Is popcorn hard to digest | For both kids and adults

Well, if I would like to answer this (Is popcorn hard to digest?) question in only one line, then yes, I do; because this is a real fact about popcorn, that this type of food is not only easy to chew whether not easy to digest.

Even not only babies but for us adults too. Popcorns are richly made from fiber which is not easy to digest sometimes. We make popcorns by heated corn kernel forcefully.

A popcorn kernel is a type of corn that is hard as compare to the normal corn. The kernel is full of starch and having only 15% internal moisture. By heating this corn kernel, the moisture expands and looks like a fluffy corn.

It can bear a lot of heating pressure until it gets fully explanations. The heated kernel popcorn can be 20 times bigger than its actual size, whether kernel got delicious after heating (as popcorn.)

Today popcorns are highly loved by kids, and almost every corner of the world popcorns is cooked differentially.

Well, my today’s purpose is only telling you the real fact about popcorns and their digestion by the kids. If your kids are highly fans of popcorns, then you must have to read this article till the end. So let us start;

Why are popcorns hard to digest?

Corn starch is indigestible or hard to digest, especially when corn is not ground up. Popcorns are luckily sweet, and they are not chewed by us; many of them go through our digestive system, and stomachs deny them to digestion in order to lack of absorption.

The hardy digestion of starch is just as the dietary fiber. Generally, popcorns are known as the less digestive food, whether these are included in the list of less consumed food by U.S diet.

Popcorn and kids constipation:

Without any doubt, some popcorn types are highly considered as natural laxatives. For instance, air-popped popcorns are full of fiber that you may use as your snack. Air pooped fiber is such kind of natural treatment for both adult and kids.

Approximately three cups of air-popped popcorns are carrying 3.5 fiber and under 100 calories only. This low-calorie snack will make your kid’s potty soft and make him relief from hard constipation.

Make sure there is a difference between air-popped and movie theater popcorns. Those we buy from movie theaters, road stalls or in malls could be buttery. Therefore these popcorns will not only high-calorie food but could be a serious cause of constipation.

According to studies having popcorns and nuts can decrease the risk of intestinal disorder diverticulosis. In the middle of the age a lot of people face these diseases in order to take very few amounts of popcorns (fibrous food).

Simply you don’t want to make sick your kid, and then it should be considered anyhow. Make sure everything would be beneficial if we consume in the right amount; otherwise, it may make you unhealthy.

Popcorns safe alternatives:

For less than five years old kids, puffed corns is a healthy alternative. These puffed corns snacks often taste like popcorns but softer than popcorns. Try to have safe and healthy puffed corny snacks for your younger kid and make him happy.

popcorns are hard to diget

These corny snacks are easily available in grocery stores (especially in kid’s food section.) surely these corn made snacks will make your mouth watery.

Advantages of popcorns:

Despite this is hard to digest but still, there are some benefits of giving popcorns to your kids. I’m sure that after reading these benefits, lots of parents will never restrict popcorns to their kids. Let’s know for what I’m telling about;

  • If your kid is healthier and heavier than his age, then he should take diet. For this purpose, popcorns are the best choice to give him. Popcorns are naturally low-calorie food so; your kid can take lots of amount of popcorns without any worry.
  • Often snacks are full of glucose so they may rise up blood sugar levels of both kids and adults, but in the case of popcorns, we don’t have to be tensed. According to the studies, popcorns are full of starch, not glucose, and starch keeps blood sugar level maintained; so why worry? Give popcorns to your kids now.
  • Do you know that? Popcorns are such types of whole grain food and each kernel of popcorns contains the germ, bran, and endosperm. After refining a lot of kernels has lost their germs and brans before consuming, it simply types of bread that we eat. After removal, popcorns are fully safe to intake for both of you and your kid.
  • According to USDA, a single kernel of popcorns is full of vitamins and minerals. Even a little cup of popcorn can fulfill 8% of iron for your body. Further popcorns are having; calcium, copper and potassium, vitamin B6, AE and K, niacin, Thiamin, etc.
  • Consuming popcorns may hard to digest for your kids, but these are luckily best for preventions. Eating popcorns will make your kid safe from lots of life, killing diseases such as heart problems, cancer, blindness etc.


Never give a full bowl to your kid for achieving 100/100 eyesight, because an overdose of anything is not good to take. Always give them when they really need and avoid outside popcorns have some kernels and microwave for some minutes.



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