How many days after my period can I get pregnant | Factual information 2020

As a woman, pregnancy is not only part of her life but also the choice that she does. As a woman, it is likely possible to be pregnant if you do sex without using contraception. No problem a fewer or more? For pregnancy, your womb will need only a cell of your partner’s sperm.

For conceiving the entire menstrual cycle is responsible no worries if you sex after or before period. Luckily there are few safe days in which you don’t need any protection. As well few days of the months are highly conceivable.

In this article, you are going to know a lot of interesting facts about conceiving and ovulation. However, fasten your mind belts and let a dive in depth.

What is the menstrual cycle?

The menstrual cycle is basically related to the female gender only. It starts on the first day of monthly periods and ends to the next the first day of monthly periods. Within this cycle woman’s body experience a lot of physical changes internally.

The highest chances of fertility start in the ovulation (when your ovaries release an egg). The accurate time ovulation period happens about 12 to 14 days before your next period; means mid of the menstrual cycle.

Within these days, women have a lot of chances to get pregnant!  Not only in ovulation days, but you can be pregnant just after your period. All these fertility chances depend on the sperm and its availability in the womb.

Sometime male sperm can survive up to 7 days in the womb, and then your ovaries release the egg that meets sperm. It is likely happening, and you get pregnant.

The ovulation period mostly contains 28 days of the month, but fewer ladies have short while some may have a long menstrual cycle. It simply means that a woman can conceive soon after her period finishes if she ovulates early.

This commonly happens in the short menstrual cycle. Make sure to use contraception always during sex if you don’t want to conceive a baby.

Right timing and changing cycle:

Well, for this question, I must say the right timing is always required for the right things. You cannot expect the right things with wrong timing (especially when it comes to the pregnancy.)

Every month 6 days are particularly fixed for ovulation where your pregnancy is much possible than other days. A released egg can be fertilized within 24 hours approximately. It is not simple as you think but ovulation can be tricky sometimes.


Often teenagers do not use contraception during sex and later, they face a lot of cruel situations.

In monthly periods the woman’s body sheds uterine lining when pregnancy did not take place in the last cycle. The hormones should sustain the pregnancy. Just like progesterone level is quite low at this time because the female body is already pushing up for the next fertile days.

Usually, women admit that their menstrual cycle is working as an ideal mechanism, but suddenly, they get a significant change. This rare change may come their period early or late. Even often, your period can remain up to 15 days, or you may skip one month for the period also.

We have a lot of fundamental reasons for this type of typical situation, including the hormonal fluctuation. Less sleeping hours and a lot of stress are also a few basic reasons for this change. Some medical conditions are also responsible for menstrual cycle change, just as PCOS.

Don’t forget that sperms are swimmers, but sometimes their swimming cannot work. After sex, the male sperm can survive up to 5 days total, and when it meets with the fertilized eggs.

Make sure whenever you meet with your partner after ovulation, pregnancy is possible anyway.

When the monthly period ends?

Often ladies do sex after their monthly period without using any contraception. They think that they are quite safe now, but unfortunately, they face different results as positive pregnancy results. After 2 to 3 days of period ends, a pregnancy can occur easily.

Rarely sperm survive more days in you, and when you release an egg, they fertilize immediately. This is a life-challenging situation for male sperm, but after all no one can change God’s wish. When He wants to create someone, he does.

It is also true that a woman ovulates early in the short menstrual cycle. A normal menstrual cycle is consisting of 28 days and 4 weeks, while the short cycle depends on 21 days 3 weeks. No, worries if you have a period after two to three weeks, the possibility of pregnancy is still present due to the ovulation.

Can I get pregnant right before or after my period?

According to medical terms, you are safe in some particular days of the menstrual cycle, but these safe days are only concerned with those ladies who have an active menstrual cycle.

You are not going to have safe days, if your monthly cycle is disturbed or short. According to modern research, male sperm can survive more! However, it will be better for you to go to your partner with contraception if you don’t want to conceive.

Keenly male sperm can fertile with a female egg within one day right after ovulation. If you are quite sure about your ovulation, then you will not be pregnant before the next period.

