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Pregnancy is the most essential and caretaking part of a woman’s life. A mother has to be very careful of what she eats, where she goes, what environment she lives in, and so on. A pregnant woman would do anything to keep her child safe, and she’ll be ready to do or give up on anything as well. Let’s acknowledge that human skin absorbs 60 percent of ingredients applied on its surface. Since helping others is the most beautiful thing, we have brought a safe makeup brands during pregnancy guide.

A husband will not let her pregnant wife eat any junk food because he wants her and his unborn baby to be safe and sound at any cost. As men love building muscle, women like to wear makeup. And giving up on makeup even though in pregnancy gets difficult for females.

There are many different makeup brands made up of such chemicals that might be harmful during pregnancy. You have to be careful while finding a non-toxic makeup brand. However, to make it easy for you, let’s look at some of these ingredients which should be avoided:

  • Retinol: It’s a vitamin A-based ingredient that has been known to cause congenital disabilities. So we strongly suggest avoiding it during pregnancy.
  • Soy: Some pregnant women experience melasma ( a pigmentation disorder). Soy, due to its estrogenic effects, can contribute to hyperpigmentation; hence do avoid it.
  • Synthetic scents: Particular smells can trigger pregnancy-related problems. Though synthetic scents often contain phthalates, which ultimately cause reproductive malfunction. On the other hand, essential oils may also create birth problems.

These are concentrated and dangerous for our health. Most of them are non-testes by FDA. 

  • Sunscreen: It’s one of the most products used daily. These sunscreens chemically synthetic may contain filters like oxybenzone that can be sucked into the bloodstream. So, it’s better to avoid these and start using organic and mineral-based sunscreen.

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Makeup brands safe during pregnancy

Keeping in mind what chemicals or ingredients can be harmful during pregnancy? We have brought a brief list of those brands that are focused on non-toxic material in their makeups:  

·         Cocokind it’s

Cocokind brand is mainly known for its safety products. Organic oils & beeswax are primary and safe ingredients in their products. Plant-based powders also attract buyers’ attention to this brand.

Cocokind’s products, like brow balms, highlighters, and tinted sticks, are mostly based on safe ingredients. These ingredients include mushroom extract and maca root. For further lookout, here is their website’s link: “Cocokind – Online Store.”

·         Amareta

It’s mainly based on certified sunflower seed oil. Shea butter is another significantly safe ingredient that contributes to placing the Amareta on number two. This brand has also been using plant-based powders, hence applicable to many types of skin.

Amareta’s “MadeSafe” tagged products would never contain toxins like parabens and retinoids. An interesting thing to notice here is that Amareta’s products are made to be compatible with different skin reactions.

So, don’t worry about any skin irritations. If you’re developing interest, we suggest paying a visit on their online website here: “Amareta’s”

·         Burt’s bees

Burt’s bees or we can call it the most widely known makeup brand offering safe pregnancy products. Natural oils like Jojoba and sunflower are their products’ basis.

Green tea also makes Burt’s bees distinctive among these products. Its packaging is recyclable, and that helps our experts to keep it in the top 3rd position. Burt’s bees offers products like concealers and eyeshadow.

Not to forget that these products are natural and formed of organic ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil and green tea extract. If people asking: “is Burt’s bees makeup safe for pregnancy” haven’t got their answer, then pay a visit.

Here’s the link to the brand’s online store: “Burt’s Bees.”

·         Ecco Bella

Ecco Bella is one of the finest brands that offer pregnancy-friendly cosmetics. Its products are mostly made up of organic oils, vitamin E, green tea, and mica extracts. Ecco Bella has mainly focused on putting science and beauty together while making their products.

Naturally occurring skincare ingredients and plant-based formulas are the key features in the products. These products would never cause any harm to your skin. Instead, they give you protection!

We recommend having a look on its website here: “Ecco Bella.”

·         100% Pure

An interesting thing about the “100% Pure” brand is that it uses fruit-based pigment to provide quite natural colors. Avocado, cocoa butter oils, and plant-based pigments are the other features contributing to the “100% Pure” widely known name.

