Baby crackers (are good for babies or not)

Baby crackers (are good for babies or not)

Baby Crackers are such tasty snacks that kids mostly want to have in light hunger. These are having less fat than potato chips, but caring other unhealthy substances including sodium.

Brown-Riggs said once “Baby crackers are not whole grained food in spite of being rich in flour. Crackers would be healthy sometime that you decide to eat between meals”

This is not good to make limitation for kids to have only labeled baby crackers, but as a parent, you should prefer the quality.

Types of baby crackers:

When you go to the market then you can see a good range of crackers that are specially made for kids (babies.) Few of them are tending and that is;

  • Whole grain baby crackers
  • cheese-flavored crackers
  • whole-wheat crackers
  • salted crackers

For the majority of parents, whole-grain crackers are good than any other flavored crackers (for their babies.) A slice of Low-fat cheese with the small topping of a whole grain cracker is preferable for the kid all the time. It can make my baby happy and give him a great snack time instead of spoiling food.

Few parents would like to add gluten in their baby’s diet to reduce the risk of celiac issues (later in life.) Myth, still more research is needed for this deep cause but present research concluded that avoiding wheat could be serious even and babies may seem autoimmune disorder.

When can I introduce crackers to my baby?

Conceptualize that is your baby easily use fingers to handle a portion of food? If yes then congratulations! You have a normal baby. Now, it is time to give him something different. Let us give him/her a whole wheat toast (cracker) that tastes good.

Before giving in hand make sure this cracker should be well-cut in long strips and have to fresh. If you are still not sure about your baby’s taste and tensed for the chocking then you may give crackers on purees or can skip well.

Wheat cereal (Farina), wheat cream and other mixture of purees are considerable for babies. Again keep in mind that there is no specific age that is recommended for babies to have crackers. I hope you know better each baby grow differentially and get body development at certain ages.

For me I consider 8 to 9 month old will be fine to give crackers to babies, otherwise, it is all as per on your wish.

Can 9 month old eat crackers?

According to the experts, a 9-month-old age baby can easily use a pincer grasp. However, giving some finger food at this age will be good for your baby. Here we have listed some essential and easy to hold finger food for a 9-month-old baby and that are;

  • Fruits (banana, avocado, melon, peach)
  • Vegetables (corn, broccoli, and carrots)
  • Puffed snacked
  • Baby crackers

Are crackers healthy for my baby?

Similar to all other well-processed foods crackers and Crips are mainly rich in salt. A baby needs less amount of salt like less than 1 gram of salt (0.4 gram sodium) in a day until one-year-old. Moreover, less than 2-gram salt (0.8 gram of sodium) quantity is sufficient for a two to three years old baby.

Make sure little kidneys cannot handle much salt than this amount, though you should be careful. Before getting half a year old (six months) a baby can complete all his/her salt requirements by breast milk or top formula.


Therefore crackers should not be given for 6 months of age baby or less. Let your baby grow some more then you may easily give him solid foods with pinches of salts. Keep in mind that that salt must be mixed in food never pinch on his feeding bowl or plate.

No matter what you serve your baby gravy, puree, cubes, or any other food the salt should be mixed before. If your baby likes herbs than you may happily make different vegies also but these should less salty.

What should I give to my baby instead of baby cracker?

If we justify then think wisely for your baby. It is a baby’s right to have something different in texture. Instead of salty crackers you may give them similar textured food and these are;

  • Un-flavored rice cakes or oatcakes
  • unsalted crackers
  • bread or toast
  • breadsticks

Bottom note:

As babyhealthcaree is all about your baby though we have tried to make you inform about baby crackers and your baby’s health. Today in the markets still some brands are making some healthy baby crackers that you may give your baby as snacks. Parents buy these crackers in teething age.


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