Sharp pain in the throat when swallowing on one side

Sharp pain in the throat when swallowing on one side | causes – treatment – things to confront in 2020

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Swallowing is a natural act that we often do to consume food or liquid, but it can be difficult sometimes. Anyways sore throat is a kind of condition that we may face for many reasons.

You may feel un-tolerable pain in your throat sometimes on one side and sometime in the entire area. For one side throat pain the body position is responsible. Like when you sleep many hours on one side then it is likely possible to have pain on that side of the throat after waking up.

Further cold, common influenza and strep are few fundamental causes of throat pain. They give you difficulty to swallow something as sharp pain. The throat pains by the reasons for acid reflux, allergies, and virus are treatable somehow.

Keep in mind the sharp and prolong throat pain can be the genuine cause of sudden weight loss, constipation, and other health complications. Environmental changes are also contributing to the sore throats. It will remain for some time and will go on its own without any treatment.

If you are interested to learn more about sharp throat pain then continue reading with full attention. Hope in the end we will clear all your quarries regarding “sore throat on one side and earache random sharp pain in the throat.”

Why I am having difficulty in swallowing with a sharp pain?

In common sickness, sore throat is one of the very first symptoms that we often have. This feeling could be irritating because of the cold and swollen glands. For many of us the sore throat is such a painful situation that they do not want to have ever in their lives.

Have you ever examine sore throat without having any cold symptoms? then I must say there are many reasons behind this unwanted situation of yours.

Mainly we have one strong reason (bacterial infection) with two basic elucidations behind this sharp pain in sore throat. They must be;

1. Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)

Basically (GERD) or Gastroesophageal reflux disease is a digestive system’s disorder. In (GERD) the stomach throws up acids and other components of the stomach back to the food pipe or (esophagus.) Heartburn, lump sensation in the throat, and vomiting can be symptoms of (GERD).

2. Maximal contact can increase the risk:

A sore throat can suspect anyone in the world. According to the medical research social contact is also responsible for this painful situation. Teens and children are more likely to have a sore throat due to bacterial infection.

Tobacco smoke is the most common reason for irritating and soring throats. Avoid chemical vexations like burning sites, fossil fuels, other household chemicals with strong odor can increase sore throat.

People with weak immunity are bothering painful situations including this! After all weak immune system can easily be suspected by the infections.

Make sure a sudden seasonal change can make you sick in different ways. Dust allergies, pet dander, and summer to winter season are funding sore throat.

Things to confront in sore throat:

According to my research, we have many things to collaborate in throat sharp pain. Often people go to the doctor and have antibiotics prescribed by a health provider. Anyways with medical treatments, you should carry some health keys also.

Avoid too much work and have enough sleeping hours. This way your body can easily fights with infections.

  • Avoid smoking and do not go to the smoky areas.
  • Use a humidifier in order to keep your throat humid and take plenty of water.
  • Avoid all foods with citric acids and spices; they can make worsen throat.
  • Consume soothe foods such as soft fruits, soft boiled eggs, mill cereals, applesauce, etc.
  • Make gargles two to three times in a day with warm salty water this will help you to reduce pain. 
  • Do not use anything with strong scents such as cleaning bleach, castor oil, and many others. Don’t forget that fumes can make your throat itchy.
  • Some counter pain relief medications are recommended in sharp pain such as acetaminophen.
  • Sucking short term hard candies “lozenge” is also very effective for irritating throat. Do not give it to the children due to the high risk of choking.
  • Take a lot of fruits and veggies with high vitamin C to boost the immune system. This way your body will be stronger against bacteria and viruses.

Why I am having sharp pain in the throat when swallowing on one side?

One side throat pain is apparently contributed by inflamed tonsils, Lymphatic tissue, and Lymph nodes. These health disorders are most likely occurring by catchy bacteria and viruses.

One side pain in the throat is such type of local pain that often becomes inflamed. According to the medical studies variety of barriers can be responsible for this situation. Let’s have a slight look at these!


Tonsils are the most common health disorder of throat. They can rise as a couple or one side. One side pain occurs when tonsils become swelled from a (viral or bacterial) infection. Tonsils pain can happen in the left/right and entire area.

Usually, they cause severe pain on one side. Peritonsillar is a severe condition when tonsils rise with pus-filled.

Swollen lymph nodules:

Lymph nodes in the swallow condition can be the reason for one side sore throat. They mainly occur on one side of the throat due to the severe cold, ear infection and etc.

