Where does sperm go after hysterectomy? – the answer may surprise you!

This is one is the most important question for those entire patients who are about to have their hysterectomies. Before giving you the answer why don’t you have some idea about this procedure?

Hysterectomy is basically a surgery in which the doctor removes the uterus. There can be lot of reasons behind this removal such as fibroids, endometriosis, cancer, uterine, etc.

According to a survey, about 500,000 women in America get hysterectomy each year with different causes. Those women who are going to have their hysterectomy soon may have some questions like “where does sperm go after hysterectomy?” and many others related hysterectomy.

The answer to this question quite simple!

In hysterectomy all the remaining parts of the woman’s reproductive tract will be separated from the abdominal cavity; due to the sperm has nowhere to go. This is certainly excluded from the body with vaginal secretions.

Hysterectomy is not much complex that you are thinking. In this modern age, this is going to be simple and reliable for ladies who are having severe issues.

Anyways, if you want to know something more regarding this topic then why don’t you scroll some below? Surely given paragraphs will show you complete information about hysterectomy.

Different between partial and total hysterectomy

Medical studies differentiate hysterectomy into two types.

  1. Partial hysterectomy: In this type, the surgeon removes uterus only and leaves cervix ovaries with complete fallopian tubes. Normally partial hysterectomy performed due to treating uterine cancer, endometriosis, and fibroids. The remaining cervix may give a lot of benefits like it maintain the inner pelvic structure and it improved sexual enjoyment.
  2. Total hysterectomy: In a total hysterectomy, the doctor removes the entire cervix and uterus. It mainly performed for a cancer patient. No problem if a woman has uterine cancer or cervical cancer. For her total hysterectomy is the only option to choose to stop the spread of cancer.

Sex after hysterectomy

If I say that sex can be different after hysterectomy then it will be not wrong. Somehow it is all up to you that how you enjoy your sex experience.

As per some trusted studies often women get their sexual function the same. However, a few women say their sexual function has been improved after this surgery.

Undoubtedly this typical change can be occurring due to the surgical procedure used. Normally doctors recommend waiting until 6 weeks to go to your partner for sex (after hysterectomy).

Some of your common changes after uterus removal can be vaginal dryness with Libido (lower sex drive.)

Both of these changes are more dominant if your ovaries are removed because both situations need hormones produced by ovaries.

The majority of women goes to the therapist for hormonal therapies and gets help for these symptoms. A water-based lubricant in sex may help you to decrease the vaginal dryness that irritates you in sex.

Another change that you may experience in this surgery is the narrowness or shortness of the vagina. Rarely can it make your sex time painful but don’t worry if your partner is cooperative then you will have no problem at all.

Anatomy of female sexual function

Masters and Johnson have already declared that a female sexual response has divided into four different phrases

  1. Excitement
  2. Plateau
  3. Orgasm 
  4. Resolution

A cool sensation to any part of a woman’s body needs complete nerve conduction with adequate blood flow. However several blood vessels, nerves, and ligaments are detached to remove the uterus. 

The uterus is rich in ligaments with a high source of blood supply; meanwhile, after removal of uterus sensation to the labia, clitoris, nipples, and vagina can weekend. The loss of all these sensations may creel sexual function. 

The excitement in sex is activated by sexual stimuli (no problem it is psychological or physical.) the sexual stimuli activate and increases vasocongestion (blood flow) to the genitalia.

Make sure the entire nerve network or blood vessels change by hysterectomy, but it is totally hampered.

In the orgasm phase, contraction of the uterus is possible; it means after the uterus orgasm cannot be complete at all. Moreover, you may conceptualize that orgasm badly affected after hysterectomy.

As per my research no worries if you have ovaries or not? Some women never experience uterine orgasm. Therefore, a hysterectomy will not influence their orgasms. 

Orgasm after hysterectomy

Can I still have an orgasm? Is a common question asked by women who expect hysterectomy? A true answer to this question is Yes, it is possible to be orgasmic even after a hysterectomy.

You know what! The majority of women experience a great boost in orgasm strength. It is quite good for your partner.

