Jobs of a stay at home mom- How to cope with the pros and cons?

Cooking, laundry, house-keeping, budget maintenance, tuition is just a few of the responsibilities of a stay-at-home mom. Moreover, this schedule is not for a particular day only as there are no holidays. Jobs of a stay at home is a helping guide for mums.

Not all stay-at-home moms were in their homes before becoming a mother. Some might be teaching, or at a reception, or in a bank, and many more. All those have to change their style of living.

Some of these moms do not bother to have a job along with such a hectic daily routine. However, some have to find a helping hand to financially support their family.

Other than financial support, some have a desire for a career while always available for children. Working will not only let you earn some extra cash but will help you get rid of things like stay-at-home mom depression.

How to make money as a stay at home mom?

 To make money as a stay at home mom, you must assess your skills first and then find a suitable job. You can follow the steps mentioned below to do this efficiently.

Step 1. Know your skills- First and foremost thing is to chalk out your abilities. Whether you are good at any particular home-based job you did before or not. You have good communication skills and like-wise.

Skills like waitress and being a receptionist are not for stay at home moms. You need to find skills that let you work from home. If you do not have some, do not worry you will develop with experience.

Step 2. Look for stay at home jobs- Hundreds of skilled and unskilled jobs are available around you. You can shortlist some of them you like.

Step 3. Select your favorites- Next you can further shorten the list with a stay at home jobs that suit you and your daily routine with more productivity.

 Step 4. Be picky- There are a lot of jobs that will feel convenient. Not all of them are productive. You can use the policy of ‘Apply to lots. Work at several. Pick one.’

Occupations for stay at home mom

Following prescribed jobs are not time-bound yet valuable. You can work any time and you can also decide how much, according to your desire. These jobs do not require any particular degree and a lot of skills.

Writer or blogger

Many would argue that you can earn more in graphic designing than writing or blogging. We have prescribed this job, keeping in mind that all moms do not know graphic designing.

For writing, you do not require out of world knowledge. Many online sites and resources are looking for people who can write on parenting topics. You can use your parental experience to write and earn.

You can contribute to publications, parenthood websites, and other outlets. For writing, you can use any of your pre-parent expertise like financial management, education, and even cooking.

Storytelling skills are very helpful and every parent knows how to tell a story. You can manage your working hours without disturbing your routine.

If you do not want to write for someone else and want total independence. You start writing your blogs. People are blogging on topics like saving money, house management, DIY’s and are earning.

With the proper method, everyone can write on these topics and start their blogging career. You can use YouTube to have guidelines about writing or blogging and all their aspects.  

Health Coach

Almost all stay-at-home moms know how to keep themselves and their baby’s health on track. Along with these basics, if you know some remote fitness tips and tricks, you can become a health coach.

Most newly pregnant women are curious to know what’s next every minute. You can use your experience to relate them to what you went through and how you successfully managed all that critical times.

For such purpose, you can post your videos on social media pages and if you find some success you can even start a proper channel. One great benefit of this job is that you will not only teach others, but you will also learn more yourself.

You do not need a medical degree for this, one thing you need is a manner to deliver your experience.

A virtual assistant

In the modern-day and age, many people are preferring online jobs. A number of them are doing full-time online jobs. All these online workers have virtual assistants who manage their e-mail accounts and some small jobs.

Virtual assistants are not hired by individuals only, many teams also require them to keep in-tact their schedule and work distribution. Some assistants have to do some research and hire further clients depending upon the nature of the task.

Scheduling meetings, answering e-mails and social media, maintaining a to-do list according to the calendar are the jobs that you will mostly do. All these are done from home and any time a day.

Virtual assistant job has no bounding. Those with experience earn more than new ones. Fortunately, the more people working online, the more they require someone to help them.

How to be a successful stay at home mom?

There cannot be a more rewarding job than being a stay at home mom. A greater reward means greater challenges. Sometimes it feels simple while sometimes you might get carried away by the burden.

The burden increases if you opt for a job alongside. Here are some ideas that will help you become a successful stay at home mom

  • Leave your bed early
  • Dress up and get ready for your routine
  • Exercise regularly
  • Establish a timetable
  • Plan weekend tours
  • Meetup with other stay at home moms
  • Make your home a castle that you manage
  • Schedule a break in between the routine

Stay at home mom depression

According to a survey in 2016, about 27% of moms opt to stay at home and give full time to their children. The trend has not changed at all.

All these moms undergo loneliness, isolation, and loss of purpose while being a full-time caregiver. This is what we call to stay a home mom depression. It is so usual that it affects almost a quarter of all non-working parents.

To avoid this uncanny situation, you should know why this depression affects you in the first place.

The answer is that before you became a mom. You might have been a student, a bank employee, a trainer, a teacher, a receptionist, and someone else. You had a designation. That work you did was recognized in the outside world.

The moment you got the good news. You took a maternity leave and then decided to be a full-time mom. From a person that interacted with different people and circumstances. That faced new joys and sorrows every day.

You suddenly constrain yourself to your house and one little human. Your daily routine is almost the same. You cannot take a leave whatever the compulsion must be. The conclusion is that being a stay at home mom is exhausting.

To avoid this depression, you should always borrow some time for yourself. You can even appoint a caregiver for your children and get yourself some ‘only me’ time. If depression is severe, that leaves you confused all the time, you can even have therapy.

The outline is, you should take care of yourself firstly, all of those connected to you is due to you. Being depressed is not uncommon, but can be avoided. If you are good, your motherly love will not let anyone down.

Stay at home mom resentment towards the husband

This resembles a lot to being depressed and doing nothing properly. Improper management like late breakfast, untidy house, dirty laundry, and likewise. All of these can infuriate your husband.

Not only husband, anyone around will feel that uncanniness. As causes of this situation are thoroughly discussed above. To avoid your husband’s resentment the tips are the same also.

One addition to this is that your husband must recognize the situation too. One aspect of the stay at home mom puzzle is the husband. It is very often overlooked and no one pays attention.

It does not mean that husband should clean the house or anything like that. It means that the husband should appreciate their other half. They can arrange a date or take the wife on an unplanned outing to relieve the pressure.

 On weekends or free days, the husband can even help their wife and to realize the burden and stress. Prescription is to let your husband know his responsibilities as a parent too.


Being a stay at home mom is not easy at all. A job alongside is beneficial but only if you can manage it, otherwise the stress will only increase. If you can manage, find a suitable and flexible occupation.

Taking care of yourself is priority. A house is like a tree and parents play the role of a trunk. If the trunk is strong, the branches and leaves will be evergreen, no matter the circumstances.

Collaboration is key, it is better to find that before leaving on this hitch-hiking journey of being a stay at home mom.

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