When Can Babies Eat Cheerios?

Surely giving cheerios to a baby is a great experience that he enjoys as a rite of his way. Even I have seen a lot of kids by having cheerios by their hands and enjoying each bite. Giving some cheerios on a plate would be an excellent trick to make your kid own-feeding. “When Can Babies Eat Cheerios?” is an interesting question that you are about to explore.

Well sometimes trick never works, and they could be dangerous at all. This is why we have to be technical someway. By avoiding all our hard times and other difficulties we should teach all the essential habits to our little babies.

By keeping all these things in mind here we are present with the total guide of cheerios in “When Can Babies Eat Cheerios?” so, if you have any doubt in mind or you want to learn something essential regarding this topic then I must say you are going to enjoy this page anyhow.

When babies eat cheerios?

Undoubtedly giving something cheerios to a baby is hardly tricky. You have to care for a lot of things including proper age milestones because cheerios are quite hard to chew. It is why it may difficult to swallow for a baby.

In spite of solid shape, cheerios get fully dissolve in the baby’s mouth even within a few seconds; though professionals recommend cheerios in the baby’s initial foods. Basically, a baby gets ready for eating cheerios when he/she can easily use the pincer grasp.

when can babies eat cheerios

The pincer grasp is a kind of body development that makes your baby able to use his fingers and thumb to pick something. After this development, a baby learns to chew and can sit easily without anyone’s help.

However, we can easily serve cheerios to our babies when he can sit well and can grip anything by pincer grasp.

Preventions of choking:

A lot of mothers have fear of chocking in the early of their baby, and they avoid feed small cheerios too early. I must say prevention is always better than cry. If you really care for your baby then you should follow given preventions to avoid the risk of choking.

  • Your baby feeding table should be well-made and gives proper support to your baby; because an unsupportive table never makes your baby comfortable for solid feeding.
  • While giving something solid to your baby please make him/her encourage for chewing well. No matters if he has not all teeth. Semi-solid food will melt by baby gums only so; teach him how to chew food in order to easy sallow.
  • Never give bigger food pieces to your baby, because the little baby has a little mouth. It will be always good to give him small pieces of food including baby puffs (cheerios.)
  • Un-cooked food and hard food is obviously not easy to chew for even adults. It would be always better to give your baby well-meshed and properly cooked food.
  • Never put whole nuts in your baby’s feeding plate. Nuts are not safe for babies, even toddlers. Corns, chips, grapes, toffees, lollipops, and all similar foods are highly chokers for babies.

What did doctors say?

According to Alisha Grogan, a pediatric occupational therapist (OT) that cheerios is not recommending the first food of your baby. Firstly, you should give semi-liquid food to your baby as the first food and cheerios are do not dissolves quickly in the mouth.

A little baby does not know how to chew actually and cheerios need some chewiness though it is good at a certain age of your baby. Further, she advised that “Long before they have Cheerios, I want to make sure babies can eat foods that dissolve quickly like graham crackers and puffs.”

She also said, “While occasional gagging on solid food is normal, persistent gagging that gets in the way of your baby being able to eat is an indicator that they aren’t ready to eat Cheerios yet.”

At what age cheerios are safe for babies?

Well, I have evenly described that when a baby gets complete command on pincer grasp then cheerios would be safe for him. Evenly I have seen a lot of babies are master in pincer grasping while they cannot chew properly.

As cheerios need proper chewiness so; never give them to your baby if he can easily pick smaller things but can’t chew properly? Normally 7 to 8 months’ age is quite good for a baby to give offer some cheerios.

You shouldn’t give him cheerios all the time but occasionally; while he reaches 9 to 10 months old. After reaching this age cheerios are fine for your baby; try to give him some quality cheerios always.

Over to you:

Mothers know all things always of her baby. Being a mother try to conceptualize that when your baby is ready for having finger foods with his/her hands. Once you realize that he is able to pick small things by hand than giving some cheerios would be Okay.

Make sure beside cheerios you should make a diet plan for your baby. This way your baby will get a lot of nutrition and the metabolism of your baby will also be good. Some pasta, cereal, noodles are also considered for your baby in spite of giving cheerios.

This food is not easy to dissolve though your baby should chew it properly. Otherwise, it may increase the risk of choking.



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