Further hysterectomy can be associated with some unexceptional symptoms, including painful sexing and bleeding after sex.

If you have any kind of problem, then hysterectomy will improve your health, and you may enjoy sex without any hesitation after surgery.

Somehow a few women may observe low strength in their orgasm. Still, studies about decreasing and increasing orgasm are not clear, but its effects on the virginal sensation.

Moreover, a woman with uterine contraction will notice reduced orgasm after hysterectomy while women with pronominal orgasm by clitoral stimulation will not have any change.

Where does sperm go after hysterectomy?

In some hysterectomy cases, ovaries completely removed if they affected by cancer. However, the majority of surgeries doctors remove only one ovary or half.

After the removal of both ovaries, you cannot reach menopause, but your egg will be released every month. After releasing the egg will enter the abdominal cavity to degrade.

In rare hysterectomy cases, pregnancy may occur, but it happens in thousands of one ratio. It happens due to the complete connection of the vagina and cervix within the abdominal cavity. The cavity allows the sperm to go to the egg where the egg gets fertilization. 

Ejaculate after hysterectomy

Basically, woman ejaculate is one kind of fluid discharging that occurs during the sexual stimulus. Every woman does not experience this discharging but only a few. According to the studies, only 5o% of women can ejaculate.

Skene glands are the source of this discharging fluid available close to the urethra. The second name of these glands is “Female prostate glands.”

The fluid released by these glands is milky white and thick. Make sure this fluid is not is same as urinary incontinence or vaginal lubricant. Moreover, it contains glucose, enzymes, and a little amount of creatine.

Keep in mind the hysterectomies do not allow the doctor to remove the sex area, so it is absolutely possible to a woman to get ejaculate after surgery (If she is already ejaculation before this procedure.)

In fact, as per on a survey, 9.1% of woman respondents have reported after hysterectomy.

Health effects of hysterectomy

Well, normally, surgeries affect our bodies. After a hysterectomy, your body can be affected by some health concerns, including:

  • Vaginal discharge or bleeding for several weeks is common after hysterectomy.  
  • Temporary constipation after the procedure is following common hysterectomy. Doctors recommend laxatives in order to get out of rid.
  • Menopause symptoms are often normal in after the removal of ovaries. You may simply get help for these symptoms by hormonal therapy.
  • Rarely women complaints about urinary incontinence issue following this procedure.
  • Sadness or a sense of loss after hysterectomy is the most common issues that you may observe. Well, both of these absolutely normal. You may consult your health provider in case of finding anything intensive.
  • The risk of heart disease or osteoporosis can increase after a total hysterectomy. Make sure if you are at the peak of condition, then go for total hysterectomy whether you may choose partial.
  • Keep in mind that you will never be pregnant again once you get a hysterectomy. 

When to see a doctor after hysterectomy?

The majority woman controls all their sadness after hysterectomy whether some get help from their partners. When ideas don’t work, then you should see a doctor. Let me share some severe health issues that need treatment.

  • A lot of depression or sadness
  • Lot of trouble in sex
  • Pointedly lowered Libido
  • High fever
  • Strong smell in vaginal fluid
  • Difficulty in urine
  • Vaginal blood clots or heavy bleeding
  • Vaginal swelling or tenderness
  • Vomit or nausea
  • Severe abdominal pain

May be initial sex after hysterectomy would be a compromise of yours, but later, it will be adjustable for you. Within a few months, you will experience normal sex situations.

The majority of women do not see any change in their sexual life after hysterectomy even they get a great improvement in it.

In some cases, females make complaints about vaginal dryness or lowered Libido whether a few women have a reduced orgasm after hysterectomy.

I must say all these changes are based on their own sexual positions. If you find anything severe after this surgery, you may consult with your doctor. Some common situations are given that needs immediate treatment recovering hysterectomy.

Over to you

Hope now you have got all idea about hysterectomy and related effects in “Where does sperm go after hysterectomy?” article. It seems you are quite satisfied and now agree to get a hysterectomy.

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