When can a baby sleep with a blanket? A complete guide 2020

According to the experts, parents are doing the most common mistake by carrying a baby blanket at a very young age. Later they face an accidental and curious baby death by suffocation.

For me, prevention is always better than cry! You cannot expect anything good by using a health curious product. Pillow, blanket, and crib beddings are not considerable for newborns and infants.

Little babies are not much able to remove blankets or sheets on their faces though they can get suffocation by this mean.

As a parent if you want to give complete security to your baby, then think again and choose wisely. In this article, you are going to know each and every fact about babies their blanket usage, although read calmly until the end.

When can my baby sleep with a blanket?

This is the actual question that you are looking for!

Well, (AAP) American academy of pediatrics advice that does not introduce a loose cover for babies until they reach 1-year-age. In the starting months, the baby can wriggle down under then blanket and get suffocated and overheated.

For blanket alternative baby sleeping bags are a great idea to carry. You can fast upper and bottom body of your baby in a sleeping bag. It actually works like a mini wearable comforter and gives your baby complete protection.

Baby sleeping bags are available in all sizes and qualities that you can buy a market and online easily. Often parents buy seasonal sleeping bags for their babies and use these at night only.

A toddler or one-year-old baby cannot be closed in a sleeping bag, so you cannot insist on her to sleep in this bag. After year one-year-old baby sleeping blanket is the only option to use; after all, you cannot let your baby sleep naked.

Baby blanket alternatives are going great for many parents, not only for the baby’s safety, but they are even proven for too long for baby sleep. Not only nighttime but baby sleeping alternatives are also usable for any time in the day (if your room temperature is low especially.)

A bonus point for a sleeping bag is the baby’s tight sleep because they don’t move more, so they adjust up for better sleep.

Why Can’t They Sleep With a Blanket?

The majority of parents know that the baby blanket actually cause for some serious risk to the baby’s sleep. Suffocation and overheat are the main two fundamental issues that can occur due to blanket.

For infants and newborn babies, blankets can be loose, so they are unable to remove anything from their faces. This way, the blanket increases the risk of suffocation in that it should not be to do.

Nonetheless, baby blankets not only increase the suffocation risk to the baby but even they can be caused by different allergies. According to the experts, a baby should not have anything loose in her sleeping environment, especially in the one-year-old age.

A little one really needs a firm and liable sleeping environment, so; parents should not exclude anything besides her. For example, pillows, comforters, soft or deep mattress pads, stuffed animals, soft toys, or bumper pads sheepskins, and many others. 

As a general law, do not keep anything soft or over loose for your baby, especially when it comes to her sleep. Only prefer a soft matters pad or a baby approved matters for your baby’s crib and make it with a firm crib sheet.

Before buying anything, especially for your baby please do some homework and know all the risks and proper usage of it. Obviously, parents will be happy when their baby gets a safe sleep; after all, proper and safe sleep is the right of a baby.

Normally mothers have a concern that the baby may have a cold without a baby blanket, but this is not really true. Being a responsible parent, you can set your room temperature at normal and wear sung with warm pajama. Soft and comfortable dressing at normal temperature will keep your baby warm.

In short, avoid all these hazardous things for the little one and keep your baby safe at night’s sleep.

How to provide a safe sleep for my baby?

For a tight night sleep back position is always best and recommended by experts. According to the (AAP) American academy pediatrics, the back position is a comfortable position for little babies to breathe well.

Further, they say that the tummy sleeping position looks good, but it can make a baby suffocated and increase the risk of oxygen deprivation. Normally tummy sleep can make your baby “rebreathe” in order to exhale the same breath two times. It normally happens when the bedding becomes dragged up to the nose.

(AAP) recommends avoiding soft bedding in the 1st year of baby’s life. The super-soft crib bedding is not suitable for the baby. No more bean bags, pillows, soft toys are allowed beside a sleeping baby, only a firm matters with a cotton cover sheet.

Giving pacifier is a great idea to reduce the risk of SIDS. The most important tip for today’s article is to buy reputable and quality sleeping matters for your baby. You cannot expect an ideal and relaxing sleeping night of your baby with a low-quality sleeping sheet.

How to keep a baby warm without using a baby blanket?

Health providers endorse only one particular layer of clothing for babies at normal room temperature. On the other side if it is cold and you think there should be something extra to do then we have many other ideas to apply.

Body warm suits are good enough instead of using a baby blanket. You can use a body warmer suit for your little one under/above the shirt.

Rather than a bodysuit baby sleeping sack is a terrific alternative of a baby blanket. Sleeping sacks are one kind of wearable blanket made for babies. As compare to the swaddle, sleeping sacks are sleeveless, so the baby can move her limbs easily by keeping the body warm.

Blanket sleepers are portable, so you can easily consider it for infants. They are one pieced and keep your baby warm in a cold night’s sleep. Don’t forget about the easy diaper change feature of blanket sleeper.

Is night swaddling good for my baby?

Swaddling is such type of love that a mother gives to her baby. This snugly blanket wrapping keeps your baby secure and makes her calm in sleep. Often hospital nurseries use this trick to newborn babies before leaving them in cart.

If someone uses this calming methodology, then she has to do it correctly. You cannot swaddle your baby in a loose blanket; this will increase the risk of danger. However, over tight swaddle is also not good for the baby’s soft cartilages.

The little hip sockets and ribs and legs can be damaged when they will be swaddled too tightly. A proper swaddled baby will sleep more but still, and we have some key points to understand before swaddling a baby burping and tummy sleeping position.

For some experts, swaddle is not safe for (baby) night sleep. They believe that at night swaddle and tummy sleep positions can increase the risk of SIDS due to her mother’s sleep.

Moreover swaddle should be stopped when a baby reaches a particular age to remove the swaddle. The loose cloth or blanket can make your baby SIDS hazard whether, an average for swaddle is about four months only.

Will My Baby Get Cold Without A Blanket? 

Well, it all depends on the cloth that you use for your baby to make her warm. In a child season, a thin lose cloth can make your baby cold easily; it affects more when the baby is naked (exposed skin.)

In order to avoid the cold, the baby’s room temperature should be normal. A caregiver should use her/his judgment when it comes to the baby’s health if it is too cold then a blanket or warm clothes and blanket alternatives are good to prefer. 

Make sure the clothing layers should be 1 to 2 only; too many clothes can make your baby damp. Too much sweat can indicate accumulate skin. This way, the baby’s skin will get rashes and prickly heat issues though it will be good to cover your baby in a fine way. 

Giving some other explanation let me tell you that the baby’s room temperature should be 69 to 75F (20 to 24 Celsius). As per the some trusted resources, the babies slept in high room temperature may lead to sleepless nights. 

Bottom lines:

A blanket is a good option for making us warm in a cold season, but for babies, it is preferable with a certain age. According to the experts, blankets should be used for a baby until the age of one year. Under this age, the baby blanket increases the risk of (SIDS).

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