Newborn sleep schedule | sleep schedule baby

Complete Newborn sleep schedule that you must know!

Obviously, mothers want their newborns to sleep well, but unfortunately often don’t know how can they do that? Don’t worry if you are a new one and want to have complete detail about the sleeping schedule of a newborn. Stay connected in the “Newborn sleep schedule.”

The majority of parents want to know why their infant won’t sleep a lot during the first weeks of the birth. A huge misconception of new parents is that they don’t know an infant’s sleep schedule so; they face a lot of problems.

Newborn sleep schedule by one month:

According to the pediatrician (as an infant sleeps as he/she will grow faster.) Indeed it is not mean that let a newborn sleep for a whole day. Normally a newly birth baby sleeps 18 to 20 hours a day from the day of birth until one month.

After a month an infant will reduce 2 hours of his/her sleep time and sleeps 18 to 16 hours in the day. Well, this is a normal newborn sleep cycle; no problem if your baby sleeps a lot or less than this timing. You just have to take care of his feed. Look, if your newborn takes feed properly and sleeps then congratulations! You have a normal baby.

If you will give him proper feed with burping then surely your infant will grow faster. On the other hand, if your baby cries a lot and does not sleep well it means he/she has an empty tummy.

Please remember! A newborn will require feed in every 2 to 2 ½ hours of a day and 2 to 3 hours at night. Once he will full then take him on your shoulder for burping and let him sleep again.

Is your newborn sleeping too much?

Well too much sleeping is not bad at all! You just take care of his hunger and nappy change. Observe if your infant feeds properly and his nappy is clean then he is allowed to be sleep medically.

After all your newborn is just entered in a strange world than the womb. Surely week by week he will change his sleeping routine very soon. Don’t worry at all and take some rest, within a few weeks your little one will respond you fully.

How to get a newborn to sleep at night?

Newborn sleep schedule | sleep schedule baby

Normally this question is not asked by every mother, because newborns sleep a lot until 2 months old. No problem, if you are a new one and your baby is not sleeping enough at night; I have some effecting tips for you. By following these tips you can make your baby sleeper at night.

May you have heard that making a bedtime routine is a must, but I must say you cannot make a sleeping routine of a newborn. It is all as per on his wish and some situations that cannot make him sleepy at night like (nappy change – hunger.)

  • Feeding is a prior need of a newborn they will never sleep hungry.
  • A leak nappy will never make a newborn sleepy at night/day so, it would be better for you to change nappy in every 4 hours. Otherwise, change nappy if your baby poops before.
  • Swaddling is another way to make a newborn sleep at night. Sometimes infants do not sleep openly. For me, a swaddled baby sleeps much then an open baby. After all, swaddle keeps the baby warm and secure.
  • Try to keep awake sometime your newborn. Surely 1 to 2 hours of awaking will help your baby to sleep more at night, but make sure before bedtime feed and nappy change are required.
  • People say that the newborn does not recognize the dark/silent environment, which is wrong. Even you can make an experience. If after applying the above steps sill your baby is not sleeping then try something extra. Give him a dark and noise-free environment and see your infant will sleep at night.

2-month-old sleep schedule:

Averagely a two-month-old baby can sleep 15 to 17 hours a day. This is a normal ratio if your baby sleeps less than or more than this timing then no problem. Medically a 2 months old baby should sleep 8 to 9 hours at night while 6 to 7 hours a day.

The day sleep time will be divided into 3-day naps while the night sleep time will be longer. Two months old babies can wakeup 2 to 3 times in a night for a feed and will sleep again.

Bottom lines:

Don’t worry and cheers! You are blessed with a baby and this is the most wonderful thing for you. Have you any idea about 10% of women are not blessed with babies after marriage. Never irritate with your newborn night schedule and say Thanks to God who has gifted you a little one angel.

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