You’ll find thousands of positive and satisfied reviews about this brand. Products like foundations, lipstick, and eyeshadow are made of non-toxic materials. If you’d want to pay a visit on their website, here is the link: “100% Pure Online Store.”

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Pregnancy safe foundation brands

As we know, makeup is an essential role-playing part of women’s life. However, these products are often formed of ingredients that can be harmful during pregnancy. In the same way, the foundation is the most crucial fragment of makeup. 

After quite a detailed research and gathering reviews, along with scientific information; here is the list of safe foundation brands:

·         BaeBlu’s Aloe-based foundation 

BaeBlu is known for its harmful ingredients free foundations. Parabens and harsh chemicals would never be used in BaeBlu’s products. Its products are chiefly made up of natural and organic components.

Aloe, shea butter, and chamomile are beneficial constituents in BaeBlu’s products that help in the anti-aging process. This brand also offers other safe makeup brands during pregnancy.

·         Honest beauty – Foundation

This brand provides 16 different shades giving ample options to choose from. Jessica Alba, the owner, has put efforts not to manufacture their products with toxic materials. These harmful components include Artificial fragrances, talc, phthalates, silicone, paraffin, and petrolatum.

Dermatologists have test honest beauty’s foundations, hence cruelty-free. The jojoba oils and fatty acids in these foundations help keep skin soft and give balanced oil production.

·         Powder Foundation by Burt’s Bees

The powder-based foundation is especially for those who have significantly oily skin. Burt’s Bees powder foundation comes with six different shades.

Fine lines are blurred by mica and bamboo available in the product. Your skin is kept safe and soft while applying. The mattifying effect helps to reduce oiliness from the skin.

·         BareMinerals’ Liquid Foundation

The most eye-catching feature about “bareMinerals foundation” is that it offers shades of 35 different types!

This foundation has also won the award of “best full coverage foundation” 2018.

The foundation’s other feature, Mineral Lock, contributes to lasting it for up to 24 hours per application. Artificial fragrances, parabens, tree nuts, and gluten are excluded during the foundation’s formation. Want to buy it? Click here

·         Catrice store – HD liquid Foundation 

The Catrice HD foundation is vegan; alcohol and parabens free. This brand offers a shade finder to find a perfectly matching choice. This product claims to be long-lasting for up to 24 hours.

They give you the option to choose from 23 shades. Certified by PETA, it gives cruelty-free experience when applied. Catrice’s HD foundation is one of the best safe foundation brands during pregnancy.  

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Pregnancy-safe skin care

Everything is about to change when you find out that you’re going to be a mother!

Since pregnancy requires much medical care routine and a balanced diet, it can cause changes to your skin, that’s said!

Along with choosing safe makeup brands during pregnancy, you’ll have to follow strict skincare routine.

Different biochemical changes occur in the body of mom-to-be. Certain hormones are released to support healthy baby development. However, these bio-chemicals can have a bad impact on your skin. Let’s have some these changes that occur during pregnancy:

·         Dry skin

·         Darkening of skin

·         Acne problems

  • To address the above-expected reactions during pregnancy, you’ll follow a particular method. Dry skin can be treated with toxins-free moisturizers. You ought to be careful while buying some and look if the product contains pregnancy-related problem-causing components.
  • The darkening of the skin is another side-effect of pregnancy appearing in some women. To prevent this, try home remedies and avoid going out in the sun. You should wear sunscreen as well. If these methods don’t help, then seek consultation from a professional.
  • Acne Problem – Find a cleanser that contains “benzoyl peroxide.” Wash your face twice a day, while rubbing it gently would be further helpful. Try mild soap with warm water when washing face and never use products like facial scrubs. They can irritate existing acne, making the situation worse.

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As you may know, pregnancy requires extra care, and the baby must be kept safe from any harm. Pregnant women’s physical appearance should also be in good look for daily life. So, we suggest using toxins and unborn baby harming-ingredients free makeup products.

We’ve already mentioned above a list of safe makeup brands during pregnancy. Do give it a second look for your safe pregnancy. You should follow a pregnancy skincare routine rather than a general one. Following proper guidelines, you can enjoy pregnancy and stay pretty as well!


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