Finger in mouth baby (causes and prevention)

Babies are essential parts of parent’s lives. After having a baby mother and father, both have a lot of changes in their daily routines. In the starting day of the womb, the babyfaces a hundred types of challenges until the age of a toddler. “finger mouth baby is a useful page that you about enjoy.”

From the day of born babies do a lot of different moves that look natural. Even many of their activities they already have done in the mother’s belly. Putting thumb and finger in the mouth is including that type of movement.

Nonetheless, putting the finger/hand in the mouth is just a normal condition, but sometimes it may irritate parents. If you are a new parent and really don’t know why your baby behaves like this all the time, then no worries. Please pay attention bellow and have some genuine scientific causes regarding “finger in mouth baby.”

Why my baby put his/her finger in the mouth?

Causes: (Finger in mouth baby)

  1. According to the doctor’s majority time, babies put their fingers in the mouth due to excitement. Like when they meet up with a new person or when their parents introduce new things/places to them, then babies start to interact by putting fingers in mouth.
  2. They feel their safety by sucking something. A little baby can easily reach his hand into his mouth, so he starts sucking his fingers. Make sure this exciting sucking would be considered as yawing head or moving neck; also, baby smiles while having fingers into the mouth (in excitement.
  3. Secondly, hunger is the most common cause for sucking hand (finger or thumb.) tiny baby just wants to feed and have something extra in his tummy. The little baby does not know that by sucking only feeder or mother breast can give him milk only. This comportment of a baby helps the mother to pinpoint his baby’s hunger.
  4. Some professionals say that baby sucks in a growing period like after having burps or during feeding baby sucks fingers eventually.
  5. The next cause is your baby’s boringness. Like when a baby seems bored and wants to do something new, then he/she start putting his/her hand in mouths in order to get entertained. This monotony can be nighttime or at any time in the day.
  6. Babies are sensitive, so never leave them alone in a room. When a baby has a wet diaper and desperately needs you, then he/she may suck his fingers, just realizing that he is not alone at that time. A lot of babies not cry in that condition and start sucking their thumb or toe.
  7. The majority of babies would really like to suck something before sleep. They especially want to suck when they are feeling sleepy. Sucking something in bedtime is a natural habit of a baby. No problem if he sucks a breast nipple or fingers.
  8. Look if your baby is growing and entering in toddler age and still put fingers in the mouth then again don’t worry. This time your baby is having irritation in gums and he/she feels relax after chewing fingers. In this age, many mothers do not care for the dirtiness, and later, they face abdominal issues so, I must say always keep your baby’s hand clean
  9. Our last and appropriate cause for putting a finger in mouth baby is to explore something. When a baby is too active and wants to explore something routinely, then he wants to taste new things and what would be nearer to him instead of his own hand? Even this time, his sucking can increase his vision for knowing around.

How Can You Stop Your Baby From Putting His Hands/Fingers in His Mouth?

Every mother has her own sense of humor. Many of us may not like their baby’s habit of putting a finger in mouth. As is always ready to help you, then why don’t you have some real tricks for this unwanted situation?

Preventions: (Finger in mouth baby)


  • In hunger, feeding is the best way that may resist your baby to put his finger in mouth to suck. No problem if a mother is in traveling or she is not at home; a guardian may give a bottle feed to baby. This way, a baby won’t put a hand in the mouth. Make sure the bottle-feeding formula should be prescribed by your doctor.
  • Conceptualize if your baby puts his hand in the mouth all the time, then surely he does that naturally. Sometimes putting a finger in the mouth for a long time is not good for a baby. In this type of situation, please give him new toys in order to change his mind. Keep in mind that give him a chewable toy as he can easily put this toy in mouth and chew. Otherwise, the hard toy may hurt your baby’s mouth.
  • If a baby looks irritate and putting his/her finger mouth continually, then checking diaper would be a great idea to all the parents. Irritation with sucking fingers is just a sign of the baby’s discomfort. Leaving your baby independent from diaper may feel him good.
  • Giving something medically in teething age would be good for a baby. Look when baby puts his finger roughly in teething age. Ask your doctor to give some teething drops to your baby gums. Surely he/she will prescribe you better that will make your baby relief.
  • Offering a pacifier/soother is also working for finger sucking. Certainly, this sucking tool will work for you in your busy moments. A pacifier sucker baby can easily sleep in hunger; also, he has fewer allergy chances. Make sure the pacifier should be well cleaned. Try to use a feeder boiler making for both feeder and pacifier hygiene.
  • Giving some quality time to your baby and introducing new toys to him may reduce the risk of sucking something extra. This is why I must say you to spend quality with your baby and stop him from putting anything in the mouth, including hand/toe.

Bottom note:

Sucking is a natural habit of babies that they start learning by the mother’s womb. After birth, babies just repeat it and fulfill their hunger. Moreover, if a baby sucks a lot and puts fingers in mouth, I think reading the “Finger in mouth baby” article will be good for you.



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