How to wean baby off night feeding | Well explained answer in 2020


You cannot maintain your figure and metal health without taking proper night sleep. Well, sleepless nights are common after having a baby. No worries if you are quite confused about night sleep and want to stop feeding your baby at night.

Baby night-weaning is unexceptionally very helpful for having a proper sleep. Nursing is obviously good at night but for a certain time. You cannot feed your toddler at night by expecting tight night sleep.

When should I night wean my baby?

In 6 to 8 months old baby should start wean night feeding. Unfortunately He/she probably cannot do this by own and needs parental help. Night feeding is not important for a half year or above old age baby but they can wake up.

Normally a baby wake-up frequently at night due to hunger; after 6 months they move to semi-solid foods and do not require any feeding once they get to sleep.

The frequent night awaking of baby can make parents irritate too so, night feeding should be weaned anyhow. I know it can be difficult for some parents but not impossible.  

No worry if you do the job or jobless night sleep is right of you; while it plays a vital role in maintaining health. However, it will be a good decision to end the baby’s night feeding in order to affectionate you.

On the other side if a mother loves nursing and her baby on feeder then there is no need to stop. The baby will ultimately quit on her own; while if you are exhausted by frequent awaking at night the weaning is the only option to choose.

As a mother if you don’t know that is your child ready for night weaning then you may get some help from your doctor, otherwise, has a lot of helping information to satisfy you.

How to Wean Night Feedings for a baby?

Well before doing anything extra in motherhood you should prepare yourself first, rest you can implement on what you exactly want to do. Night weaning is not easy for an older baby so, here we suggest you to take this decision at 6 to 8 months.

Wake & sleep:

Wake & sleep is the most common strategy that often mothers use for their babies. In which they do not feed their baby when they wake ups at; and do not even carry from the crib. This technique can be awful for new mums but helpful night weaning.

If a baby takes 4 to 5 hours of sleep at night then never wake him; whether feed him properly. Personally, we would like to suggest you carry wake & sleep methodology for all naps. This technique will be quite gentle and easy for both of you.

By using wake & sleep a baby starts to learn self-soothing and gets overconfidence to make himself calm even at night. It is very important to make a baby sleep again at night without your help.

Dream feed:

Make sure before night sleep your baby should awaken 3 to 4 hours and play well. keep in mind that a tired baby will sleep longer than an un-tired. Let the baby sleep longer (6hours or above) before waking up for night feeding. You can pump a few ounces of breastfeeding if you are feeling too much feed in breasts.

Pumping feed is a good idea but you can feed your baby in her dreams. Some mothers wake up their babies and feed them in a dream that helps them to sleep longer.

Swaddling and swing:

According to some experts swaddling a baby is a good idea after 6 months old. For night weaning this technique is too helpful; by swaddle you can make your baby realize mother hug. White noise also improves baby sleep but if you can afford than swinging crib is the most reliable choice for the baby sleep.

It is not necessary to swing your baby whole night; you can try it when she wakes up badly. I am quite sure that swaddling and swinging are such awesome methodologies that should carry in night weaning.

What to remember?

Mothers can reduce night-waking of their babies by using all of these tricks but some other criteria are also important for night weaning. For example;

  • The baby tummy should be full before going to crib.
  • The baby should be tired and she has to take naps 3 to 4 hours before night sleep.
  • The diaper should be clean at night.
  • The room should be darker and quite.
  • The baby should be healthy because you cannot insist on a painful baby to sleep longer at night. Don’t forget that each pain increases more at night.
  • After four months of night weaning, mothers can boost baby’s calories by introducing extra food in the daytime. Besides you can carry a dream feeding strategy to maintain calories.

Do babies drop night feeds on their own?

Well, the quick answer to this question is Yes! They can normally drop mother feed on their own. It naturally happens when a baby gets able to have their food or can remain without food.

Unfortunately, it happens with fewer babies only. Normally mothers can wean their baby at night slowly. This training can take your 2 to 3 months and you can try to give less feed from the first night.

