Biting tongue in sleep | Symptoms – Causes – Treatment – Prevention 2020

I hope anyone doesn’t want to have something disgusting during sleep. What will you think if you bite your tongue during sleep? Well, this “Biting tongue in sleep” is such a new concept for many of us, but this is a problematic situation for some people.

This is a common physical situation for both adults and children. Anyways still in this modern age, we have no particular ratio for tongue biters. According to experts, this situation happens to many people from time to time.

Have you ever had a bite on your tongue while eating something? I hope it hurts you!

Anyways similar to the eating, the biting tongue is quite common in sleep also. There are few scientific reasons for this type of sleep tongue, biting inducing seizures, and facial muscle spasms. 

It is a fact that adults and children both who bite their tongues are at risk of growing ulcers, infections, cuts, and scalloping tongue. For this type of situation, it is very important to know all the causes, treatments, and prevention about this.

Symptoms of biting tongue in sleep:

It is not simple to observe that you have been biting your tongue during sleep. Nonetheless, here we have brought some symptoms by you that may easily conceptualize this situation of yours.

  • Bleeding tongue
  • Swelling and redness on tongue
  • Bruxism tongue pain
  • Deep cut on the tongue and red marks
  • Ulcer on tongue
  • Tongue scalloping or raw edges of the tongue

Causes of biting tongue in sleep:

According to medical research, there are few fundamental causes for biting tongue at sleep time. These causes are divided into different forms if you want to know then read with attention.

1. Seizures at night:

Seizures at night are one of the most common causes of biting tongue during sleep. In this situation, the person gets uncontrollable limb movements along with bladder and bowel control. The un-controlling body makes you bite your tongue.

For diagnosing this issue, doctors observe brainwaves within sleep. Sometime Seizures at night can be harmful but cured by medications. On the other side, if this happens at night only, then it can be less likely the reason for tongue biting. This common symptom can happen in day time also.

2. Grinding teeth:

Teeth grinding is a communal disorder for many people, known as Bruxism. This cause of biting teeth is divided by the rhythmic and tonic activity of the chewing muscles. It seems like a rough and loud sound of biting something during sleep. Mainly this sound generates by biting tongue in sleep.

3. Rhythmic movement disorder:

Rhythmic movement is a health disorder that makes man uncontrollable for different body moves. Leg, arm, hand, and any other body parts can suffer from this disorder, even tongue also. This disorder normally happens at a young age and disappears when a kid grows.

4. Sleep Apnea:

A person with a massive amount of BMI body mass index can face the risk of Sleep Apnea. Normally our tongue relaxes in our mouths, but in sleep apnea. In this situation the tongue sudden slips between teeth getting and gets an injury.

Sleep Apnea patients experience a number of tongue injuries in their entire lives. 

5. Lyme disease:

Lyme is a serious health issue that attacks the human brain and entire envious system. It sends erratic signals to the nervous system and muscles resulting in involuntary sleep. Normally tongues affected by Lyme disease.

6. Braces:

This is the most common cause of tongue biting in sleep. In this situation, human jaws become uncontrollable in sleep, and then the tongue gets an injury.

7. Too much Tension:

According to science, stress or Tension is the main root of any health issue. In this case, too much Tension makes your body parts out of control, and you harm yourself. Biting tongue in sleep is such a great example of stress; normally, it happens to pregnant women when they have stress due to hormonal change.

Treatments of biting tongue in sleep:

Well, science has made many victories in the field of health care. For treating biting tongue at night time, you have to be smart. People with sleep apnea or Bruxism can protect their tongue with mouth guards.

Talk to a dentist and ask him/her for a particular mouth guard that you can use during sleep. In sleep Apnea health disorder you may solve your problem by bellow conditions;

  • Lose your weight
  • Skip smoking (quitting smoking is not easy for a smoker but not impossible. Getting some help from experts and doctors will make you ease)
  • Use CPAP machine
  • Surgery

Observe if you were normal, but after having illegal drugs, if you are facing this problem then quite these drugs as soon as possible. After quitting illegal drugs if you are not still getting rid of this biting tongue in sleep, then see a doctor.

