When to stop burping a baby?

When to stop burping a baby | essential knowledge that you should know



After arriving with a newborn baby, there is a lot of challenging things that you must do. Burping is one of the stimulating activities when your baby will all need after a feed. 

Burping is not a pleasant sound that often we all create but for babies, it is highly important to remove air that swallows with feed as a burp. Babies swallow a lot of air with sucking nipples that may cause abdominal pain and sometimes their digestion goes slow.

Newborns burp lot even after having few ounces of feed. Their burping habit reduces after time to time. A good burping sound of a baby is satisfying for parents because this sound signifies that their baby’s tummy is now relaxed.

Up until a certain age period, your baby will need your full support to make burp, as you know newborns cannot do anything without you. Often newborn baby lay down and takes feed in your arms though how can he/she burp by own?

Not only newborn but all babies those who are unable to sit will need your help to make burps. No matter if a baby is not having much mother feed and constantly having top feed formula, still he/she will pass out air.

When to stop burping a baby?

Well, burping is a common task for all mothers who have newborn babies. All babies burp and pass out air that they swallowed by feed. Few parents say burp as feed gas that baby excretes.

Whatever! all this gas passing situation happens for a second or two, then stops. For all new mums, it is quite problematic to know when should stop a baby from burp? However, they take a lot of time their babies on shoulders/hands in order to make them burp.

Well, this is not good at all and can make both mother and baby tired. Let me tell you a few points when you can stop your baby from burping.

  • If you know that your baby feeds enough then taking up him on the shoulders for ten minutes will be fine. Rubbing hands on his/her back will make your baby burp silently; means now you may lay him down again.
  • Keep in mind if your baby does not feed well and just had few sucks of feed then you cannot make him insists on a burp. Let him feed well and then put on shoulders/hands otherwise he will not burp anyway.
  • If you are in a hurry and not have much time to make your baby burp then you put him a sitter and keep his head up. Surely your baby will burp or he may throw up sometime.
  • Look if your baby is in a playful mood and wants to hit his arms and legs then you can quit burping. His physical activity will release extra gas anyhow.
  • Bottle feeding is also one kind of baby feed that often mothers try for babies with different milk formulas. Firstly they hold bottles by their hands and after reaching a certain age baby will be able to hold feeder by hands. Observe if your baby is holding feeder by his hands means now he/she has not much need of yours for making burps.
  • It is not important that you have to make your baby burp until he/she can sit well, but according to some pediatrician when a baby can roll his body accordingly it means he will make burp while rolling.  

How Long to Burp Baby?

If you are taking your baby for the last 10 minutes on the shoulder/hands for burping then it is enough. Look if still, your baby is not losing any air it means he does not much help of yours. Few times air needs a little bodywork to reach the top of the stomach and then out of the mouth.

You may get sincere if your baby is wiggling around and making sad faces when you try to burp. As a parent, if still, your heart is not satisfying, then you may leave him in the crib

Your consideration is now much enough; keep his head up on a lighter pillow for a while and let him pass out air naturally.


Burping baby is most important as feed to babies. The majority of doctors advice to stop burping at the age of 4 to 9 months. In these months baby is able to excrete air easily without having anyone’s help.

When to Worry?

Burping, tooting, throwing are a few normal conditions in babies rather than missile vomiting. When a baby is highly vomiting right after a feed then do not take it lightly. It is time to contact your pediatrician.

Usually, a baby can burp with few amounts of feed but it is not really meant to throw up full of mouth. You may examine if your baby is having 100.4 degrees temperature or over, passing bloody stool, diarrhea and he/she continues crying and not being calm then it is not meant that your baby is not having enough burps.

Dissimilarly, look if your baby is feeling gassy (you can tap his tummy by hand and listen gaseous sound) but he is still feeding and growing well then there is no need to worry!  

On the other hand, it is really not mean that after having good growth and feed you can skip your baby burp under 2 to 3 months old.


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