperm. The whole process of human fertilization is called conception. The first trimester is based on the earlier 12 weeks of pregnancy.

In which the female body goes through a lot of physical and mental changes. Often mums are new so they are having a lot of silly questions in their minds regarding pregnancy like;

What happens to a woman’s body during the first trimester?

A woman’s body goes through a few changes in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. It releases affective hormones by each of your organs get affected. According to medical science, the first sign of pregnancy is missing menstrual dates.

By missing periods for a few weeks, a woman may experience different things; for instance.

  • tiredness
  • upset stomach
  • throwing up
  • mood swings
  • tender breasts
  • heartburn weight gain
  • headaches
  • caring and revulsion for certain foods
  • constipation

Well, having these signs is not necessary for all mothers. Some mothers experience all of these, some only a few of these and some may not feel any of the above pregnancy signs. After all, every woman has own immune system and the way she lives.


All these above conditions are new for you so, try to rest more and have a healthy meal.

Parental care for first trimester of pregnancy:

No matter if you choose your family doctor, gynecologist, midwife or any pregnancy health provider to discuss your pregnancy. Surely he/she will treat you well and will reassure you through the entire trimesters of pregnancy.

In the first visit, you should focus on your overall health and observe any kind of health problem that you are already suffering from. Discussing a health issue with your health provider will help you to reduce any kind of risk.

It is necessary because your baby’s gestational age is very sensitive so, there is no more need of taking any risk. Let your doctor ask detailed questions and it should be your priority to answer well.

Tell him/her all your health history honestly. If you are feeling shy or any un-comfortableness then you may give a chance to your partner to discuss with. It is only why these questions could be personal anyways!

In the first visit parental care visit, you can expect screening for chromosomal abnormalities. From the first visit, you will be probably ready for other scheduled checkups within every four weeks.

Well, four weeks is an exceptional time period for routine checkups further your consultant will tell you further depending on health history. Keep in mind this pregnancy visit is quite a change from another routine checkup; so you will be asked for having some medications.

However, it will be good to prepare your mindset before the visit. Plan each of your quarries regarding pregnancy in your mind and later discuss it with your doctor.

Changes in routine for the first trimester:

Undoubtedly your body changes will assure some other changes in your daily life. in the first pregnancy trimester you may experience some momentous changes just like; need to go to bed early than before, need tastier food frequently, need extra rest and many more.

These random necessities can badly influence your daily routine. Often pregnant woman realizes heavy discomfort in their first trimester of pregnancy while many don’t. It is not necessary that you have to feel similar signs in each of your pregnancy.

Development of baby in the first trimester of pregnancy:

(1 to 4 weeks) in these weeks a fetus is about to begin from the nervous system. In which brain and spinal cords start developing. After that, the heart starts to form and also limbs buds start to grow. The baby is only an embryo having 1/25 inches length.

(5 to 8 weeks) here the embryo starts to convert into the fetus and get fetal development. Each of the major organs has instigated to develop. The heart starts to beat the arms and legs grow longer while the fingers and toes will also form in these weeks.

Sex organs will form completely with the developing face features including, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, etc. The umbilical cord is can be seen clearly in the scan. By the completion of the 8th week, the fetus is becoming a baby nearly 1 inch long and weighing 1/8 of an ounce.

(9 to 12 weeks) here you have completed your two months of pregnancy and entered into 3rd one. This month the baby will have working muscles and nerves altogether. In fact, the baby is now able to make a fist. The sonographer can easily conceptualize the gender like is this a baby girl or baba boy.

Eyelids are developed but closed to protect the forming eyes. These lids will open within the 28th weeks of the pregnancy. The baby head is growing slowly and now the baby is about 3 inches long weighing one ounce.

The second trimester of pregnancy:

Have a warm welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy. As per on experts the 2nd trimester is the comfortable trimester from rest two. In these weeks by having new milestones you will experience a lot of changes in your body.

All of your 1st-trimester milestones will end up soon and you will have a glow on your face. At this often women would love to eat more and feel their selves active as compare to rest others. You can significantly note your breast size is growing up and they become much tighter.

Also, 2nd trimester is quite easy to go out and have some fun; you can even continue your job in these weeks easily. The belly size is becoming bigger from the lower abdomen while you can easily notify your babies kicks now.

In 2nd trimester of pregnancy, you will actually be looking for a pregnant woman. Try to avoid lifting heavy things and take a healthy diet.

What happens to a woman’s body during the second trimester?

In the middle trimester of pregnancy, there are a lot of things that you may experience in. All of the pregnancy milestones will improve slightly. Nausea and fatigue will start to reduce and you will feel easiness in your life.

In this trimester mother’s body will get a lot of unusual changes like;

  • the uterus enlarges
  • larger abdomen
  • light-headedness or faintness due to lower blood pressure
  • the mother can easily feel baby movement
  • body aches
  • Increased hunger
  • Increased stretch marks on different parts of the body like the stomach, breast, thighs, or buttocks
  • A significant change in the skin like dark nipples, darker neck area, and glow face
  • Itching on abdomen
  • the bulge of the ankles or hands

These all above body changes are formal that the majority of women get in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy; while few noxious changes could also happen in this trimester. By having any of the below condition you should consult your health provider anyhow!