A person with sleep time seizures can treat this issue with antiseizure medicines. According to a trusted resource, people with face facial muscle spasms can also use antiseizure medicines. They will give significant results face and jaw movements at nighttime.

Fewer kids grow with a rhythmic movement health disorder, and often they get injuries in their tongue. If your kid has harmed himself in sleep, then call the pediatrician.

The Lyme disease patients should follow their doctor prescriptions anyhow. These patients usually get treatments by a lot of antibiotics and other supportive therapies. Both of these are very beneficial for Lyme disease.

Normally an injured tongue heals frequently without having any medicines. Accept of all if you realize redness, excessive bleeding, pus, or lacerations and an ulcer, then never ignore and look forward to medical attention.

Preventions of biting tongue in sleep:

Make sure for biting tongue treatments are concerning with preventions. For me, prevention is better than treatments. If you are suffering from this most un-common disorder, then let me share some prevention to avoid it for the future.

1. Studying your sleep:

As I already mentioned above that for treating tongue biting, you have to diagnose the cause first. After confirming you the reason, you may simply have the treatment according to this. For the sleep study, get extra help from experts to observe your sleep.

Otherwise, ask a doctor to recommend a sleep expert for this purpose. This way, your doctor will easily reach the bottom of this problem. Normally sleep study requires one to two nights when sleep experts will notify all the body functions and movements through electrodes + monitors.

By the entire records of human brainwaves activity, muscle, tone, eve movement, heart rhythm, and breath rate, the doctor can easily determine what is actually happening and why you bite your tongue in the sleep?

Surely, in the end, they will find an appropriate way to treat your sleep issue.

2. Extra usage of illegal drugs:

According to doctors and paramedical staff, illegal drugs are highly curious about human health. However, you don’t have to devour these. Avoiding illegal drugs such as MDMA can reduce the risk of Bruxism.

Make sure the over dosage or lower quality MDMA medicines can give you dangerous results.

3. Stress and human health:

As I already explained to you that taking too much stress is not good for human health. According to medical science, too much stress is the foot of all human health concern issues, including biting tongue in sleep.

High stress is responsible for sleep time bruxism that gives you tongue injuries. This way, your tongue may face a lot of disabilities for eating tasty food.

Anyways to reduce the risk of nighttime Bruxism, you have to reduce your stress by different strategies. For me, I would like to suggest you try some relaxation techniques at day time such as Yoga, meditation, breathing, and outdoor trips.

4. Mouthguard for biting sleep:

A mouthguard is the safest option for biting tongues. Sleep tongue biters especially prefer this object for their sever issue and keep their tongue safe from injuries.

Usually, mouth guards are recommended by dentists because everyone has different types of mouth structures. We can suggest a one-time measurement of mouth guard to anybody. The doctor can only tell you which the best according to your mouth is.

In mouth guards, different customization options are available also through you may adjust a mouth guard according to your jaw or teeth. In the market low to high-quality mouth guards available with no-customization and high customization choice.

5. Medicines related to biting sleep:

Often antiseizure medicines are not good for tongue biters, so observe your antiseizure medications before taking. Make sure your prescribed medicines are not safe to use, especially when we come to the seizures and tongue biting prevention.

If someone found any bad experience regarding antiseizure medications that he/she should talk to the doctor anyhow, surely the health provider will suggest some other medicines with appropriate doses.

My opinion for biting tongue in sleep:

According to my research and hypothesis, the mouthguard is the safest and easiest object to trust. You can simply protect your tongue in sleep by using a mouthguard. Basically, mouth guards are made of plastic that covers your teeth gradually.

This way, the user reduces the risk of sharp bites onto the tongue. In the market, you may have many types of mouth guards but always use a reliable product for your mouth.


The biting tongue is common for all. Everyone had a bite on their tongue from time to time. Those who bite their tongue within sleep are actually suffering from medical issues. Their health issues for tongue biting can be reduced by many ways.

Sleep apnea and epilepsy are few fundamental causes for biting tongue in sleep that you cannot ignore. For further, a sleep study is the best option to confirm the actual cause of the biting tongue.

The doctor is the only person that can diagnose and treat this health issue easily. If you want to solve this condition by own, then mouthguards are the only option to trust.

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