How to get a 10 month old to sleep? | Helpful Guide

Do you know that a baby’s sleep cycle frequently changes from time to time? At the age of 10 months, your baby is about to become a toddler, and her sleeping, eating, playing and other habits will be changed. If you worrying that how to get a 10-month-old to sleep? Then this article will guide you well.

Sleeping hours of 10 – 12 months baby?

Before knowing proper knowledge it is good to know that what does sleep need?

As per health care professionals within 8 to 12 months a baby should sleep about 12 to 16 hours per day. We can break these hours into 9 to 12 hours of night sleep and 2 to 4 hours at a day time approximately.

You may cut these hours for late morning and late noon of a nap. Keep in mind that these are ideal and optional sleeping hours for 10 months baby but every child has is made and grows differently so, it is not essential that your baby should sleep within these times.

How to get a 10-month-old to sleep?

According to the Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommendations, bed-sharing without room sharing for 6 to 12 months is quite risky that increases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome.) Room sharing will need a baby’s portable crib, play yard, bassinet, changing table, and other essential useful baby items in your bedroom. 

Instead of a nursery room by putting these objects you’ll be easeful for monitoring, comforting, feeding, and changing for both day and night time. Room sharing is quiet safe than bed-sharing because bedsharing increases SIDS risk and many other sleeping death causes. 

Below we have quoted some safe sleep recommendations which will help you to sleep your 10 to 12 months old baby. 

  1. Make routine first! After every 6 hours trying to make your baby sleep. At night sleep your baby with a proper diaper change, dressing up, and a lack of appetite. As you cannot insist on a hungry or dirty baby to sleep well throughout the night. For night sleep I would say let her play well with toys and makes her tired so, she will need more sleeping time. 
  2. Keep your baby on her back while sleep and avoid the stomach side. The rate of SIDS has become down while AAP introduced this endorsement in the year 1992. If a baby continually rolling over from front to back or back to front then it is fine because she knows her comfort level. 
  3. A firm sleeping surface is another essential recommendation that might help you. Covering matters with a snugly fitted sheet will keep your baby sleep throughout the night, the sheet you use should meet current safety measures.
  4. Avoid putting extra things in the bassinet or crib when you put your sleeping baby in too. These extra items can be pillows, blankets, comforters, sheepskins, bumper pads, unfitted sheets, quilts, and plush toys. 
  5. The temperature of your baby’s sleeping area should be normal, not too hot or not too cold. In order to keep your baby’s temperature normal it is good to dress up well; like use warm clothes in winters and light in summers. 
  6. Avoid smoking while sleeping with your baby, because the smoke may cause suffocation and other breathing issues. 
  7. Pacifier is a really effective and easy alternate that might help a baby to sleep faster as compare to any other technique. Even I have realized this thing after giving a pacifier to my baby. For this purpose, I would say give it to your baby at the age of 4 months because a 10-months baby won’t take any object in the mouth while sleeping especially.

What to do if my baby awakes frequently at night?

Keeping all these precautions your baby will regret anyway. Similar to the adult night awake is quite similar in babies and there can be many reasons including regression. Never respond instantly if your baby cries and let her sleep by own without giving her any response. 

In starting it might be awful for some mothers but you have to be bold surely within a few minutes everything will be okay. If your little one cry at night and want to have you then make her known that you are there but quietly buy saying ssshhh…. And realize that she has to sleep back it is not time to awake. 

Urination may lead to this frequent night awaking; for this taping back/chest quietly will help your baby to sleep again. This is actually the best technique for making babies sleep again at night and 10 – 12 months is the actual perfect age to teach your baby to sleep again. 

Keep in mind that, avoid feeding, cuddling, talking, and playing when your baby wakes up at night; it will cheer your baby up to wake properly. 

How to make my baby’s bedtime easier and long?

If you have already a bedtime routine for your little one then it’s good otherwise please make it. For instance, if you sleep at 12 AM then make your baby sleep around 11:30 every day, swinging sleep time may disturb your baby’s routine. 

Before bedtime let your baby plays around 3 to 4 hours before and introduces other calming activities in order to make her calm. A warm bath, telling tales, or singing rhymes are also helpful for many years. 

If you won’t bathe then 15 minutes of body massage will also work for you. As 10 months is teething age so, gum pain may irritate your champ and she may wake up frequently so, it would be good to consult a health provider at this age. 

Golden Tips for 10 month old to sleep

If a caregiver thinking that her/his behavior may encourage poor night sleep in their baby then keep these points ahead;

  1. Make a regular bedtime routine both for you and your partner and avoid all late-night waking relations.
  2. Keep your baby’s room environment fresh and dim whether to make her realize that it is not time to awake.
  3. Avoid feeding your baby after night and start night weaning; this will help your baby to sleep well.  

Final thoughts

Indeed sleep regression is not ignorable! no problem if your baby is 10-12 or more, but I must say 10 months is the perfect age to make your baby’s bedtime routine. Well, this is a temporary period which needs your intention and a good sense of humor you hope you’ll be successful after following the above methodologies.

Good Luck!

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