Is it safe to whiten teeth while breastfeeding? – Yes or No


The quick answer for “is it safe to whiten teeth while breastfeeding?” question is absolutely yes. A mother may safely get her whitened teeth even at nursing. No problem if she has this process at home or at the dentist’s.

Normally dentists use ultraviolet rays for this purpose, which is likely safe for breastfeeding baby and milk production. At-home teeth, whitening strips are a good alternative of dentists that makes the mother’s teeth brighter without harming her breast milk.

Although these whitening strips are made from chemicals, you swallow a small amount of it. The swallowing chemicals would be considered as zero, so it will not absorb in blood or breastmilk.

Nevertheless, teeth whitening are simple procedures, but still, it is against the law of dentists. According to the law, a dentist is not allowed to white a pregnant or nursing mother. Somehow people believe that teeth whitening are not safe for a fetus or a breastfeeding baby.

Whatever this is still in doubt, and some researchers are still trying to find out the affection between breastfeeding and teeth whitening.

Can you consider anyone else rather than a dentist for whitening teeth?

Well, this is the most important question when it comes to your teeth and nursing or pregnancy. Sometimes our consideration can be easy but harmful for so, never ever select a beautician or any other salon for teeth-whitening treatments.

Always prefer a dentist and avoid any other shop or service for this desire. Legally the dentist has the complete right for teeth treatment. No one else is allowed to continue these procedures regardless of a pregnant or nursing woman. 

Keenly tooth whitening kits are vented in some pharmacies (medical stores) but unfortunately, some chemicals of these kits may harm pregnant woman’s enamel. In the same way, you may have other options for tooth whiting kits at the online market.

Instead of these kits, whitening toothpaste is a good alternative when you really need some whitening. This type of toothpaste will luckily grab all the dirt and yellowish debris from your teeth. Also, it will resist all the stain on a tooth; it means brighter teeth for a long time. 

Is it safe to whiten teeth while breastfeeding?

Getting whitened teeth in the nursing or pregnancy period is supposed to be safe. No worries if you choose a dentist or home products. Certainly teeth whitening products are made with some strong chemicals like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide.

Obviously, as you do not swallow toothpaste while using toothbrushes the same as, you will don’t swallow these chemicals in enough quantity. However, some bigger sips may harm your fetus or breast milk that your body is already producing.

According to my research teeth, whitening chemicals absorb in the bloodstreams in the tiniest quantity, which is absolutely ignorable. This absorbance may occur due to gums, but normally the body automatically metabolizes them without reaching the breast milk or fetus.

Although you may simply be concluded that teeth whitening process is absolutely presumed safe (in the dentist office or home.), you will have zero effect on nursing bodies until you swallow in lot amount.

Generally, it is expected that women should only be used the normal amount of such products during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Frequent uses of these chemicals may harm your child’s health whether he/she is on breastfeed or in the womb.

In order to avoid any negative effects, you may go to this process once in nursing. Moreover, I would like to suggest you wait for more until your nursing period end. Nursing is a short period so, a little wait will keep both of you absolutely safe otherwise go to a dentist and discuss further.

Teeth whiteners and their functions

Basically, teeth whitening products are all bleaching agents. Now you may easily conceptualize their functions. They contain bleaching chemicals and based on peroxide.

All whiteners are highly sustainable and react with teeth dirt, then chemicals breakdown into staining compounds to clean teeth. You may simply use teeth whiteners at home without anyone’s help, but the dentist will better know the usage of teeth products.

If you want to overcome the dirty teeth, then let the dentist do its work.

Breast milk and chemicals (whiten teeth while breastfeeding)

Breast milk is the basic feeding option for a baby that leaves the womb. It is highly recommended for mothers to feed their babies until a certain age. For newborns and infants, breast milk works as a protective substance that secures the baby from all kinds of infections. It is only why breast milk is rich in antibiotics.

Naturally, breast milk gets change as per the need of a baby’s body (growth). No other feed can fulfill all the requirements of a little one. It not only justifies with the baby’s appetite but also works great in different ways.

Breast milk is consisting of different food groups and essential nutrients, including protein, water, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and many more. All these nutrients are necessary for a body in the starting months of age.

Additionally, breast milk has millions of cells (considered as live cells) such as stem cells, white blood cells etc. All these cells are performing a vital role in building a strong community.

The breast milk protein is best for the baby’s development. All amino acids of mother feed are fundamental and boosting the fats of bones and muscles.

The amino acids are made up of nucleotides that work excellently at night to induce tight sleep. Several types of complex sugars are in breast milk that reacts as prebiotic substances, and these are a favorite food of friendly bacteria that helps to digest.

Enzymes are also found in breast milk that boosts chemical reactions. Hormones are a fundamental part of breast milk that helps little organs and tissues to work with great coordination.

Mammary glands are a particular place where breastfeed produces. These glands are highly rich in nutrients and chemicals that the baby’s body requires from the baby’s body.

A nursing mother should be careful about her diet in terms of chemical contraction. She may contact chemical compounds though her feed can influence badly. The memory glands have hundreds of bloodstreams, so a chemical in the blood may easily mix with breast milk.

We have certain types of compounds that may pass onto the little babies through breast milk. It is only why the experts always say to avoid pathogenic drugs, alcohol nicotine caffeine, and other banned medications.

If you ignore these prescriptions then your baby’s digestive system may see a lot of complications and other health disorders.

The alternative of bleaching whiteners (whiten teeth while breastfeeding)

Not only bleaching whiteners, but you may have whitish and clean teeth with some other ways also. Oral brushing and flossing is an admirable method to hygiene your mouth. In the United Kingdom, pregnant women are free for dental checkups; however, it is a good time for UK citizens.

As per on dentist, tooth whitening toothpaste are the safest and easiest alternatives of bleaching whiteners. Some whitening pastes are safe for both nursing and pregnant women that you may easily rely on.

Before choosing new toothpaste, make sure it contains fluoride because this is a safe component for cleaning teeth. Some toothpaste made up of abrasive agents that work as stain removal. Unfortunately, these abrasive agents are harmful to teeth (if you use them for a long time), quite careful for next time.

Keenly you may go for the natural stain removal methodology like oil pulling. This method is clinically safe for a pregnant woman, but we have no evidence medically that says it removes stains and whiten teeth

Never eat those food items that stain teeth and harm gums, especially when you are at breastfeeding. Coffee, red wine, beetroots, curry, common culprits, and taking tea in excessive amounts are absolutely not good for teeth in such sensitive health situations.

Dental medicines and breastfeeding 

Women should avoid taking medications from the pregnancy period to the end of nursing. If you are in severe pain or other sensitive condition, you are allowed to take dental medicines with some care. 

Wait for 4 hours approximately after taking drugs and then feed your baby. It will minimize the risk of the appearance of drugs in mother feed.

For more detail, you may discuss this problem with a professional dentist. He/she may suggest you some better and safest prescriptions that will never effect on breastfeeding. 

Benefits – risks and cost of teeth whitening procedure

Teeth whitening procedure is cheaper than any other ordinary restorative procedure done by a doctor. It can improve the presence of faded teeth. For continuing this procedure, it will be suitable for you to know the cost of teeth whitening procedure.

Keep in mind that the cost will remain the same for pregnant and nursing women, although you may have this service free in UK countries.

The treatment for whitening teeth can be expensive ($250 to $500) at the dentist office, whether home bleaching will likely urge on $150 to $300 for both jaws. $30 to $50 per tooth is ideal for power bleaching. 

According to research, some common side effects of teeth whitening procedures can be a fundamental cause of teeth sensitivity (occur by bleaching powder) and gum initiation.

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