Static electricity for kids – interesting facts and tips

Hey, kiddos! Do you want to learn something factual about another type of electricity? If yes then I am pretty sure that “Static electricity for kids” article is going to explain to you in a simple way.

So! Before starting let me understand an example concerning this topic. Have you ever realize that when we run over a carpet then our socks are trying to stick the carpet. Yes! We all had this same feeling many times.

Basic science:

As you all know that everything is the buildup of atom and atom is made up of three particles (electron, neutron, and proton.) The center (nucleus) of an atom has both neutrons + protons whether all the shells of this center are having revolving electrons.

Basically everything has its own atomic structure so that everything looks different from others. In this universe, we have two types of atomic structure Positive and Negative. When we try to consume a positively charged structure with the negatively charged structure then electricity produces.

On the other side when we try to attract a similar charged structure with each other like (positive with positive and negative with negative) they will try to repel each other.

Static electricity for kids:

Electrons are very easy to grab due to their less charging; though when we rub two things at a certain force then their (opposite charge) electrons got mixes and creates an attractive force known as (Static Electricity.)

For the coming birthday, you can make an experiment on static electricity. For example, have an air-filled balloon and rub it with you hear and stop in a few seconds. Surely you will realize that your balloon is trying to attach with your hairs.

Tips for teachers:

  1. Try to make experiments on static electricity in the classroom.
  2. For further aspect make a detailed but simple model of the atom in the classroom.
  3. Tell students genuine facts about electricity and its types.

Is there any use of static electricity in our normal life?

A quick answer would be Yes!  I must say God nothing creates useless then how static electricity? Fundamentally this is used in photocopy machines and printers where we can see the magic between the paper and the ink. Static electricity works in these machines; Ink attracts the paper and we have a printed or photocopied paper.

Dust removal, paint sprays, and air filters are a few other common uses of static electricity that we have in our normal routines.

Is there any con of static electricity?

Well, there are some! Like computers, boards are very unique and sensitive. Every so often finding a computer chip can harm your machine because there is high static electricity that exists.

Personally, I would like to suggest to kids that for the next experimental task please use charge-free gloves that can never create statics.

Interesting facts about statics:

  • Thousands of volts can be measured in a single spark of electricity but the spark remains for a while. These volts are not much powerful and energetic though in the thousands of numbers they can feel you a little vibrate or shock.
  • Sky lighting is a wonderful example of static electricity and yes this one is the most powerful type of static electricity.
  • Despite the danger still, we have a 70% ratio of those living beings that can survive after having a powerful struck by sky lightening.
  • A lightning bolt is carrying 50,000°F or 27,760°C temperature approximately. Seriously this is an extreme level of heat power.

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