Turkey babies (a healthy dinner)

Have you ever thought about some thanksgiving treat to your baby? Hey, I am quite serious this time. Being a busy parent still, you have to manage your time and have to serve something special in your baby’s plate. For that, your baby must say thanks to you by the heart. Turkey babies (a healthy dinner) would be an amazing choice for that purpose.

Undoubtedly we are very lucky that can cook and enjoy turkey juice. Turkey meal is my favorite in parties. Nature has made turkey full of goodness that babies could have to in their diet.

By having a little and teeth less mouth how could a baby eat turkey? This question is thinkable. Well before going deeper let us I tell you;

Is the turkey really good for a baby or not? (Turkey babies a healthy dinner)

It’s all about thanksgiving and yes turkey is a thanksgiving food for babies. Despite little stomach babies can easily digest turkey meat, but make sure it should be well cooked. In an interview, Pennsylvania pediatrician Dr. Jarret Patton says that turkey meat is good with meshed consistency. Further, he suggested 6 to 8 months of age of babies to introduce semi-solid foods.

Purees are one of the baby’s favorite foods that they mostly want to eat in hunger. The fact is pureeing are considerable for initial months. You cannot give purees to a toddler he will not much like it. Similarly, we can offer turkey meat only for those babies that can chew nicely.

Qualities of turkey meat:

turkey meat a healthy dinner

Undoubtedly turkey meat is a good source of multiple nutritions. You may consider turkey as an enriched food for both babies and adults, but cooking consistency conditioned.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), “turkey, along with chicken and beef, is an ideal food when you begin introducing solids into your baby’s diet.”

Some pediatricians concluded that turkey meat is highly valuable than other baby foods including cereals, fruits, veggies, and other soft-textured foods. It is only why because this meat is containing a great amount of zinc, iron, and protein in it.

These all nutritions are best for baby health and even they can help babies to repair all disabilities.

When can my baby start eating meat and poultry?

This question is most essential for many of us. Even after reading the above article it is your right to know a particular answer to this question. Well, we are heartily available to explain this let see!

The majority of babies start eating meat within one-year-old. It is all as per on their parents that which meat they prefer and affords for a baby (chicken, beef, turkey or anyone else?) This time again, I would like to memorize that good cooking consistency is required.

You cannot give something hard to a baby that he/she cannot easily chew or swallow; after all little mouths have a little number of teeth. They use their gums for chewing something instead of teeth.

However, we should cook meat in puree style or as semi-solid foods (with different vegies.) personally I prefer ground-beef, meat loafs and meatballs styles for my baby. Undoubtedly babies cannot chew properly and that is why they can swallow hard pieces.

Often mums give steaks and later they face chocking with a lot of tension. Grannies say true! Precautions are always better than cry; though avoid that type of hazard foods (meat steaks). If your baby insists to have a portion of solid food, then cut it in tiny nibbles and then serve him individually. Don’t forget that paying attention must while feeding.

My baby does not like turkey meat what should I do?

Well, this is a common situation that often parents face. Sometimes babies do not like hard textured food like (turkey meat) and they refuse firstly. If your baby does this then doesn’t worry this is a good sign and your baby has a good sense of humor.

Nevertheless, your baby looks creative and he wants to have something different in his taste. By having your baby’s less interest in the meat you don’t have to skip turkey meat; though try different recipes. Surely he/she will like any one of these!

Sneaking pureed meat is a favorite of many babies that cooked with different vegetables in order to get the baby’s taste. In toddler age, hamburgers are a great choice to add the turkey in a kid’s diet. Well, do not disappoint and try again hope as a mother you want something beneficial for your baby.

Lastly, let me tell you my favorite recipe with turkey meat!

Brown Rice Turkey and Peach Stew: (Turkey babies a healthy dinner)


  1. ½ cooked and chopped boneless turkey
  2. ¼ cooked brown rice
  3. One ripe peach, peeled, steamed or baked
  4. 1 tablespoon peach juice or apple juice may be used
  5. 1 tablespoon milk and 2 teaspoon wheat

Cooking method:

  • Have a pot and boil some water in it.
  • Add turkey meat pieces within the boiling water and wait for 20 to 30 minutes approximately.
  • Now add some rice in the cooked meat + peach and let them cook for 10 minutes extra.
  • Let all the ingredients well cooked and later transfer that mixture in a clean blender to make a puree (mixture should be cool.) Further, you may blend with hands also; this way you may easily get your baby’s favorite food texture.




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