I cut a chunk out of my finger how to treat (BABY FINGER)

Undoubtedly babies are innocent and adorable. After a certain age period, babies become kids and want to do something new all the time. Exploring new things and doing something interesting is being their hobby. “I cut a chunk out of my finger how to treat (BABY)” article is well written that you are about to read.

Indeed they face a lot of troubles in this age and often times they create trouble for parents. Having a cut or an injury is a common condition in kids (especially finger cut.) as a parent it is our duty to provide quick first add for this injury.

Most parents lose their sense after seeing the flow of blood so; they get confused and make late for the first aid. This is absolutely disgusting. Your baby’s finger cut should be treated safely. You may easily do all treatment at your home if you know better and have all first aid accessories.

Sometimes small cuts could be serious if we don’t take them seriously. Further, your baby’s finger cut is quite deeper then it may need any stitches. Well, I must pray that you never see such type of troubling situation but if you unfortunately have then there must be some way.

Today here we have brought a helpful article for all those parents whose babies are very naughty and active. Moreover, without making you late let see bellow!

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  • If your kid is highly energetic then you should take extra care of him.
  • Keep all sharp things away from his reach and never leave him alone at home for a long time.
  • In spite of all this if still your kid gets a cut on his finger then examine the cut’s density first and give him first-aid at home then.
  • In any kind of danger never wait for anyone else and take him to the health emergency for better treatment.
  • Keeping ice bags in your first aid box is good because these bags are best for reducing pain.

My baby gets a cut on finger how to treat?

baby finger cut

Tiny cuts on kid fingers are most common that they tolerate most times. As a parent, it is our duty to provide complete health care to our children. In order to avoid any kind of skin, infection finger cuts should be treated immediately.

The majority of time small cuts on a baby finger would be cause for severe infection due to parent’s carelessness. If you really don’t want to face any kind of fatal situation for your baby’s cut then you should know bellow points.

Stop bleeding first in baby finger:

A deep finger cut would be the cause of some bleeding, though you have to stop it first for further treatment. Putting a finger in Coldwater can stop this bleeding. Coldwater gets contracts blood vessels each other and stops bleeding.

Using some sort of wounds on your baby’s cut will also work for bleeding. Putting some pressure on the cut is a must. Never use a dirty cloth or a hand towel on this cut but have some medical bandage (gauze) for an emergency.

After putting some gauze or tissue, if still the bleeding continues then remove it gently. Never wait a lot. 4 to 5 minutes are enough for this blood examination. You may use some other gauze on cut and wait a while. The bleeding should be stopped now. A small cut will take some time to heal whether a deeper cut will need your doctor’s advice.

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Clean baby finger cut after stop bleeding:

If blood stops then clean all sides of the cut gently and check out the condition. For cut cleaning, never use hydrogen peroxide or iodine. Both can increase high risk of tissue damage. Mercurochrome should also be avoided due to the high level of mercury which is not good for a skin wound.

Let the blood stop then remove the gauze gently and wash your baby’s finger cut with water. If someone wants you to apply some soap then make sure the soap should be mild and soft that not hurt your baby skin. This way your baby will not feel much irritation on the cut.

Use bandage for baby finger:

Finally, your baby’s finger cut is fine now. It is not bleeding also you have washed the cut gently. After wash please wait for some time and let this cut dry now. This way it will be ready for dressing.

After dryness, check out again and conceptualize that will it heal soon or need any stitch. Well, blood will not stop soon if a cut is deeper. Anyways, apply some antibacterial cream on the certain wounded area to avoid the swelling and pain.

Have sterile bandage to wound your kid’s finger at first and change the bandage on a daily basis until it heals completely. Keep your eyes on the cut that is it starts healing or not? Often time skin takes some to heal completely and baby health is also responsible for skin healness.

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What should I have in the first aid box at my home?

  • wash-proof plasters
  • all sized sterile gauze dressings
  • two sterile eye dressings
  • triangular bandages
  • roller bandages
  • safety pins
  • disposable gloves
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • cleansing wipes
  • microporous tape
  • thermometer
  • distilled water for cleaning wounds
  • ice packs
Over to you:

For any kind of home treatment, you should be able to get an idea about the situation. The majority of parents have lost their sense when they see bleeding from their babies. I know it is not easy to bear but you have to be bold for emergency situations. Further “I cut a chunk out of my finger how to treat (BABY)” will let you know all about baby’s finger cut.

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