What the experts say?

Somewhere we can ignore ourselves but not our babies. The majority mums prior expert’s suggestion when it comes to their babies; it is why here we have concluded expert suggestions.

In the book “Solve your child’s sleep problems” the pediatrician (Richard Ferber) explains that extra night feeding can increase night problems for both baby and mother.

Further, he said; “if a baby wakes up to eat several times during the night, a very wet diaper or digestive problems may cause him to wake up and then want to feed more, creating a vicious cycle.”

Next, another child specialist (William sears emphasize) that night feedings make the bond strong between mother and baby. He explained that for baby’s feeding urge “mothers not to rush to night wean as long as the feedings aren’t too disruptive to the family.”

You can read Sears’s book “The baby sleep book” and may know the strategies he offers including; sleep sharing and nursing. 

Ultimate Tips for night-weaning your baby:

Welcome to the 21st century! You are in a modern world where every problem has a genuine solution. Especially for baby health care we are working very hard and trying to solve all parenthood issues.

For night-weaning here we have a lot of excellent Tips that can try and get help.

  • Don’t hurry and let the baby wean at night: Simply do not feed your baby too much as per on her habit but give him each of your breasts for a few minutes at night.
  • Prolong mother feeding can make your awake and irritate you so, introduce the difference between feeding and sleeping at night. Once he sleeps then you can put her in the crib and tap your hands slowly.
  • Give enough meal at day time: keep in mind that hunger never makes asleep not only the baby but an adult too. My baby needs her great energy level and extra calories to burn. You cannot satisfy your baby with only mother feed or feeder after 6 months. However, it would be better for you to carry a healthy diet for your baby with time to time.
  • Extra feeding before night sleep: Full tummy will never make a baby awake in the middle of the night. Although, this would be great to feed your baby properly before letting her in the bed. After that, you can try some dream feed to sleep well.
  • Do not night-weaning during sickness or transition: Undoubtedly your baby needs you a lot when she/he is sick so, it will be better to nurse well in sickness. In transition night-weaning is not good for a baby especially on vacation or shifting home from one place to another.
  • Get some help from your partner for this training: more likely the baby wants to breastfeed when she only recognizes you or your smell. If both of you sleep together then keep your baby’s crib beside your partner’s bed side.
  • Be clever and calm for night-weaning: Congratulations! You have arrived in motherhood! Now, you are not single and having a little one. She/he will need a lot of care for the upcoming years.
  • Realize the difference: For night weaning try to give some comfort and soothe to your baby especially at nighttime. When she wakes up and cries then realizes that this is not time to feed but to sleep. Tell the baby that you may have a bottle in the morning but not in the middle of the night.
  • Be calm for this training: Adopt a calm nature to appreciate a baby and pat her back or tummy but never put her/him up to the shoulder. No problem if your baby is too young to understand words; your way and presence will teach her all up.

NOTE: In a lot of scenes, I have personally seen baby only cry 2 to 4 nights before accepting new habits. Make sure if you are trying hard but the baby cries a lot then skip this training for some weeks and can try again slowly. 

Importance of night-weaning:

Grannies can tell you some negative effects of “wean baby off night feeding,” for example night weaning will make your baby internally weak or she/he can stop feeding at the day, etc. Never ever focus on these rumoring facts and make you relaxed by Night weaning.

Keep in mind that you by following this article you are going to have a tight sleep undoubtedly. Let me tell you about some important night-weaning.

Babies grow out of night waking, even when you do nothing to dishearten it. This is gonna be a very short time of yours; and believe me, you will forget all these night awaking once day.

A baby’s sleeping schedule through the night can vary greatly. Few parents are easy with letting the baby lead when they come to nigh-weaning. However, night weaning effect badly on some people.                              

If someone is facing a lot of troubles through night nursing then they should switch on another change. Surely the baby will accept this change very soon.

You are carrying a goal to increase the night sleep of everyone in your home. Better night sleeps is always need of both your partner and you; so be smart and follow “How to wean baby off night feeding.”

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