  • Frequent vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Yellowing of the whites of the eyes
  • Lot of swelling
  • Rapid weight gain

Parental care for second trimester of pregnancy: 

In the 2nd trimester, all the parental care appointments will be based on your baby’s growth and your health issues. Your consultant will check your weight and the blood pressure ratio. Often doctors would like to measure the uterus size by checking fundal height (the space between pubic bone to the top of the uterus)

Within all these 12 twelve weeks in each of your parental care visits, the doctor will check the baby’s heartbeat. He/she may suggest you scan as per on requirements; other screening tests are optional in this trimester.

The sonographer will confirm the fetus’s sex meanwhile you can get prepare for a baby or boy. Be active and discuss all your unusual health condition with your health provider and follow each of his/her instructions anyhow!

How to stay healthy in the second trimester?

Well, health is a wealth especially when you are having another human in your body. Yes, I am all about pregnancy and the 2nd trimester. If you want to spend a memorable and joyful pregnancy period then you should apply bellow suggestions in order to keep yourself and baby healthy.

  • Take all type of parental medicines prescribed by the doctor
  • Exercise regularly
  • Have a healthy diet plan including fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber and low-fat forms of protein
  • Drink lots of freshwaters
  • Consume enough calories (about 300 calories more than normal)
  • Keep your teeth and gums healthy in order to avoid premature labor
  • Avoid drinking and smoking
  • Avoid drugs
  • Have only one cup of coffee not more than this
  • Do not consume raw fish or any other smoked seafood
  • Do not east raw shoots
  • Never have unpasteurized dairy products including milk

Ideas that you may consider in second trimester of pregnancy:

No problem! Still many weeks are remaining to your maternity cause you have just entered in 2nd pregnancy trimester. In these weeks there are a lot of things that you can do for having fun and also can plan your entire maternity and baby shower in this.

After all, in 3rd trimester, you will be heaver and you will all need a proper rest. By collecting experts guide here we have given a few working ideas that mothers can consider in their middle weeks.

  • Join parental tutoring classes especially in your local area
  • Try to take breastfeeding, first aid, infant CPR and parenting lectures online
  • Watch online videos for baby care and maternity
  • Take a tour to the place where you will be giving birth
  • Decorate your home with baby ideas
  • Shop newborn stuff with your partner

I hope you will like all the above ideas collected by You can also leave a comment for sharing new ideas for this purpose.

Development of baby in the second trimester of pregnancy:

Undoubtedly all your pregnancy milestones occur due to the growing baby in your womb. As I already told you the 2nd trimester week is not sensitive than rest initial and final trimester. The baby grows well in these weeks and you pointedly can feel each of your baby’s moves within this trimester.

(13 to 16 weeks) in these weeks both your body and the baby develop frequently. The musculoskeletal system of baby endures developing. The skin looks like forming itself but still, it is translucent.

The intestinal track starts developing by meconium structure; that caused by your baby’s 1st bowel movement. The fetus starts sucking reflex by mouth. The total length of a baby will be 4 to 5 inches and 3 ounces weight.

(17 to 20 weeks) in the 20 weeks, a woman completes 5 months of pregnancy means she has complete half of the pregnancy journey. Within 20 weeks the fetus continues to develop that can be scanned easily. Now, the fetus is being active than ever before and frequently kicks mother.

The mother’s body is going to be covered with lanugo (feathery hairs) with waxy protection known as vernix. Eyelashes, Eyebrows, toenails and, fingernails have completely formed. Even a baby can scratch itself by fingernails.

In 20 weeks fetus is able to hear and swallow. After completing 20 weeks gestural age the baby is about 6 inches long and weighing 9 ounces.

(21 to 24 weeks) these are the last weeks of 2nd trimester. Now you will be entered in the last trimester of your pregnancy. In these 4 weeks, your baby is getting significantly looks like a human.

The little bone marrow starts to generate blood cells. The tongue is fully developed and even the taste buds are about form in. literally few fingerprints and footprints have formed now. The baby hairs are appearing and growing slowly on the head.

Baby lungs are fully formed but unable to work and the baby is having a well-managed sleep cycle. The baby boy testicles begin to grade into the scrotum while the baby girl’s uterus and ovaries are placed now. Both ovaries of baby girls are forming lifetime supply eggs.

Now the baby is storing fats frequently so that why having 1 ½ lbs weight and 12 inches height.

The third trimester of pregnancy:

Finally, here you have come in the last and longest trimester of your pregnancy. This last trimester is the longest trimester of this journey that starts from the 25th week and can lasts up 40 weeks.

Each of its weeks could be emotionally and physically challenging for mothers. The baby will be mature within 37 weeks and rests 3 weeks are conventional for a baby born. According to experts knowing and understanding about the last trimester can help mothers to reduce anxiety.

