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After entering this page, I know you are thinking about the song “Baby can you focus on me” by an American singer and songwriter Gabriella Wilson (H.E.R.) If you have babies, then indisputably this page is becoming a lucky charm to you for maintaining your baby behavior.

Have you any idea how many times you order your baby to do his/her homework? How many times you insist on your kid to do and do not something. When parents shout and order their kids for random things, then they are making a huge mistake.

Indeed their shouting power can make kids confuse, and they start to obey them, but sometimes parents will have a negative result of their unwanted behavior. Most often, kids become stubborn due to their parent’s or teacher’s rude behavior. Rest may show their incuriosity by upbringings in a harsh environment.

What is the reason? Now, the problem is to make your kid-focused. After so long, if you realize that you have made a mistake and your kid not giving you a proper response, then you should follow given guidelines. Even I have personally observed these and get positive results.

Before starting, let me tell you that your quality time to your kids and patience is a must for all treatment. Otherwise, there is no chance to have a single positive change in your kid. Well, don’t be depressed more and read unwearyingly.

How to help a distracted child (helpful guide):

baby can you focus on me

This is not a willy-willy article, but on this page, we have collected all useful ideas from professionals. Additionally, some working experiences are also shared here. Indeed form a toddler to a preteen kid you can easily apply these methodologies to get his/her focus.

Interesting game-play:

Undoubtedly a toddler to a preteen-kid wants to play exciting games. The main reason for this interest is the development of their motor skills. In the growing age brain always wants to do something new and exciting. Games can make a child wonder so, in starting to try to give him some pleasing games to play.

Also, keep trying to manage your time and play with your kid. This way, you can easily make contact, and your kid will starts liking you. Make sure there will be no time restriction in the playtime; otherwise, he/she can irritate further. Let your kid calm first, and then you can proceed.

Manage interruption-free environment:

The environment is playing a vital role in our behaviors. Conceptualize if your kid does not like a congested climate where you are having been. For example, in your joint family, everyone restricts your kid, and then it is his right to have an interruption-free climate.

The majority of time lot of restrictions makes a kid a stubborn instead of bonding. It will be a great idea to live individually if you can afford otherwise instruct all family members to be quiet with your kid. A fresh environment with dim lighting and background music is such an effective way to give some space.

Make sure I am not about saying to buy a mobile, tablet, or video games to your younger one. Even away, all screens from disappointed/stubborn kids. Few parents support gadgets due to their busy schedules, and later they bear a lot of penalties.

Healthy diet in: (Baby can you focus on me)

For maintaining good health, you have to consume healthy foods. When we come to kids, then often, kids are not food lovers, and they can survive on a minimal amount of food. By the parent’s ignorance, their kids face a lot of health issues, including slow development.

For this focused training, you should give some healthy food to your kid with time to time. Try to escape junk food and too much sweet. Serve a healthy breakfast, a tasty lunch, a light dinner, and give some healthy snacks while traveling or in light hunger.

Healthy food is also an effective way to keep your baby calm because we cannot use water for the vehicle in order to cover thousands of miles.

Make a routine for responsive kids:

For me, the routine is everything for all of us. Look, after having great game-play, a free environment, and a healthy diet now, your kid is making an admirable bond with you. All the above instructions may take a month for the best results so don’t make a hurry and work patiently. Soon, you will get success in creating a focus-full child.

So, where was I? Oh yeah, I was about to make a righteous routine of your kid. For setting a routine, you should to be patient and make your kid know; when to sleep? When to eat? When to play? When to go outside? When to watch TV? When to study? and many more. Give him a good time to sleep, a healthy diet, and your quality time later soon he/she will be able to adapt your settled routine.

For this routine, it is possible that you have to implement in your routine also, (but it is optional.) After all, parents can do anything for the betterment of their kids. For making strategies to help students focus in the classroom, you can get help with a teacher. For this purpose, go your kid’s school even once in a month anyhow? This way, your kid will always be alerted.

Add naps and one to two breaks instead of making a tough routine. Not more, but an hour of nap will be enough for a daytime break. An easy method will boost your kid’s concentration; therefore, he will understand your value.

Fun time:

Sounds soothing! Here we are going to suggest you add some fun in your child’s life in different ways. Make weekend/ month-end plans and go outside. In these outings, I prefer to go to my relatives to increase (my kid’s) socialism. Make interesting tasks regarding their studies, and take a significant part in these tasks. This way, you can increase their creativity and capability in studies.

Family movies, long drives, visiting religious areas could also be part of this fun time. Let your child help you with your homework and other interesting work that you do. Organize occasionally parties at your home and invite all their friends; dissimilarly, if he/she wants to go somewhere, then give them full company. Buy some comics, storybooks, and drawing books extra to the study.

Investigate differentially:

In this part of our focus-full training, you are not going to investigate any judicial case but your child’s strength and company. Always keep in the eye the company he takes like in school, coaching, outside play areas or on the internet. Friends are also a fundamental source of upbringing; though don’t show any carelessness for your child’s company.

Conceptualize the energy level of your kid and utilize it in functional activities.


As an adult, we even want to feel amazed after having a surprising reward. Reward boosts our energy levels and the strength concerning work. This same logic will be the same for your child. Appreciate him/ her if your kid does anything useful.

No matter if he takes good numbers in a test or helps someone else. You can carry this rewarding trend from a toddler to a preteen-age. This is a great idea for encouraging, but keep in mind that this rewarding should be occasional; otherwise, your child will have some greed.

Bottom lines:

Its end now! Please be sure this training will take some time minimum-three month’s maximum of six months approximately. It all depends on the age of a kid that you are going too trained and wants to have her/his focus. Again I would like to confirm that you cannot have the attention of your kid until you focus him well. After long doing long research and personal experience, I have answered: “how to help a distracted child.”

Now it is all as per on you and your strength that how much you carry all the above steps.


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