15 week old baby regression | know best ways to approach

Handling a four-month baby is not easy for new mums. In this age, the baby enters babbling age and tries to recognize the mother. Often mothers face “15 week old baby regression” which is a real pity situation for all of them.

In the regression, a baby wakes up frequently at night and takes just 2 to 3 short naps. 15 weeks to 8 months of age doctors consider the regression age. This situation could be continued till 2 years of age if you don’t take it seriously, but the initial age for this baby regression is 15 weeks/4 months.

If you search on Google, then you must know a thousand people search regression solution for their little baby. Unfortunately, a very few webpages can make their problems easy, and www.babayhealthcaree.com is one of them.

Well, if you really want to know something helpful for your baby’s regression then read calmly and observes better. Surely, in the end, you will be satisfied!

Best way to approach your 15-month-old baby’s regression:

I must say when it comes to your baby’s routine and sleep, and then prevention is the best cure always.

  • Swaddle your infant properly because proper swaddling will keep warm your baby and prevent from rolling.
  • Try to use white noise for your baby’s sleep. According to a study, white noise is helping babies to sleep long. For this purpose, mobile apps are best always but make sure this white noise should be in the normal sound you cannot prefer the loud sound for this purpose.
  • Keep your baby’s tummy full and then let him/her lay in the crib. Hunger is the main reason for which baby wake up frequently at night.
  • Keep your baby room’s environment fresh and cool. Let enter the fresh air and sunlight in your baby’s room. Keep your baby’s crib beside the window; this way, a baby will easily recognize the difference between day and night.
  • I have observed that often new mums ignore diaper change before bedtime, and later they complain about baby regression. This is totally disappointing! How can we sleep with a wet pajama or pent? Similarly, a baby cannot sleep with a heavy and wet diaper, thus change your baby clothes and diaper before bedtime.
  • If your baby had a health issue/ pain in the day time, then care it before leaving him in the bed. After all, every pain increases at night time.

Is 15-week old baby regression normal?

15 week old baby regression

The quick reply is yes! Regression is normal for babies from the day of birth to three years old toddlers. More explaining 4 months is an age when a baby needs something better from their parent in order to set his sleeping cycle.

In this age, regression is normal at all, and this is an irritating situation I know, but the fact is how to overcome this problem? Well, I have already shared some ways to approach the night time regression for your baby, but still, I have some tips that will help you more!



Tip #1:

Try to sleep with your baby when he sleeps and doesn’t do anything unusual. This way, you may maintain your sleep time and will quickly face the night regression. Hopefully, by following the above steps, you can soon overcome this problematic situation, but till then take it easy and adjust your sleep time with your baby. 

Tip #2:

This tip is most helpful for all the mothers. I must say that doesn’t make your baby sleep longer in the day time and let him awake a few hours before bedtime. As he plays as he becomes tired, and the tiredness will keep him sleep at night time. Make sure I am not saying to play football with your 15-week old baby but leave him free to observe around.

15 week old baby to an 8-month-old sleep schedule:

A sleeping baby at night is just a blessing of God, especially for those parents who are doing daytime jobs. Well, taking care of a baby is not easy; you have to put all of your concentration and the strength you have.

Mainly baby regression period starts from 15 weeks, and it normally lasts for 8 months old. Medically a tiny brain starts developing and trying to compile the sleeping cycle. In the regression, the period tries to be calm and apply some practical ways for your baby sleep. 

Concerning a pediatrician is also a good idea at all but before, notify the mistakes that you are doing because some time parental ignorance can make baby cruel.

Allergies are a common reason that won’t your baby sleep at night well, make your baby clean all the time and say bye-bye to the allergies. Further, avoid allergenic food, clothes, odor from your baby and go one step ahead to overcome the regression.

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