It is though possible for a woman to conceive immediately after her period because sperm cells can fertilize female eggs for 3 to 5 days after sex.

A woman with a short menstrual cycle does sex after her period then she will ovulate early. It means she has more chances to conceive rather than normal women. Her eggs will come out early, and her partner’s sperm cell can fertilize these eggs.

How long should I wait to confirm pregnancy?

Make sure the woman’s body consistently changes though it is quite possible to ever be sure about the safe side (in avoiding pregnancy.) personally, I would like to suggest you meet with your partner with a trusted contraception.

I already declared that the menstrual cycle starts on the first day of the monthly period and ends until the next first day of your next period. If a woman is having 28 days of the menstrual cycle, then she may experience the safest days of the months.

Moreover, it is not reliable for everyone after one week, or so far, you ovulate, but the sperm can survive more than 5 days. Shortly if you will make contraception free sex, then the possibility of pregnancy will be determined.

On the other hand, if a woman has an irregular menstrual cycle, then she has to be alert anyhow! She may have more chances of pregnancy than others.

Extra knowledge about ovulation:

The ovulation cycle can be changed in some ways, and the disturbing sleep schedule is responsible for this change. The fertilization window opens in the middle of the menstrual cycle and lasts a few days before and after ovulation.

These days are the most unsafe days for a woman to conceive. This is modern age, and you can track your ovulation days easily by a tracker tool. This tool is specially designed for those people who want to conceive anyhow.

It is not important to have regular ovulation days on the same days or weeks of the previous months. For your ease, let me share some fundamental factors responsible for disturbing ovulation and monthly periods.

  • Smoking
  • Too much dispersion
  • Long sickness
  • Weakness
  • Fatness
  • Quick changes in the sleeping schedules

How do I get pregnant fast?

Well, it all depends on the maximizing of your fertility. Once you have fast fertility, then you will have an extra chance of conception. For this purpose, medically 2 to 3 days are recommended for sexual intercourse before and after pregnancy.

The majority doctors suggest sex interaction every second day to increase 20 to 30 percent chances of conceiving.

Tips for getting pregnant:

  1. Have regular sex with your partner in a regular or irregular menstrual cycle. It is clear that those who meet three times a week have more chances of pregnancy.
  2. Avoid smoking because tobacco is harmful, and it reduces fertility. It also keeps bad impacts on you and your growing fetus.
  3. Avoid drinking and have fresh juice. Same as tobacco, alcohol is also harmful and reduces the chance of fertility in both genders.
  4. Keep your weight maintains and increase the chance of getting pregnant. According to a medical survey, underweight and overweight women do not get pregnant as compared to the normal weight. Their weight is highly contributing to their irregular cycles.
  5. Consulting a doctor is also a good decision for you to get pregnant. After all, a health provider can examine you in a well way and suggest you improve the possibility of conception.

When to see a doctor?

A woman who desires a baby should see a doctor, especially to track her fertile window. She can simply continue her preconception planning with the help of a doctor. The doctor will identify all the barriers of conception and will advise some parental supplements.

His/her prescribed supplements can be folic acid and other health encouraging that will surely help you get success in your desire. Often couples who engage in frequent sex intercourse get their 1st baby within the first year of their partnership.

An aged woman should consult a doctor if she is not conceiving after one year of having sex. 35 and above age, a woman should concern a doctor anyhow; if she is trying for many months.

If someone has irregular cycles and not having appearing ovulation signs should see a doctor anyhow. She may have some serious medical causes beyond all this, which are not letting her conceive.

If you don’t want to see a doctor, then fertility monitor and ovulation predictor kits available online. You may track your conception with the help of these tools.


If a woman got sex during and after a monthly period without any protection, then she can be pregnant. Let missed her period, and then she can test her urine pregnancy test at home with the help of a pregnancy strip.

A woman can conceive at any day of the cycle. In ovulation days, pregnancy chances increase. Often the male sperm become stubborn and survive up to 5 days in the ovaries. This can be good news for some people and bad news for many.

I must suggest you to use contraception for avoiding conception after all fun should be tension free.

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