Toddler age | Sleep cycle of toddlers

According to the (Merriam-Webster dictionary), the word toddler means “a child that is about to learn walk and does a lot of adorable things.” Usually, a 1 to 3 three years old age is considered for both of these meanings.

The majority of people accept toddler age start from 1 year and lasts up to 4 years old while many have different ideas for this terminology. According to experts, there is no particular definition of toddlerhood. However, you can admit that a toddler age finishes and the preschooler age starts.

Developmental milestones of a toddler

In toddler age, a baby starts recognizing people, places, and things. Your baby is continually increasing his/her catching power that you may easily observe. Also, he/she tries to understand your commands in different ways. Rather than all this, a baby gets few developmental changes in toddler age including;

Emotional development:

After a one-year-old, a baby gets emotional development and goes through a lot of emotions. Now your baby knows when you are laughing, crying and shouting, etc. The temper irritabilities are still normal he doesn’t know bigger emotions like anger, frustration, shame, and guilt.

A toddler knows how his/her behavior influences you and how he affects him. A toddler is highly connected with the parents but sill he has not much separation anxiety for them. When you leave then he may not get too upset.

Talking development:

A one-year-old baby (toddler) may be able to say 2 to 3 words only like; mama, dada, baba, etc. for the next few months he/she will learn a lot of things and will able to talk shorter sentences.

A one and half year old toddler can understand shorter sentences like come here, go back give me, don’t do this, etc while in two years old baby can talk notable sentences.

No problem! if your baby is 2 years old but still doesn’t talk clearly. Averagely baby talks at 2 but this time period could be late due to delay development. Anyways after 3 years, a toddler can frequently talk shorter sentences and somehow longer.

Soon he/she will start doing shorter conversations with you. In this conversation, you may have his/her desires and dislikes. Often people send their toddlers at a preschool in age 3 for the purpose of learning new things.

Thinking development:

Thinking is the most important part of our lives even though the toddler. After completing 2 years old a toddler starts thinking that What to do? How to do? and Where to do?

Now, he actually understands all the concepts that you introduce (banana juice or strawberry juice – is it a day or night – red color or white), etc. you may teach your toddler different body parts and toy names, color names and many other things at this age; surely he will pick up all these senses easily.

Play and learning development:

Playing and making mistakes are fundamental ways by which a toddler learns different things. It is your duty which age you consider for your toddler for teaching new things. For instance potty training, pee training and dressing ups.

To teach your baby, you may try different strategies like painting, different toy houses, blocks games, books, and cartoon videos. All these ideas are very helpful in baby talks also; let a toddler have something new and see how he/she starts talking.

Everyday skills of toddlers:

We know toddlers are the naughtiest children they do a lot of things without thinking about any results. He can wash his hands, pick small bites, play with toys, can have a bath in the tub and many others. Even a 3 years toddler can choose his clothes better than you.

Try to help your toddler to build confidence and let him try to do new things individually. Give him shoes and say to wear; no issues if can’t wear but try is the point. Get your toddlers to help in all things like sweeping, mopping and cleaning, etc.

Toddler’s age is perfect for toilet training. Observe if your baby is taking interest when others use the bathroom; that means he/she is taking it interesting to use the toilet seat.

Nevertheless, a 2 years toddler falls less and can walk easily thus, you can teach your toddler to use stairs; make sure practicing matters. In starting it is quite hard to understand the toddler and his needs but with time to time you will rely anyhow upon.

Your baby is now able to kick a football and catch a bouncy ball as well. Offer these kinds of physical activities to make them busy. If your baby does these kinds of stuff then always be around this way the baby will feel secure.

For a one and half year or 2 years kid, you may give him a small bicycle for a ride. Bicycle is always adventurous equipment for both kids as well as adults. Give some space and let your toddler this adventure bur be careful because of safety measures.

Healthy and happy toddlers:

toddler age

Elders say health is wealth especially as parents we cannot accept our kid’s health problems. In toddler age, the carelessness of a parent can be the cause of serious health issues. It is why here we have made few health and happiness concerns ideas that can help you to keep your toddlers cheerful.

