Positive signs of pregnancy (you must know)

After getting married, it is hard to predict pregnancy due to some obvious body changes. Few ladies can easily confirm their pregnancies by having some symptoms whether few tests on strips. “Positive signs of pregnancy” is going to be an exciting and helpful article that you are about to read.

According to doctors, there are several types of symptoms by which we can easily confirm pregnancy without any medical test. Make sure these signs are not the same for every woman, but these works vary. Even these symptoms could be changing for every pregnancy.

Whatever! After doing a lot of research and getting experts pieces of advice here, we have detailed some most common positive signs of pregnancy. Don’t worry, if you don’t feel anyone, because I already told you that each woman has her own body structure and hormonal system.

On the other side, if you realize all symptoms in your body and you have never felt all these before, then Congratulations! You are going to be a MOTHER! Now it is all as per on your wish that you still want to test a pregnancy strip or not; unless we have confirmed your pregnancy.

Positive signs of pregnancy:

Positive signs of pregnancy (that every woman needs to know)

Crossed periods date:

The most common and earliest sign of a pregnancy is missed periods. Once a woman crosses her periods and then alternatively gets other symptoms of pregnancy. If you have tiny blood spots or having light bleeding during your period days, then you should consult a gynecologist, or you may test your pregnancy by strip.

Identical change of breasts:

Breasts are the most attractive part of a woman. During pregnancy, these might get some identical changes. In pregnancy, you may feel more prominent and tighter breasts than average days. Never take this light in pregnancy and take extra care of them. Their veins can be more visible; moreover, your nipples become darker and hard then ordinary days.

Unusual urination:

After pregnancy, a woman gets frequent need of bathroom than usual days. This need starts from the early weeks of her pregnancy and increases month by month. It all happens due to the stopping of periods like our body gets a high amount of blood, and then the brain orders kidneys to pass out some extra burden. Right after kidneys and bladder excrete out liquids in the form of urine.


After the frequent need for urine, the next symptom of positive pregnancy will be constipation. About every second pregnant woman complains that she is not digesting well and having constipation. Obviously is a hard true and genuine sign of early pregnancy that occurs due to progesterone hormone. It doesn’t provide a freeway by that food can quickly excrete out.

Lazy morning:

In the early days of pregnancy, women often get tired and feel lazy. There is nothing extra science behind this laziness but some internal change of your body that happens by pregnancy. The majority of women feel this tiredness in the morning, whether often says mid of the day. Some feel this same nausea till baby birth, while others even don’t feel any symptoms like this in whole pregnancy.

Headache and low blood pressure are also few parts of this tiredness that women have as early pregnancy. There is no need for any doctors to just take some rest; whenever you feel like that.

Swelling and pain:

Don’t shy if you are feeling pain and swelling even after pregnancy. This usually happens in the early weeks. After stopping periods embedding of eggs on the uterine wall can make you feel like that. Doctors consider this type of feeling as premenstrual symptoms, though don’t worry about that.

Change in mood:

Changing mood is the most common condition during the whole pregnancy time. Sometimes a pregnant woman feels internally happy whether for the next hour, it seems angry or sad. This mood changing condition is not a usual condition for all normal women but only for pregnant.

Don’t worry if your partner is getting the same as that, though it will be better for you to take a pregnancy test. Hormonal misbalancing/change is the fundamental reason for all her condition.

Frequent hunger:

A pregnant body works internally hard, and it requires 300 extra calories in a single day. For this body, the stomach needs more food to digest. This way, some women feel light hunger all day along whether few need only their desired food in hunger. Believe me, and you cannot insist on your partner to eat willy-willy.

Changing in the smelling sense:

Pregnancy is basically tended with the change of smelling sense. Probably women realize a significant change in their smelling sensitivity. Certainly, you can smell something extra that is not even present. Some experts believe that this change is such a positive point of pregnancy that keeps you away from any spoiled thing that may harm you.

Back pain:

This is most of the unwanted condition of pregnancy that you may easily feel in your early weeks. Even I have spent a lot of my pregnancy time with back pain. It usually happens due to the internal change of your body. Doctors said that it is not important that you feel this pain in your first term, but commonly the second pregnancy term is the most common time for this symptom.

Sour mouth and gum bleeding:

This is my last hypothesized symptom of early pregnancy that you may easily consider as a positive sign. Fewer women experience the sour taste of their mouths during pregnancy. Often they feel this taste in their early weeks of pregnancy later everything gets normal.

Additionally, there is no single evidence about this mouth taste change; though we will consider it as a positive sign of pregnancy. Besides all this, often pregnant women complain about gum bleeding and dry mouth. My pregnancy experience was completely changed then this. I felt a lot of saliva in the mouth during all pregnancy, which was hard to tolerate for me.

Dry or saliva-full mouth both are positive signs of pregnancy that keep you remind that you have another human in your body. This all happens due to an intensive hormonal change in your body. Bleeding gums are also a symptom of pregnancy. Don’t forget your pregnancy can make you sensitive

Cause of these signs:

After the meet-up, your eggs get fertilized and ascribe their selves to the uterus wall. This egg’s attachment causes a significant hormonal change in a woman’s body. In this change, a pregnant woman feels a lot of changes that she never felt in regular days. Majority changes start in the early weeks and end within a few weeks whether some may remain during the whole pregnancy period.

Free advice:

Above I have explained all initial symptoms of a pregnant woman. If you feel any of these in your partner, then make her a pregnancy strip test first, and later you should consult with a gynecologist as soon as possible.

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