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One day I was playing in my garden with my kids. Suddenly my neighbor came to me and started asking me some questions concerning babies. Few questions were really interesting, and rests were silly.

Absolutely yes, she was accepting a little one in the womb! This is why she wants to know everything about the baby and her life after baby. Well, I have tried to answer her and almost cleared all the concepts of her that she actually wants to know!

After sometimes, I have thought a lot and finally decide that I have to help all other ladies who are new and want to know many answers about pregnancy and babies.

 Like my neighbor, there are millions of mums who are having an ocean of questions in their minds during pregnancy. This is the reason why I have started babyhealthcaree blog.

Well, in this blog, I have mentioned each and every issue of babyhood, motherhood, and fatherhood. You may have a clear concept of any of your questions here, but after all, we are human. If still is there anything missing then you may contact us on our Gmail account, or directly by comments.

Surely within a short span of time, I will try to connect you and will solve your problem with proper facts.

You are most welcome on our Gmail id:

PHONE# 03493854910

WHATSAPP# 03493854910

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