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It seems this is your first baby and you are taking quite serious about his/her talking. Don’t forget that your baby is only 15 months old; he/she recently entered in toddler age. You cannot insist on a toddler talk too early. Further, this “15-month-old not talking” article will brief you exactly.

As a parent, you should know the entire normal developmental time of babies. This way, you can reduce your stress easily. Mostly mothers compare their babies with other who are seems quite sharp. Make sure there are millions of babies in the world, and all have hundreds of developments. Some development can be the same while a few may different.

Some might be extra active than their older kids, whether a few get delay growth. Beyond these causes, there is still a variety of natural realities; for example, heredity issues, late growth due to a weak immune system, lazy nature, and many more.

Milestone tracker | 15 month old not talking:

By rendering the Denver Developmental Checklist, we know that pediatricians use a milestone tracker. In this tracker, a 15-month-old baby can talk only 3 to 5 vocabulary words, including mama dada. Further, it tells an 18-month-old baby is able to talk 6 to 8 vocab words in daily life.

Keep in mind these short words are only understandable for parents (no one else can understands these starting words of a baby.)

After 18 months now, a baby enters a light chubby age and picks new words evenly. For the next 3 months, normally babies start talking a long line of short words. Moreover, a 2-year toddler is able to talk short sentences that are highly notable for everybody.

How can I encourage my 15-month-old to talk?

15 month old not talking |Perspectives

Talking is a natural development that GOD gave us. Morally talking age starts from 4 months, which is called “babbling age.” At this age, the baby starts to respond to you by random sounds that we cannot understand.

Late ever babies start saying short words after 15 months of age. They use some identical words for particular objects or a person like baba (bottle) mama (mother), dada (dad), juju (juice), mum (water), and some others.

In this age, babies can understand 25 to 30 words, whether they can talk only a few. Parents can realize their babies when he asks for a toy or meal. If your 15-month toddler is not interested in talking, then you can encourage him/her in different ways.

  • Say something about those things he wants to have (water, cup, feeder, juice, meal, doll, ball, toy, and many more.) keep particular names of those in childish language that your toddler can easily say like mum for water and juju for juice.
  • Buy some picture books and introduce these entire pictures to your baby in order to identify. Again childish language is a must for keeping some particular names of these things. Make sure these names should be short and understandable for your kid.
  • Clapping and smiling are two other encouraging ways of a toddler. Give him/her a huge smile or clap gently when he tries to say a single word. No matter if you don’t even understand, but appreciation is the first condition of encouragement.
  • Make your kid know something interesting like doggies, dolls, teddy bears, and say a few short sentences that he can easily pick in mind. For example (this is your doggie) (your doggie is so cute) (have some pie) (don’t be shy) (come to me) (go to dada/mama) and many related.
  • Try to theorize that what your kid wants to have and give him some quality time to discuss it. If he likes his car, then say a few shorter but sensible sentences that he can easily understand. This could be an encouraging way for a toddler to talk.
  • Ask your kid what he often does, and encourage him to replay you back. If he only makes sounds and trying to respond to you, then again, appreciation is his right. Your questions should be (Which shirt will you pick today?) (What do you want milk or juice?)
  • Add some words with a single word. If your baby says milk, then you have to say this is a cup of milk.
  • For me, a pet or a big toy is best for you. By using this type of object, you can easily encourage your kid to say random words. You may easily get help from a little pussy cat or puppy for baby conservation.

bottom note:

Please relax and reduce your stress. 15 month age is not recommended for talking. Please notify if your baby is responding to you and make few unusual sounds then surely he/she is absolutely fit. You cannot train too early a kid to for frequent talk. Despite this fact still, we have shared some working ideas that can encourage a toddler. Further, read above “15 month old not talking” and know well.



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