Vocal cord nodes:

In this condition, calluses develop on the vocal cord after continue to speak with full voice. The energetic and continuous use of voice can make a throat sore on one side.

The bacterial infection:

When a bacterial infection tangles on one side of the throat, then it gives the affected person sharp pain. This pain can be severe, and you can feel in the entire throat, but mainly it is on the one side. The one-sided infection can increase later and affect the entire region.


Toothache and concerning procedures can cause one side throat pain. An achy tooth or gum disease can result as a sore throat. If your mouth is infected by a contagion, then it can spread in the entire throat and gives you sharp pain in one side.


Epiglottis is also one of the common causes for sore throat and gives you swallowing difficulty. This throat issue requires instant medical treatment anyhow. It normally happens when the throat flap becomes infected from a burn or shock, and then they restrict air to the lungs.

In this air restriction, you feel a sharp pain on your one side throat and also can feel other symptoms too, including high fever, disturbed noises in-breath, and vocal change.

Glossopharyngeal neuralgia:

Sometimes one-sided throat can happen due to the nerve pain from “Glossopharyngeal neuralgia.” It normally befalls on the one side on-ear, tonsil, back of the tongue and jaw. This is a rare but possible condition for one side sharp pain in the throat that cannot be ignored anyway.

It can be raised suddenly, and the person feels severe pain. These attacks can be continuing for some weeks. Don’t forget that the swallowing can trigger this pain.

Mouth, throat, or esophageal cancer:
  1. Cancer is always painful for us. In the throat, sharp pain case cancer could be responsible. In throat cancer, a person feels pain when swallowing something. Earache is also possible in throat cancer, and a person may have a lump in the neck that normally gives one-sided pain in the throat.
  2. Similar to the throat, mouth cancer is also painful for swallowing. In this cancer, you may experience severe pain in the jaw and lumps in the mouth.
  3. Esophageal cancer is also untreatable cancer that can lead to sore swallowing and painful reflux. This time pain can befall on one side as well both sides.

How to treat Sharp pain in the throat when swallowing one side?

As I already declared that it could be instigated by many medical conditions, though each cause will require different treatments.

All the painful conditions by reflux can be treated with over the counter medicines to reduce the acid quantity in your stomach. These medicines will change the diet and your other lifestyles.

  • Swollen lymph nodes will go when your body fights against viral or bacterial infections. Often it requires some prescribed medicines by an E.N.T doctor. By having a warm compressor or having an overnight pain reliever can feel you better.
  • Tonsils can easily be soothed through two to thrice time of gargling with warm salty water. You may suck a humidifier tablet or can have a pain killer in tonsils. If the tonsils are bacterial, then antibiotics will work well.
  • Postnasal drip requires some unexceptional treatments depending on the cause. Keep your throat hydrated in postnasal and you can take anti-allergic medicines too.
  • Laryngitis is also a cause of soring throat that usually goes without any treatment. A prolong Laryngitis may need some antibiotics or steroids. Keep your throat hydrated by water or a humidifier. Dryness in the throat can lead the sharp pain.
  • Toothache is a fundamental cause that can affect your throat easily. If you have abscessed teeth, then see your dentist. He/she will further decide that you need a root canal or some other tooth treatment. Make sure a dentist can recommend a surgical tooth removing also that hurts your throat.
  • Similar to the Laryngitis canker, the pain usually goes without being treated. Moreover, mouth rinses can relieve you in canker sore throat, and don’t forget to take oral medications also.
  • Glossopharyngeal neuralgia can be cured by prescribed medicines for a nerve block.
  • For throat, mouth, and esophageal cancer surgeries, cancer medications, chemotherapy, and radiations are recommended by health providers.
  • The pain by epiglottitis can be treated by the opening up of airways. Antibiotics medications are the first option for epiglottitis infections.

When to see a doctor?

Well, always, you should prefer a health provider in life-threatening situations. In this sore throat symptom, this liability is important, though! You can see a doctor when you feel congestion in a breath, swallowing difficulty, lightheadedness, as we as high fever.

In the early stage of a sore throat, you can see a doctor and can reduce the risk of high health violations. Whatever the doctor prescribes follow all the guidelines; otherwise, throat pain can be worsened.


A lot of conditions can subsidize the throat pain on one side and can make you painful while swallow. Each cause can be treated differently. Some will go away without any treatment, while some of the throat diseases need immediate medical help.

Determining a cause can help you to avoid throat pain. See a doctor if your pain becomes unbearable.

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