Is it normal not to feel pregnant? | Severity and possibility

Often pregnant ladies feel few or more pregnancy symptoms while some might realize that they are not single anymore. Ladies with no pregnancy symptoms often worry that is their baby all right or it is going to be a miscarriage? Well if you are one of these expecting mothers then don’t worry on this page you are going to know the useful answer of Is it normal not to feel pregnant?

In starting months some mothers may don’t realize their pregnancy but within a few weeks, they actually can feel what is happening out there in the womb. Indeed morning sickness, food craving, tender breasts, and heartburn are common pregnancy symptoms but their severity can be change from one to another female.

Similarly, you cannot feel any of these symptoms and can birth a healthy baby; same as to me. I am having three kids 2 daughters and 1 son but believe never ever found a single pregnancy symptom on each pregnancy until the baby kicks.

In pregnancy, there is a lot of possibilities and severities of symptoms. Let’s see some come common facts and essential information regarding healthy pregnancy symptoms that might help you to assure further that Is it normal not to feel pregnant? Or not?

Possible symptoms of pregnancy

In the first trimester of pregnancy 1 to 12 weeks is a pretty sensitive time of pregnancy which 50% assures that are you going to have a safe birth or will have any problem further. Within these weeks mothers can feel some common pregnancy symptoms like tender breasts, morning sickness, nausea, fatigue, and change in smell sense.

In general, early pregnancy symptoms might show up around five to six weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period.

These symptoms normally start from soring breasts when conception did. Gaining weight and mood swings are also some possible symptoms of early pregnancies but if not then the weight will be gained during the 2nd or 3rd trimesters surely.

Is my pregnancy is different from others?

Well, every mother is going to born a baby no matters a baby or boy and 90% of mothers complete their three trimesters with less or more symptoms. The frequency of these symptoms can change for some mothers from many.

Within passing days the frequency of pregnancy symptoms may final till your baby moves in the womb. If you’re going for a regular checkup and having no pregnancy feeling till 4 to 5 months then it’s okay.

Otherwise, availability of pregnancy symptoms would be good to monitor whether your baby is all right in the womb or not because pregnancy symptoms are assuring signs of a healthy and growing baby.

No problem if you have not felt any pregnancy symptoms in your early weeks but now having swinging mood, cramping, and frequent urination then congratulations your pregnancy is not confirmed.

Is it normal not to feel pregnant?

Make sure the ratio of mothers with no pregnancy symptoms is very low as compare to normal mothers. Don’t worry if you are not feeling any symptoms and your health care providers assure you that the baby is well; again I would say that you’ll feel some symptoms in the second or third trimester at least your baby’s movement will confirm that you are not single anymore.

Medically it is not proved that pregnancy symptoms are the only points to confirm your health pregnancy but it is just a myth by grannies. Usually, it is possible to lack these symptoms when you are about to miscarry.

Ladies with no symptoms should wait for some weeks and can confirm their accepting time otherwise a doctor checkup will clear their minds. As per surveys, 1 woman in every 500 women reaches her 5 months of pregnancy without realizing any pregnancy symptoms.

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 5 facts about pregnancy symptoms

  • Often ladies feel their pregnancy symptoms from the day of conception.
  • Fewer mothers do not feel any change in their life until the month of 5.
  • It is not necessary to realize pregnancy symptoms after conception.
  • The severity of pregnancy symptoms can be change from, one lady, to another.
  • As per some doctors severity of pregnancy symptoms proves that everything fine.

If you are worrying then it would be good to consult your GP after making a home pregnancy test. Surely he/she will guide you better; for further confirmation, your doctor may prescribe you a BHCG (blood test) or for a scan. Normally doctors do not take serious pregnancy with no more symptoms and they believe in the test results only.

What to do with disappearing pregnancy symptoms?

In 1st trimester if your severity of pregnancy symptoms is disappearing then it is time to consult your doctor anyhow. This scenario of sudden symptoms changes or disappearing symptoms might be concerned with non-viable pregnancy or miscarriage.

If you are not sure that what is going on then wait a while and let’s see is there any feeling of cramping or bleeding? if not then you’ll feel your baby’s kick otherwise cramping and bleeding with disappearing symptoms in 1st trimester will sure your miscarriage.

As pregnancy is a sensitive time for ladies; during pregnancy, they might feel uncommon symptoms that we already discussed above. If your pregnancy test is positive but not having pregnancy symptoms then it would be good to visit your doctor for confirmation.

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