Easy to digest foods

Easy to digest foods | few digestible baby foods with tips


Easy to digest foods – for 6 months and above:

With warm regards here we have present a short range of superfoods for you to point out. Keep in mind that you cannot have healthy digestion of your baby until you give him some “easy to digest foods.”

Unfortunately, all soft-textured foods are not easy to digest and all hard coarse foods are not hard to digest. It is all as per you that which kind of food you select for your baby. Not to be amazed but mothers know everything about their baby! If you are careful one then surely you know better for your baby’s food likes and dislikes.

For further help here you may get an idea about all the “Easy to digest foods” for six months and above age babies. All given foods are suggested by experts that you must have to know. Nevertheless, without making you cheesy let us start the 1st one.


As your child develops, you can regularly familiarize him with solid food. Bananas are especially beneficial for his stomach. These are normally sweet foods having a lot of fiber, and always good for better digestion. They can help for balancing constipation + diarrhea gut greenery and enhances satiety.

Bananas have a lot of antibacterial and antiviral properties so; your baby can get strong protection from germs and diseases. Additionally, they’re wealthy in (pectin), a kind of fiber that directs absorption and advances normality. Tryptophan, an amino acid found in the banana that relaxes the body and improves sleep.

Sweet potato:

Sweet potato comes in two varieties; smooth fleshed and orange-fleshed. Both types have red skins and both are rich in Vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Meanwhile, I like to use the orange-fleshed type of potato for my baby, which is an amazing source of beta-carotene. It helps to avoid many kinds of harmful diseases including. There is lots of ways to cook sweet potatoes that all ages of the baby like; also it could be the first food of your six months old baby. Make sure for the little one it must be cooked well.


Broccoli is a considerable Superfood because, it is rich in Vitamin C and contains folic acid, beta-carotene, iron, potassium, + anticancer phytonutrients. Broccoli is the best steamed or microwaved food ingredient; even the boiling water of broccoli contains a half amount of Vitamins.

On the off chance if your baby does not likes taste then blend it in with a sweet-tasting vegetable like sweet potato, rutabaga, or butternut squash and serve easily.


Rice cereals are recommended by doctors as first semi-solid foods for babies. It doesn’t contain gluten, a protein found in wheat, oats, grain, and rye that can cause (Food sensitivity) for a six months old baby.

Rice cereals or homemade rice purees are easy to digest for babies. Further, they are having a smooth texture and sweet test that babies would love to have as their starting diet. It is a suitable thickener for thinner purees just like pear, peach, and plum.


Meat, like chicken, sheep, mutton meats are natural sources of iron, riboflavin, niacin, nutrient B6, zinc and also protein. For a baby meal these should be well cooked and soft textured. Meat is not considered a food ingredient for a half-year-old baby but you may include meat purees for your toddler’s diet plan.

A fine meat meal is the favorite of majority kids. By the easy digestion, parents should have to include meat in their baby’s plate. Try to avoid hard meal sticks for your kid this way you can increase the risk of choking. Try to blend the pureed meat with milk and the most loved veggie puree of your baby. It is all as per on you that which puree you prefer (your own made or market.)


Yogurt is full of probiotics and helps for intestinal vegetation. Simply it is easy to digest for both adults and babies. Often yogurt brands contain Bifid-bacterium lactic and Lactobacillus acidophilus (the two bacterial species that repopulate the gut and improve digestion.) The microorganisms living in the gut play a vital role in easy digestion, insusceptibility, mental health, body synthesis and significantly more.

Except if your infant is hypersensitive to dairy, yogurt would be a safe food for him; Infect it is lower in lactose than milk. Notwithstanding probiotics, it has Vitamin D, calcium, protein, and other health supplements. Your kid needs calcium for bone development and advancement. Vitamins improve calcium ingestion and upgrades immunity

Egg Yolk:

Egg yolk is another soft baby food that is easy to digest and even easy to swallow. The taste of egg yolk is much better than egg white. You can offer your baby egg yolk in many ways but keep in mind your baby age and then include egg yolk in his meal evenly. Personally I would like to give meshed egg yolk to my baby with some milk formula and with veggie purees.

According to (WHO); Do not offer solid or semi-liquid food to a baby until the age of six months. Try to collect some clues that your baby is ready to have solids and then give him something fresh and homemade.

Healthy Tips in (Easy to digest foods)#

  • Before feeding something solid to your baby try to be calm.
  • Sit your champ in the right position and decrease the risk of food chocking.
  • In starting do not give him solids when he is too hungry; though you may try milk formula or juice.
  • Do not feed your baby in a hurry, let him swallow the first spoon and later give him another.
  • Do not give your baby too much solid textured food until the age of three years.
  • Until the age of 1 year and a half do not leave him alone with his plate; stay with your baby and feed him safely.
  • Use small spoons for baby feed; using tablespoons for your kid would be stupidity.




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