  • Avoid all types of sugary drinks and give him some chilled water or plain milk. After one year old a toddler likes semi-solid foods so, give mother feed infrequently.
  • Until two years old the breastfeeding is the ideal feed of toddler but it cannot fulfill his/her appetite. It would be better to well maintain your baby’s diet plan. Fibrous, portentous, and calcium contained food will help in your baby’s growth.
  • Toddlers are very active and they play all the time. Make sure their playtime should not make them erratic eater. This way their growth can be disturbed and then they may experience delay growth.
  • Their screen time should be limited. Make a media plan for your toddler and avoid mobiles, I-pads, tablets, and other small screens. Consider TV and play musical cartoons. The bigger screen with cartoons will make your baby seated in one place.
  • Do not restrict your toddler for many things. All-time NO, don’t, away, stop types of negative words can make a toddler stubborn. However, keep calm and handle your kids calmly.
  • Going public parks, beaches and other fun-land areas are good for small kids. This way their social strength will increase; let your toddler play with other kids under the supervision of you.
  • Buy interested and colorful books for your kid, and let him turn its pages. This type of activity will cheer your baby must.
  • Giving healthy snacks to your toddler is also a good idea but make sure the snack should be well cooked with small bites. Their small mouths are unable to chew bigger pieces of a snack.
  • If you can afford and having a wider home then you may design a play area for your kids. The play area should be clean and attractive with learning toys.

The sleep cycle of toddlers

toddler age

Sleeping well is the most important for all of us especially infants and toddlers. A good time of sleep will help in their brain’s growth and development. The most important fact the toddler’s brain is more active while they sleep as compared to the awaking.

A 2 years old toddler should sleep 12 to 14 hours a day. According to the experts often children get negative consequences in their teenage due to their less sleep at a younger age. In order to avoid all these types of developmental problems, it would be better to give a better time to sleep for a baby.

Poor sleep in a toddler life is directly linked to different behavioral complications. I hope you have observed this thing already; when your baby sleeps less then he/she looks irritated and annoyed.

Pediatricians suggest toddlers sleep 12 hours in 24 hours; 10 hours in the night and 2 hours in the day. Few toddlers do not want to sleep at night; it rarely happens due to their parent separation.

When a mother or father is on the night duty then their kids won’t sleep without them. Don’t worry if you are facing this type of sleep issue in your baby; 18 months is a peak age for this situation. Let your baby elder within some time he/she will sleep routinely without anyone’s help.

Bottle feed is optional for toddlers at night. The frequent night wakeup can be caused by night hunger. It will be better to eat your baby well before bedtime. According to the survey, about 5% to 10% of toddlers wake up 2 to 3 times at night due to starvation.

How to take care a toddler?

We know you have a high energetic and naughty toddler that always moves around. She may come across many unsafe points, and can have dangerous situations. You cannot take it lightly by close eyes. Anyways, by keeping all safety measures for toddlers here we have collected a few points to come over.

  • Never leave a toddler near to the water such as pool, whirlpool, bathtub, lake, pond, and sea. No worries if you are around, one minute of late can be the reason of serious situation. I have seen a lot of cases when toddlers drown in the backyard pools and had a severe injury or even death.
  • If you have indoor/outdoor stairs then close these with a fence or small gate. The gate should be bigger than your toddler’s height.
  • Lockdown all certain places of your home like basements, garages, doghouses, etc.
  • Make sure your home is toddler-proof like, all type of electric switches is well covered.
  • Keep all types of home appliances and kitchen appliances out of reach children reach. Iron, heater, vacuum type thing may attract your toddler.
  • Keep your toddler busy while cooking and turn all pot handles opposite to you. Lock your fridge as a toddler cannot open its door.
  • All sharp things should be covered and hidden in safe places. Also keep soap, brush, toothpaste and other bathroom used objects out of reach of a toddler.
  • Lock your dressing and keep your cosmetic safe, because toddlers love to makeup. Lock up all types of washing powders, cleaners, medicines, and other poisonous objects.
  • Try keeping a toddler away from vehicles when they are off and never leave him alone near to these even for a while.
  • Keep lock all types of weapons if you have.
  • Don’t give your mobile or any other device to your toddler while charging.
  • Never have your toddler in arms while driving and keep his car seat back as much as you can and use the seat belt. This way your toddler will be safe throughout the driving.

Tips for you:

Below tips will ensure that how you can help your toddler in this exploring age.

  • Observe your toddler daily and try to know what he/she needs today?
  • Ask him/her to find different objects; this way your toddler will start to obey you.
  • Teach him different body parts names and your family member names.
  • Try to buy and play learning objects games with your toddlers such as blocks, puzzles, shape making games and many more.
  • Cheer him always what types of things he does; you may clap cheerily when he explore different things.
  • Never ignore your baby while doing any type of activity. Always help him while talking; make practice short words and when he/she say mama or dada say YES!
  • Let a toddler independent but your encouragement is a must. If he/she wants to choose his clothes then let him do.
  • Never make a toddler punish in any panic situation. Try to respond in your wanted behavior and deal calmly in unwanted behavior.
  • Parent’s inspiration is a must for kids to increase their abilities. Give small presents when he/she does good things.
  • In order to recognize different things, you may program different trips with your toddler. Bus trips are a good idea to get an adventure.


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