The last days of pregnancy could be tiring and uncomfortable due to your baby’s size. For me, I was very excited about my baby’s arrival and I avoid all types of my tiredness. In spite of a challenging time period if you want to enjoy it then you should take care of yourself a lot.

What to do in the third trimester of pregnancy:

A pregnant woman could go into labor anytime; 38 to 42 weeks are exceptional for maternity. You should beware of labor signs like water leakage and stronger contraction. A contraction tracking chart is helpful for monitoring labor.

This way you can contact your doctor before having labor. Anyways! Before having any kind of this situation you should pack your hospital bag relaxingly after 32 weeks of this trimester. After all, there are a lot of chances of the sudden arrival of your little angel.

Resting more often time would be a wise decision or you may have some time to a walk in the final weeks. Fresh air will make your mood good and through the walk, your blood will circulate well; also your stress will automatically reduce.

You may ask your partner, family member or friend to help you with your baby’s welcome. After all your baby deserves it.

What happens to a woman’s body during the third trimester?

The third trimester is could be complicated and a woman may experience a lot of health issues. A lot of swelling, aches, and random pains are normal in the third trimester. In the last weeks often women start to become worried about their delivery.

The third trimester of pregnancy have similar types of milestones, but their level might be increased.

  • Frequent baby movement
  • Irregular tightening of utters (Braxton hicks contractions); usually painless condition
  • Frequent bathroom need
  • Heartburn
  • Swelling on face, hands and on ankles
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Affectionate breast with some leakage of water (optionally)
  • Less sleep due to belly weight and baby movement

Observe if you are having any type of unusual situation that irritates you then you may immediately consult your doctor. Having painful and frequent contractions + bleeding are not good for you.

Especially when you realize the less movements of your baby from the last few hours then call your doctor. A lot of swelling in random parts of your body and increasing a lot of weight in the third trimester is also not good at all.

Parental care for the third trimester of pregnancy: 

In this trimester few doctors might ask ladies to come for random checkups even after every two weeks. These checkups will start after 32 weeks anyway. In which all things will be the same as; checking blood pressure and measuring weight.

The mother will be asked for random symptoms and other health issues that she experiencing. Vaccination status should be completed through this trimester that starts in 27 weeks and ends at 36. This vaccine will protect baby from cough and other health problems.

Some types of screening tests would also be prescribed by your doctors that you must follow. For instance, gestational diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, groups B strep, and many others.

A doctor will check the baby’s heart rate and the size at the end of pregnancy. In last week doctor checks the baby’s position and baby movement. She/he can ask your partialities about labor and pain toleration in order to make you ready for delivery.

Tips for the last days of pregnancy:
  • Keep in mind, if someone is having some particular preferences for labor or baby birth like water leakage then she should avoid medicines.
  • Before entering in mother world you can plan everything regarding your maternity but unfortunately, these plans could be changed due to sudden problems.
  • As the delivery date approaches you can keep asking a lot of questions from experts, grannies, and your doctor. This way your mind will get a lot of positivity and charm regarding the baby.

Development of baby in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy: 

(25 to 28 weeks) the baby moves strongly and can respond to you by touch and sound. Loud noise can make the baby kick that you can easily feel. The baby frequently passes urine into the womb and often he/she can hiccup in the womb. 

The eyelids are open now and very soon the baby will able to blink them. The heart rate of a baby becomes change; further, the brain, lungs, and digestive system are fully formed now but all are immature.

The baby should be 1 kg weigh roundabout in the 28 weeks and having dense skin. Your partner can easily hear your baby’s heartbeat by putting his ear on the belly.

(29 to 32 weeks) still, a baby is continuously growing in the womb. Within 29 to 32 weeks of pregnancy, baby bones are becoming formed but feel soft. Baby movement is topically increased and a baby can blink his/her eyes well.

Lungs are practicing breath and the baby gets a lot of vital minerals, calcium + iron from the mother’s body. The mother Lanugo (fine hair) starts to drop off. The baby is increasing weight ½ pounds week by week, so these weeks the fetal should be 4 to 4 ½lbs in weight and 15 to 17 inches long.

(33 to 36 weeks) now your delivery date is about approaches but still, the baby is growing in the belly. The baby having a protective waxy coating on his/her skin called (vernix.) the baby increasing random bodyweight; now he/she wants a bigger space to move around.

This is why the fetal moves not much forcefully but still mother can feel these easily. Averagely the baby weighs 6 to ½ pound and 16 to 19 inches in height within these weeks.

(37 to 40 weeks) as I already told you the third trimester is quite longer than initial and middle trimesters so, you may reach up to 40 weeks in pregnancy. Now a baby is considered as a mature baby having all well-working organs.

Day by day the baby will move slightly and will fix his/her head down to the birth position. The average weight of a baby in the last weeks is about 7 to 9 pounds and 20 to 22 inches in height. Well, this measurement is ideal further it could be up and down in many cases don’t worry!

Bottom line:

Hope you have enjoyed this detailed and informative article. Each and every point of our information is true. If still, you have any queries in mind regarding pregnancy trimesters then you can ask in a comment or via mail. Hope we will answer!

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