Speak vs talk – difference between baby speak and talk

Speak, and talk is synonymies for us, but for babies, there is quite a difference between both of them. At the babbling age, the baby starts to communicate by making different sounds. These sounds would be the most adorable for the parents.

Look, if you are a new parent, then please don’t confuse in baby talk vs speak! This page will declare all real facts about the baby talk, and believe me! You are going to be amazed by having some tips.

Is baby talk a language? (speak vs talk)

After all, mothers are mothers! No matter which religion, country, state, language, or family they belong? Throughout the world mother response to her baby by making different sounds. Beyond this voice changing act, they want to help their baby to learn and grow well.

Absolutely baby talk is not a language but a way of love that mainly parents use to communicate their babies.

Actually, the mother vs infant talk is known as “baby talk” or “motherese” universally. Motherese is not the same for all; like few mothers talk to their babies by making musical note sounds, light whispering, smiling cheering, wobbling sounds, and many more.

The majority of babies talk without having any one’s attention. If your little baby talks randomly without having you in front of his/her face, then don’t worry; your baby is okay, but need your attention.

At what age should a baby talk? or When do babies start talking?

Both questions are similar; that is why we have tried to clear both of them in stork!

Basically, six months is considered as a baby babbling age, when babies start making random sounds. At this age, you can notify your baby’s (cheering/sad) mood. According to the doctors, a baby says clear word between the 10 months to 15 months old age.

Further, after being one year old, often baby gets full confidence, and they try to speak shorter words like mama, dada. Between 18 months to 20 months, the baby starts picking 5 to 10 words on a daily basis and making shorter sentences.

When do babies start talking clearly?

Being parents, it is an adorable feeling that we have for our baby’s talk. Keep in mind a baby grows step by step; according to the science “human mental development occurs until the age of 3”. At first, you can see the developmental change day by day. After two months this space stretches and you realize the growth changes week by week, later month by month and go on!

In the initial developmental period, the baby makes sounds (babble) and starts taking shorter words at the toddler age. You can expect 2 to 3 years old for your baby when he/she will able to talk clearly, and you will understand his conservation easily.

How to talk to your newborn baby? (newborn talk)

speak vs talk

Newborns are not to tend with talk. This age is entirely innocent in which a baby is not able to communicate with his/her parent. Often newborns cannot open their eyes after a few days, then how can they respond to you?

It would be better for you to take extra care of your newborn instead of talking to him. Your younger one needs your attention, though your talk can irritate him because he has just entered now. If still, you want to talk to a newborn, then make lighter sounds, shorter sentences, and try to love him.

Basic tips:
  • If you are energetic, then talk to your baby because a talkative parent is tending with the talkative baby.
  • Spend some quality time with your infant and talk slightly. Surely your will infant will recognize you.
  • Never interrupt your baby when he/she start talking to you because let him know that you really care for him.
  • Eye contact is a must for baby talk. You can get better communication if you are master in eye contact.
  • At starting, do not talk too many languages with a baby. Your specification is a must for baby talk. Otherwise, the little one will not pick a clear sense of a language.

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